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December 08 2002

Gellar allegedly offered pay deal for season 8. Apparently Buffy bosses have offered Sarah a deal worth $750,000 per episode, allowing her to make guest appearances. (Yes I believe every word of this).

The origin of this latest rumour may come from an article in yesterday's Daily Express (UK paper) and not what you call a reliable source of BtVS information.

Wow! *crosses fingers* I hope this is true, and hopefully she's accpet!
There's no way this is true. $750,000?? The show is more popular in the UK, so for readers there maybe it's not as much a reach. Face it, no one at Buffy has 3/4 of a million to give away per epsiode appearance. That's almost their entire budget. If it was true, it would be horrible. The production values would dip even further and there isn't much room left. I caught some of Alias last night and it's too bad that Buffy or Angel has never had that much money to play with. Regardless of the quality of the show, money helps add authenticity and realism to costuming, sets, location shooting, etc.
Yeah, this seems unlikely. I remember there was a link somewhere here to a story about how "Buffy"'s ratings are down, and even if they were up, the show would still be losing money, given how much UPN is paying for it. Throwing MORE money at "Buffy" would seem to be a bad idea financially, and although it adds a little bit of credibility to the network, the fact is that it's still a cult show and the reputation improvement probably isn't huge.

Also, this smacks of "Let's keep this show alive at all costs!" which I'm opposed to. We all know how well that worked out for "The X-Files" ... While I'm not one of the moronic critics who didn't understand Season 6 and myopically see the show's quality as dropping off, if the creative forces behind "Buffy" aren't interested, then it's time to let the show die. Hey, as Alan Moore noted in his introduction to "The Dark Knight Returns", (and I'm sure that he was ripping off Joseph Campbell or somesuch) the best legends have to END.

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