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November 02 2004 has Angel Season 5 available for Pre-Order. Region 1. Go for it.

Just posted this same message on the Wonderfalls release thread, but then realized that there may be many AtS fans who won't read that one, so:

If anyone wants to get an additional 10% off Ats S5 (or Wonderfalls) through Amazon's "Share The Love" feature, I just pre-ordered both series and I'd be happy to forward the discount to you. You'd need to e-mail me so that I can do so.

(Added) Offer's no longer open - sorry.

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Done (Angel) and done (Wonderfalls).

I feel like I'm through ordering TV on DVD. Not much else I want.
Why is the UK version not even announced yet, especially since the UK versions ALWAYS came out first. Stupid fox.
Well for starters Mort, since it's never aired over here they're probably not even thinking about it. I think our only hope is that the region 1 dvds sell like hot cakes, or some channel over here airs the episodes, otherwise we'll probably never get a region 2 release.
ETA:Oops, thought I was in the Wonderfalls thread.
Need a cloth to remove the egg from my face

I'm gonna blame it on the stupid fox comment, always makes me think Wonderfalls (and Firefly and all the other shows the nextwork cancelled)

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ella, I feel the same way (about being done.)

Ordered my usual 2 sets right away.
Wonderfalls, never aired here yet, maybe when they realise it's connected to the buffy/angel fans, sell well, they'll release in R2.
I think Mort is referring to the Angel DVD, usually the Buffverse DVDs get released in the UK first.

Regarding Wonderfalls in the UK, well I think Sky One have bought the rights to it.
There's still a chance the UK version will come out first, it's supposedly February, so if it came out on the 7th or the 14th, we'd still be first.

There was no official announcement of season 4 till January, and that came out in March, so I'd expect a date at the end of this month or the beginning of December.
Hehe I just noticed I was in the wrong thread and now feel like a complete idiot, sorry Mort :(

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I did notice on one of the British TV appearances that David and James made last week that the presenter mentioned the season 5 DVD coming out in February. She didn't say only in North America, so I presume she was referring to Britain.
Is anyone interested in doing Share The Love? I haven't ordered either of the 2 boxes yet.
I'm sure it;ll come out on R2 soon, maybe the annoucement will come later then sooner, we've gotten the R2 sets earlier then R1 usually, it'll come.

David and James promoted the VHS boxset of Angel season five on tv, thus the dvds usually have always come later.
The discount would be much loved, eddy. You need my email?

And/Or, is there a way to go through Whedonesque so they get some money too?

whats with all the region 2 talk. I had always assumed that pratically everyone had a region-Free DVD player, or atleast a computer with S-Video out.

I laugh in the face of region coding.

BTW Amazon has an affilate program where they kick back some revenue if someone buys something from them through your site. You Whedonesque admin ppl should really check it. I bet a lot of DVDs get bought through here.
sTalking_Goat said "whats with all the region 2 talk. I had always assumed that pratically everyone had a region-Free DVD player, or atleast a computer with S-Video out."
Usually, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a region 1 set if it came out first (probably about half of my DVDs are region 1), the thing is that the rest of the series came out here first, so I bought the R2 box sets, so my reasoning for waiting longer (if it turns out that I have to) is that the region 1 packaging doesn't match up at all with the region 2 packaging (quite a pathetic reason, considering the region 1 sets are cheaper, but thats my reason). If when the set is announced it's clear that Fox have shoved it in their new-style packaging and it's still after the region 1 set, I'll immediatly buy the region 1 box.

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Ghost Spike, I hate the packaging - those stupid fold outs are very unwieldy. I take them out & put them in a binder. The boxes are piled up in a corner. So if you ever want the R1 packages, you can have them!
I don't have a handy chart of the release dates, but I think the reason why R1 is getting the set earlier (or more likely around the same time) is that R1 has finally caught up to the general release. In other words, they delayed releasing R1 Angel sets here for a while, and when they started they could/would only do 1 about every 6 months. So when it was time to release another R1 set, there was always a backlogged set ready, and thus already available in R2. But since 2 a year is faster than seasons come out, R1 has caught up and now both R1 and R2 should get it at about the same time, when the set was ready. Am I making any sense? It never happened with Buffy because there was more backlog.
KernelM - That sounds exactly right.
Yes, angellove, whats your email address? Sorry it took me so long to reply, i've been watching the news channels.
sTalking_Goat, they do use the affiliate program :D There are links to some items on the front page, or you can view more at the shop. And even if you're not going to buy something from that list, if you follow a link and buy another item you will still help support the site.
eddy, thanks so much!! My email is

If anyone else would like the 10% from me, please feel free to let me know, either here or by email. :)
This might be a good place to ask this: I'm in charge of ensuring that my neophyte Buffyphiles see stuff in the right order, so I need a crossover list for Buffy 7/Angel 4. Anyone know where there's a complete one (I found one on the web, but it missed the phonecall to Willow that called her to LA, so I don't know if it missed anything else...)? Or, probably half of you can just list them all off the top of your heads:)


I remember the phone ringing in a scene on Buffy and Willow saying she needed to head to LA... but unless I watched the eps again, I couldn't tell you which one... just wait until I get my Season 7... then I will know EVERYTHING!!! ;)
Ella, Willow is called to LA in Lies my parents told me (B7.17), which should hence be shown before Orpheus (A4.15), which in turn should be shown before Dirty Girls (B7.18) in order for Faith to return to Sunnydale at the right time. Then you should rush some Angel episodes, since Home (A4.22) should be watched before End of Days (B7.21), because of the amulet which Angel obtains in Home and subsequently brings to Sunnydale.
Finally to bring this back on topic of Angel Season 5, for a smooth transition of Spike to Angel, Chosen (B7.22) should be seen before conviction (A5.01).

Note by the way, that the order presented here is not the order the episodes were shown on American TV (Lies my parents told me was shown after Orpheus), but it is storywise the most consistent.

Anyone correct me if I forgot something/made a mistake.
Thanks. You guys rock.
What about a complete series box set?
Anyone knows if it is going to happen, some day?
Very impressive Celebithil!

As the Buffy/Angel seasons have been released, I have been buying, watching my collection grow. I am sad in a way, this will be my last purchase of the Buffy/Angel verse - sniff sniff
Truly feels like the end of an era to me.
Passion, I feel exactly the same way...kind of sad that it's come to an end!
I just sent the sharethelove credit to you angellove. Are you getting Wonderfalls too?
Given that BtVS S7 has been out here (R4) for about 4 months, I wonder if our R4 relaese date will be earlier than this? Anybody know where R4 release dates are for regions other than R1 & 2?

I am not purchasing WF at this time... It will have to be on my wish list... :) (have to save for my Angel Puppet!!! ;)

Thank you, though!
If this is correct and not some pastiche for promtion, here's the AtS S5 cover:

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