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November 04 2004

Freddie Prinze Jr. to star in sitcom. He says "It's tough working on the road all the time. I love my family. I love my wife. I miss them. I want to be in Los Angeles."

"I told them I won't do TV unless I'm the executive producer, unless I'm the creator, unless I'm a writer on the show"

Doesn't lack self-confidence does he considering his *extensive* television track record? Anybody would think he's got clout because of who he's married to or something! No, wait...........
I don't think he said that to be snooty, I think he just wants to do something that is not being run by a bunch of people with differing visions. Granted he lacks the experience, but wouldn't we all like to be able to have control over a project if we had a specific vision for it?
I don't blame him for it.
"I told them I won't do TV unless I'm the executive producer, unless I'm the creator, unless I'm a writer on the show,"

""When I focus on something, I usually succeed in this business,"

Riight....ya know there's a LOT of people with faaar more talent than him who manage to stay a lot more modest about it. As for his imminent succeeding....I hope he's not referring to his acting. (Cuz I've seen it.)

Well at least he's not blabbing this time about how Sarah really quit Buffy because she "wasn't being thanked enough"....
I don't even know why this topic is here. It's not really Sarah or Buffy related?
Well, Anne, Sarah is married to the schlub, so that's how its related. In the literal sense anyway.

And yes Ed, like he's all Orson Welles? Please.
Anne 5_by_5, I pondered the relevance of this a bit before I posted it. But the opinions of the husband of the lead actress of the Whedon flagship show have been fodder here before, as you might gather from EdDantes' post. And we have really good mods who will remove anything that sucks too much.
I like that he wants to have complete control over the show, it shows he cares about it wich would probably result in a descent sitcom (I know there aren't many good ones, Seinfeld is the only one that comes to mind) At risk of p*ssing people off by comparing him to the Holy One, it reminds me of Joss how he really genuinly loves his creations and won't just put some crap on TV for the money, so I hope he sticks with his original idea if he is serious about this and doesn't get swayed by the networks.

As far as acting goes I really don't know. Never paid any attention to the 'Scooby Doo' movies or 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

I don't think this post really matters because I probably won't watch unless SMG guest stars.
I thought he was funny as the babysitter on Friends. He seems like the kind of actor that would be good in your typical sitcom 'cause you don't really need to be that great of an actor. That would be fun to see SMG guest star in a sitcom, Brad Pitt was a riot playing against his wife on Friends.
He wants creative control, which is not exactly a bad way to go. Just because he's not the greatest actor around, it doesn't mean he's going to be bad at everything else. Good luck to him. As to him being a "schlub", I've have never met him and undoubtedly never will meet him, so I don't feel qualified to comment.

If someone could point me in the direction of a successful (or unsuccessful, for that matter) actor who is not arrogant and self-confident to some degree, no matter how they choose to portray themselves in public, I'd be interested to know who they are. He's promoting himself, no more no less.
"I don't even know why this topic is here..." I gotta agree with Anne5by5. This place is supposed to be about "the work of TV maker Joss Whedon" and granted that description is not so much a hardened rule as it is a loose guideline, but please! It's one thing to post links regarding anyone who at one time was directly linked to Whedon's creative genius, but two degrees of separation? SMG might be married to him, but that doesn't make Prinze a Whedon alumnus. I used to be a fan of X-Files, but I never cared what Tea Leoni was doing, and she was actually in one episode of that series. Prinze was never even an extra in BtVS.

Please let's not make Prinze links in Whedonesque a habit. Murray Head would have a better claim to Whedonesque linkage, because he's blood related to ASH, and that would be wrong. SMG used to date Jerry O'Connell so does that mean any links about Crossing Jordan are fair game? We gotta draw the line somewhere.
ZachsMind - "SMG used to date Jerry O'Connell so does that mean any links about Crossing Jordan are fair game?"

