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November 02 2004

The WB passes on Global Frequency? FrequencySite reports on a unconfirmed rumour which says that the show, that has Diego Gutierrez ('Normal Again') and Ben Edlund ('Smile Time') on its staff, will not be picked up.

Bah, I hope this rumour is just that, a rumour and will soon be quashed as I was looking forward to this show. You'd think with all the failures TheWB have had lately and the success Lost is having they'd at least give it a chance (unless the pilot was terrible, which given the quality of the source material seems unlikely)
I wonder if Warren Ellis will mention anything on his site. He's in San Francisco now so blogging has been light the past few days.
Yeah, I was checking that too. Nothing so far. (Sad to hear that Comic Relief was evicted though.)
Oy, I reacted the same way. I went to his website, but there's no mention of it there or on LJ.

The WB would be stupid to pass on this. I'm actually looking foward to watching this series.
And we're what.. shocked and surprised?*inserteyerollhere*
Well, why put this on the air when they have quality programming like The Mountain?

*copies eye rolls and cries of idiocy*
Oh well. Probably better to crush our hopes now rather than letting us see a handful of episodes and then crush our hopes...
Maybe Ellis, and whoever else was heavily involved in bringing the comic to the screen, can take the project elsewhere. ABC seems willing to take risks these days, and cable's always the ideal route.
I steel wish Amber Benson would've been able to auditon for the lead role in this series.
Better yet, I still wish she would have been able to audition. :)

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