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December 06 2002

Hey YOU with the Nielsen box! (Gorram Flash ahead, beware) Now that I've got your attention... PLEASE watch Firefly tonight (8PM/7C).

The 9th episode to air, this is "War Stories". You can read more about it on the official site's "Script to Screen" project and learn how an episode is created from writer to SFX.

Herc at reviewed it and loved it (spoilers contained in the link).

He also mentioned in his review:

"Word is Fox execs are seriously contemplating moving the show to Thursdays at 8 p.m."
I've seen only part of one episode of Firefly, and I was painfully unimpressed with what I did see. However, I am aware I didn't give it enough of a shot. So I'm sitting here with my full attention at the TV and ready to give this show an honest to goodness chance. I mean it's only fair that I... Hold on, wait a minute. Phone.

...Okay now they're eating apples and comparing them to grenades. I have no idea what's going on.
you know, i am so sick of this "unappreciated genius" wrap they've sadled Joss Whedon with in the media! it's to the point of being inaine and rude. firstly, how can you be unappreciated when you have so many followings, acclaims and devote's? (btvs, angel, firefly, his music...etc.) joss whedon's work IS appreciated, it's just not awarded. (huuuuuuuuge oversite, no need in disputing that fact. lol!) and i purposefully say Awarded, not REwarded. ;) secondly, it's almost become an excuse to be rude, and that is where i got really frustrated. i watched an interview w/Joss Whedon on a local LA talkshow, today, and the first question was 'did he want to beg people to watch his show [Firefly]?'. well handled w/poise and humor, mr.whedon kept his usual direct yet "i'm not really telling you anything" interview-demeanor. But i'm sitting there thinking, "who walks away from doing GoodDay LA going 'wow, i feel like shit!'????" i'm tired of seeing this happen to mr.whedon. he takes all the blame and snubbing for awards-deserved, and it feeds the hollywood myth. then when critically acclaimed and fan-devoted, it seems the media are all suddenly looking for their car keys!!!! (and ps-i come from a media industry family so i'm not talking from nowhere. ;) where's the objectivity??? or at least the whole story? (tho in fairness, i must add the interview did turn around and was jovial and cited his fans and esp. the internet.)
but, how can we, as fans (i like the word appreciaters, betters:), help break this stupid cycle, which not only ignores great work, but has become, in cases, RUDE? any suggestions? kay, that's my bitch-session. :) have a nice day. and sorry, i don't believe in proof-reading, i like freeflow, so good luck! ;)
peace, luv, etc.

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I liked "War Stories" except for one thing: I can't handle fictional depictions of torture anymore, ever since I read this (warning: not for the squeamish).

My disbelief fell on the floor with thud when I saw Wash basically shrug off hours of electrocution and become instant action hero guy. I know, I know, it's just a TV show. I guess I just can't be detached about torture; I just find it disturbing no matter what the context. I had the same problem watching Spike torture Angel back in AtS season one.
But I'm not supposed to tell anyone we're a Nielsen family...
Watched the epi this morning. Damn, that was good. Firefly seems more Whedonesque than BtVS/Angel to me now.
According to the fast nationals at the Futon Critic and Zap2it, last night's episode of Firefly scored 2.4/4 which is half a point below what the show had been averaging through its previous episodes.
*feels bad for making you cry*

There's some very interesting ,what appears to be, inside information about the future of the show in this thread on the Firefly Board. Have a look at what FS28 is saying.

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