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December 08 2002

(SPOILER) Spoilers up at for BtVS and AtS. Some we know already but I think there's at least one we didn't know about.

And if its true, it places grave doubt on a potential spin-off.


My boyfriend is gonna kill me. I'm such a spoiler whore. *grins*
I read some interesting spec elsewhere. Remember Joyce telling Dawn Buffy 'wouldn't choose her'? What if it's up to Buffy to decide who will be the next Slayer... and although Dawn's a potential Slayer, she won't choose her (because wants to spare her that kind of life)?
oooh. that's a really excellent observation. i hadn't thought of that!
There was no sign that Buffy chose Kendra in "Prophecy Girl." And, if anything, it would be Faith's decision. I know that there's no way that Buffy would choose Dawn to live the life of a Slayer. I just don't see any way the decision would be up to Buffy.

Then again, I don't know what'll happen the rest of the season. I hope Faith won't die, but with such a line behind her, I very much doubt she'll live. In fact, I would not be too surprised if it's an SIT that kills her.
luddite: classically, it's been suggested that the only thing that chooses a new slayer is the time at which the old slayer died.

so, buffy "not choosing dawn" could even be as simple as her... keeping faith really really safe until dawn's "candidate" window closes?

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