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November 04 2004

Jewel enthused by "gleeful" message from Joss. Her regular update also reveals she's finished shooting TV movie, but otherwise, no FF spoilers.

How sweet that she wanted to share her excitment about Joss' excitement with us :)
I really like Jewel. I'm sure had the Buffyverse continued, she'd prolly be guesting on either Angel or a new spinoff like Adam, Gina, and Nathan did.
I would love to know what the message is... I can't help it, it's the journalist in me
I reckon it might be something along the lines of the studio bosses are very impressed with what they've seen so far.
Maybe Joss said he had a great idea for a new TV show with Jewel in it and he is going to pitch it to FOX... it could happen... but its probably what you said Simon.
You'd think Joss would be a tad more depressed today... like the other 50% of America is...

Well that message was dated Nov 1st. And if you want to talk about politics feel free to discuss it here.
yeah, like Adam I was expecting Joss to be depressed, I am thrilled that Serenity is looking so awesome (do you think it was the special effects or the music? They must have been doing something new onto Serenity) that all Joss feels is joy!

I would much rather have a happy Joss than the one 'spiraling into depression and never writing again' that he described on the conference call.
I take it the Galaxy Con will be in the UK this April? I also suspect Joss was happy about the movie. They've been editing the special effects for awhile now, perhaps they're completed. All speculation on my part, of course.
As all of you here - I am so excited about this movie - I can't wait to see it and I keep getting more excited everytime I read a little tidbit like this one - the fact that Joss is excited and happy with the way the film is looking translates to me that his vision is being realized and I can't wait to see what he has done! Go Joss!
Jewel is a cuttie. I am so glad Serenity is shaping up to be wonderful, like I had any doubts. My friend and I plan to see it at least twice, maybe three times on opening day (paying for all three, of course) and I am planning to screen each episode during lunch at my place of work leading up to the film's release. I figure once-a-week in our videoconferencing room will do just fine.

I was surprised to read it too until I saw the date. Hopefully, whatever the new was of Serenity, it was enough to keep his spirits buoyed. It's certainly lifted mine. Very sweet of her to share--it's funny how even the people he works with become big, geeky fans of his too.
Man, I was in Toronto last month for a week and didn't even know to look out for her. I did see something being filmed downtown but I think that was something else. Always something shooting round there.
Melsta noted: Man, I was in Toronto last month for a week and didn't even know to look out for her. I did see something being filmed downtown but I think that was something else. Always something shooting round there.

I am constantly surrounded by TV and film prods in TO downtown and never once saw filming for "Widow". I looked at every film truck permit sign. Saw Drew Barrymore a lot -- for some baseball movie. (BTW, Drew definitely loves shrimp . . . the seafood, and I don't know why I feel I have to explain this :-)
That's because "Widow" wasn't filming in downtown Toronto... rather at various locations about 30 to 45 minutes outside town.
I'm so glad she'll get to be with her doggy again! ; )
I begged my agent to put me on Jewel's movie if she got a call but she didn't get asked to send anyone to be extras. Darn.
So glad to see happy posts from Jewel and indirectly Joss. Serenity is going to kick the ass off of everything :D What was that sound? Doors being blown off :) Can't wait for the BDM. Is three times the first day excessive?
Toronto! My home town!

Okay, I was three when I left.....
Did y'all catch Jewel's guest appearance in an episode of Dead Like Me's first season? She played a goth chick working in a record store. Wow!
No ZachsMind, I didn't realize Jewel had a guest appearance in DLM. And I have this DVD set too. Oh, the shame! Can you recall the episode?
Jewel was in the season finale of the first season. It's a little hard to recognize her because of all the goth makeup and the lack of coverage in her clothing.
Thank you, lalaa. I'll have to watch that one again. :)

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