Just as long as we don't start discussing Sliders around here i'll be happy. ;)
ZM - in agreeance with you - not to be too harsh, but the second we got diverted off onto the recent election (as important as that was overall, but on a website that is, ostensibly, about "the work of TV maker Joss Whedon"), I didn't feel it had ANY place here. At that point, I think the degrees of separation question got lost. Hope I don't offend but the second the first political post appeared, I questioned its place, not because of tone, content or persuasion but because of its relevance to JW's work. I know JW himself posted here politically so that makes the relevance even harder to refute but still.... So hard to draw a clear steady line in perpetually shifting sands!

Added: Whedonesque not Kerryesque, Bushesque, Naderesque or Whateveresque. Sorry, will go and stand in corner and wait to be chastised!

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No, Willowy's right, the guy's definitely a schlub. I suspect he's also a schlemazel. Sure, I'm not qualified to comment. But it's fun . . . As far as off v. on-topic goes - as dreamlogic says, the mods know how to step in and squash. And look! we've got a whole thread going about off v. on-topic posts - how meta is that?

I had no problem with the political threads because supporting his chosen candidate was, at that time, the "work" of Joss Whedon. Plus, all kinds of other good stuff came out of it, like all the photos people posted and the answers he gave to Buffyverse questions. Or should we have attempted to sift through all that to eliminate any possible trace of politics?

To my mind, Joss's professed beliefs and causes will always be more on-topic than what relatives of cast members are up to, or even than news about the latest projects of Buffyverse writers or those only loosely associated with his shows. The whole area is sufficiently nebulous than I think we can trust the owners and operators to judge what strays too far OT - with a little nudging allowed from us naturally.
Maybe this article isn't considered too off topic because he mentions his wife and how much he loves her. I saw this before and almost posted this myself but wondered if it was too far off topic. If it had been an article that was just an interview with Freddie and he never even mentions SMG or her name never comes up, then it definitely is way out there. I was on the fence about posting it so I wasn't surprised that someone else did.

As for the political threads, they were legit because they pertained to what the celebrity happened to be discussing themselves. That said, I think all the mods repeatedly asked people to not discuss the political aspect of those threads on here. Many just kept doing it and they were asked again and again not to. So I think the mods were doing an excellent job, it's not their faults that people weren't listening and were getting caught up in the election (which is also very understandable).
As for whether this topic should be here or not, I guarantee if this show got picked up and that's a big IF SMG would be guest starring. Mel Gibson did Complete Savages didn't he?

As for Freddy. I think comedy is the hardest to write. I'll be surprised if the show was any good.
I know it's a huge stretch...but there is a picture of SMG on the link...and he does directly mention her in the article. I've seen many a link where Buffy the Vampire Slayer was mentioned one time just by name and that was it. He says he loves his wife and wants to spend time with her, that relates to her happiness. Now, if the article was about him and there was nothing about anyone related to Whedonesque...anyway, that's just my thoughts.
Whedon started the political discussion in this domain to which I recall contributing. To paraphrase myself, whether or not Joss Whedon wipes in the can is more relevant to this website than whether or not Prinze Jr. gets to play producer in a tv show. Also, I don't get to legislate or execute policy or rules here at Whedonesque, nor do I want to. However, to the best of my knowledge, I've been allowed the priviledge of expressing my opinion here. At least until the day I come in here and my password no longer works. That's already happened at WhedonWiki. Whether by accident or not I dunno. I can't log in there anymore so I don't. I will never apologize for speaking my mind.

All that said, I thought Sliders was a kickass tv series; certainly better than Stargate SG-1 ever was. Does anyone remember My Secret Identity? Jerry's like a real Xander: growing from short little fat kid in Stand By Me to tv and film superstar today. There's rumors that Rebecca Romijn has left John Stamos to be with Jerry O'Connell. SMG shoulda never let that guy go. What was she thinking?
I think Jerry O'Connell has said that he wasn't able to commit (or some other Hollywood phrase) when he was going out with Gellar.

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