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November 02 2004

Wonderfalls listed at It's US$27.99/CDN$34.24 for R1 3-disc set. Ready. Set. Go . . . order.

Don't forget to post your pre-release reviews WF fans.

(Thanks to tip at

If anyone wants to get an additional 10% off this or Ats S5 through Amazon's "Share The Love" feature, I just pre-ordered both series and I'd be happy to forward the discount to you. You'd need to e-mail me so that I can do so.

(Added) Offer is no longer open - sorry.

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And it will be widescreen, apparently it was a typo in the official announcement the other week.

Waiting for playusa to get this, free fast postage to the UK.
As long as were talking about Wonderfalls

Did any Canadians see the unaired in the States "Crime Dog" last night on Vision TV? It was pretty good, though by no means the best ever. The scene where Jaye and Aaron get arrested was one of the best looking scenes I've seen on TV. Kudos to Firefly director Allan Kroeker. Also, I've come to a conclusion: if "Pink Flamingoes" had been aired as the second 'sode as it was originally aired, Wonderfalls would still be on the air, or at least got to complete its run.

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