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November 04 2004

Tru Calling: the complete TV series? When looking on the Fox TV DVD site, I noticed that they're calling the Tru box set "the complete series"

Click on "view all dvd titles" and then click on "coming soon".

Is that unexpected? They only had one season. I'm surprised they even have a DVD release considering I still can't get my hands on the Witchblade series and that had two seasons...
If this is right it's looking more and more likely that Fox have no intention of airing what was made of season 2, there'll probably be a sticker on the box saying "6 Never Seen Episodes!" or something.

Either that or we'll never get to see the 6 season 2 episodes until Fox have a free slot they need to fill.
OTOH, it's common that "series" is used to mean "season" on DVD boxes. More so on British than American releases, but still.
The majority of British DVD and video releases (and most British people (at least the people I know)) don't consider there to be any difference between a "season" and a "series" (glad that the Buffy and Angel releases got it right). While the term "series" covers every episode of a show, "season" is one run of a show.

American releases seem to get it right, which would suggest that either this set includes the season 2 episodes, or we're never going to see them.

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Well Sky were saying on their teletext service the other day that they were going to show the second season
Thanks for that link, eddy. I'm not going to be buying the Tru Calling set, but right above it was BtVS season 7, only twelve more days! That reminder made me smile.
Somewhere in there, it does say 20 episodes so if they keep with that then the S2 episodes aren't included (I think).
Season 2 is not going to be included. It is Season One episodes only - I got that from a Fox rep.
No doubt so that they can release a second edition next year with the season two episodes as a bonus in order to rip the fans off further.

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