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December 07 2002

Give James Marsters An Emmy! Okay. I second that motion, but can a hastily crafted AngelFire website help Marsters achieve this coveted award, or will the sentiment fall on deaf ears?

Joss Whedon & those who work with him are not known for their success come Emmy night. They are at best ignored and at worst, shunned. The complete disregard for last season's musical episode was a travesty of justice. I would at least like to have seen a press release by the Academy explaining WHY "Once More With Feeling" wasn't even deemed worthy of consideration, but they just pretended like it never existed.

What would it take to get a concerted and serious effort going to insure that James Marsters was at least not overlooked? After his incredible performance in recent episodes (particularly "Beneath You") he at least deserves a nomination. How does one lobby The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences? Is there a way of going about doing that without millions of dollars? Or do you HAVE to buy the election to win in Television City?

Do I sound pessimistic & bitter? Must be the coffee.

Spike is one of my favorite characters, and JM is a talented scenery chewer, but IMO the BtVS actor most robbed of an Emmy is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I'm not a big SMG fan and tend to believe the rumors that her diva-like reputation has soured her chances with Emmy voters, but I'll be the first to admit that her performance in Season 5's "The Body" far and away tops anything any other actor has done on the series.
Reasons why BtVS will never get a major Emmy:

1) It's a sci-fi occultish genre show but it tackles many social issues (this is confusing to the Academy).

2) It's not on a major network.

3) It's called Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so it isn't taking seriously).

4) It's not and never will be a popular mainstream show.

5) There's a tradition of groundbreaking original American shows only being recognised and praised after they end.
Unfortunately, as a proponent of the, "Give Victor Garber an Emmy!" contingent, I can't abide. However, I do think JM deserves a nomination this year. :)
I'm not convinced of his acting talent this season - I think it's too much "theatre", not enough "television" and his accent is slipping terribly. (Also, I've heard him recite Shakespeare and it was just awful.) The whole cute head tilt thing doesn't work for me either. I do think he was delivering excellent work in earlier seasons, pre S6.

I agree SMG should have got awards for her work in S1-3.

I feel the others all have great moments, but not consistent enough for awards (though I don't really know what the criteria are). ASH, for me is the best actor on the show, but I don't think he's ever had enough of a story to play to really show what he's worth on this show.
Simon, would the fact the producers (and many fans) insist he deliver half his lines topless also factor into your equation? =) I understand the Academy never would. When I looked at that AngelFire website, my heart bleeds for the effort of those behind it, but it's like pouring a chocolate shake on a four alarm fire. Is there really any way in hell to get Buffy taken seriously?

Well, keysersoze I don't even know off hand who Victor Gerber is but I wish you well with that. I don't know if I necessarily need to see Marsters get the Emmy, but it would be nice to see the Academy at least acknowledge his effort. Spike's never been an easy character to pull off. There's pitfalls about a villian turned anti-hero that most actors before him have fallen victim to. Either the character becomes a walking joke, or becomes unappealing, or ceases to be interesting once he's been reformed. Granted, part of the power behind Spike is the inventive writing, but some of the lines they've put in Spike's mouth over the years, or even recently, would have hit the wall and slid down like poorly cooked spaghetti had they not been coming from Marsters' lips. He makes the character work, in ways that most of today's actors would find impossible to pull off. I just wanna see him nominated. They can actually give the Emmy to someone else. I don't care.

Gotta respectfully disagree with you, Saturn Girl. Emma Caulfield's delivery of her "I don't understand" speech put SMG to shame. I love the series, but I've never felt SMG was the strongest actress. Talent wise, Marsters, Caulfield, Head and Benson have always shined brighter, and they're doubly deserving of an Emmy because each of them are uniquely capable in the supporting role, able to make the people opposite them in any given scene shine that much brighter. It's easy to steal the spotlight. It's damn harder to successfully redirect it. It's the sleight of hand of acting.

The reason you think SMG is so talented, is because of the talented people around her that make her look so good.
The reason you think SMG is so talented, is because of the talented people around her that make her look so good.

ZachsMind: You have a right to express your opinion, but please do not presume you know my thoughts as well.
ZachsMind - Victor Garber is also known as 'Spydaddy' aka Jack Bristow on Alias. He was nominated for an Emmy but lost to one of those West Wing guys that get nominated every year. He's also a fabulous stage actor (4 Tony nominations) and movie actor.
hmmm, no one I ever appreciate seems to be on the receiving end of the ever elusive Emmy...ususally goes to WestWingERfolks---I like to think that I have a sophisticated taste in actors and programs---yeah, I like to think so... ;)
Heh. I really enjoy the West Wing. But all it is, is clever writing and walking around corridors.
I've gotta disagree with assessments of SMG - IMHO she is the weakest actor on the show - look at her films - without good source material she falls apart.
Marsters definitely deserves an Emmy.
SMG is a dyed-in-the-wool TV actress. She's good at TV. But that's about it. I can't imagine her on stage. Movies? Not her thing. But she knows TV, and I think she often does an excellent job as Buffy. I'm reminded of Joss Whedon's commentary on the DVD of "Welcome to the Hellmouth," how in Buffy's first meeting with Principal Flutie, Joss thought they could have done the entire scene just showing Buffy's face and her reactions. She lays it all out for us to watch, all her emotions. She's become tighter, less animated since her character died (again), but I think that's a creative decision (to some degree). She's still an excellent TV actress.

But in terms of versatility and plain-old acting chops, she's nothing compared to Tony Head, Marsters, et al.

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