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November 03 2004

David Fury says that Drew Goddard will write a 'Lost' episode. "I've been working on it since day one... And finally succeeded in enlisting Drew to write an episode of LOST. You'll be seeing that around episode 16."

I was in desperate need of some good news today. And there it is.
I just sent Drew an e-mail to berate him for not telling me about this first. I'm hoping this is his first move in a plan to kidnap Dominic Monaghan for me.
Now if we could just get James Marsters on this show might be good news all around.......
Very cool.

I'm just going to take this opportunity and complain again that LOST is pre-empted where I live by basketball tonight. Must wait until Saturday to see it and I'm not happy.
Angela, any chance they are showing it after the game? I know when Fox used to do that with Firefly they didn't announce they'd be showing the show later that night but they always did.
Ok, so I think I just peed myself from excitement.

Hopefully we can get ALL the Buffy/Angel writers on the show. Then...THEN...we can have the best writers in the world on the show and people will flock to it and tv execs will see that they don't need reality tv anymore!

Ignore me, I'm SO giddy.

Simon, once again, sending the love. :)
This is great. I am curious though, if it would ever happen, how they could incorporate a cameo, or guest appearance, into that show since they are all stranded on an island and no one can find them... maybe in a flashback scene, I forgot about those...

Maybe James Marsters can be discovered as a hermit living in a cave on the island and can become a regular!

...I know, I'm reaching...
blwessels - I'll be double-checking, but they ran a ticker at the bottom of the screen during last week's episode, saying that tonight's was going to be re-aired once on Saturday, and again on Sunday this weekend.
Yes - James on the island with me....I digress - James on the island as a hermit...with hair...and great cheekbones - it writes itself!
Wonderful news about Drew.

James could easily be one of the remaining survivors, as we've not seen all of them yet. It would be easy to work him in. *hint*
I'm thrilled by this news. Drew is one of my favorite buffyverse writers. Watching one of his shows is like taking a roller coaster ride with the shooting to one emotion before recovering from the last. As for James, he needs to run as fast as he can from that sinking ship known as 'The Mountain' and get himself 'Lost'. I'm sure Uncle Fury would put in a good word for him to JJ.
I love the guy who plays Charlie but James would've been great in that role!!! Or maybe they can make him some dreamy eyed, curly haired poet!!! I'm thinking that look he had when he came back to Sunnydale and was a little nutty would be great (sans the bleached hair though because they wouldn't be able to keep that up for too long being on a deserted island and all).
What? You don't think that hair color is natural?
I think JM would have made a great Sawyer. Based on the trailer for next week's episode, though, ?

I'm happy to hear Drew is writing for Lost, but I'd really like to see what Steve DeKnight could do with a script. Of all the latter-day AtS writers he was my favorite, along with Fury and Joss, and his characters' emotional arcs always felt really authentic and powerful to me. Heck, let's get the whole team on board. The more Whedon writers, the better!
Remember that the preview for House of the Rising Sun (episode 6, Sun's story) showed Jin getting just about to get axed by Michael. I doubt they'd kill Sawyer, at least until we know what his deal is.
Oh and I can't see anyone but Dominic Monaghan playing Charlie since last episode, I think he's probably the strongest member of the cast at the moment.
"What? You don't think that hair color is natural?" - Passion

Well, there's only one real way to find out what his natural color is and I'd be happy to check ;^)
blwessels - what, his eyebrows? Don't see what's so exciting!

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