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November 04 2004

Angel's Lindsey rocks London. BBC Cult reviews Christian Kane's musical duo, Kane. Curious to know what they sound like? Then go here to listen to some of their songs.

Sounded cool, I wanted to go, but just spent loads of money seeing David and James, was bloody tired after, but I gotta check out the Lindsey music next time he's in town.
I saw them on the Saturday at White Room and my mate phoned me from the Garage gig so I could hear it - they rock!

[edited to add] Bloody hell - just clicked on the link and my mate who phoned me is the writer of that article!

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Kane concert was good! I didn't expect to be singing along with them to "Sweet Home Alabama" in London, I like the song, just never saw a group of people outside the South (let alone outside the country) singing it. I spent tons of money to see David and James too, but the concert was worth it! In addition to Chris Kane, you also got to see J., Stephanie and Nathan - at least briefly. J was on stage near the end encouraging the band to sing another tune after there set. It was fun. Good music, even though I couldn't make out most of the lyrics. I think I prefer Common Rotation. James acoustic set at the Halloween Con was good - a few missed notes, but he's really improved and I like this sound with his voice better than the band he had.
I was there as well and will be posting shots from the show. The great thing other than the other actors coming out - btw if David had not been heading home he would have been there - is that CK and the boys know how to preform on stage and draw the audience in.
I bought their CD way back when from their website. It's really good. I wish I could have been there.
Looking forward to the shots, RavenU (and, as always, you are the best. Forever thankful). zencat, is that CD still available?
Not to answer for zencat, but yes their album is still availible at On a side note Common Rotations new CD is due out any day now as well, it's a protest album and you can get it from

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