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November 11 2004

Senior Citizen Sarah. Short bit about Sarah feeling old at age 28.

Wow, I am 27. I'm almost over-the-hill! Who knew?
And I must be at least 6 feet under by now ;-)
I'm 25! And reading this, now I'm depressed. I thought I had a good 6 more years before I fell into the category of "Over the Hill"
Hey, nychick, I'm 6 years older than you and I still feel like I'm your age. You're only as old as you think you are. Me, I still like to play video games and stay up all night watching movies. I am and always will be a kid at heart. I can just picture myself at 75 and in an old folks home, trying to beat everyone else to the TV room every night so I can watch Buffy. I'll be shaking my walking stick at the screen. "No! Angel, Buffy, don't do it, he'll lose his sou--oh, crap."

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2004-11-12 05:12 ]
electricspacegirl - "No! Angel, Buffy, don't do it, he'll lose his sou--oh, crap."

LOL. Funny. I can picture myself doing the same.
I don't think Sarah was ever a child. I think she had to grow up way too soon in this business. Maybe why she feels old.
"I don't think Sarah was ever a child. I think she had to grow up way too soon in this business." - Rogue Slayer

My mum actually said the same thing of her and I agree with you both. She's been in this business since she was four. I think most anybody growing up in such an environment would have to grow up fast.

LOL, electricspacegirl! :) I need to pass that one on.
Ok, well I'm only 20 but sometimes I forget how young that is and I wonder if I'm too old to be playing the playstation or staying up all night watching movies and Buffy, so it's comforting to see that I'm not the only one. Thanks electricspacegirl, you've just given me permission to continue like this for as long as I want!
PS lol too!
Hey buffbuff - I'm 45 and watching Buffy so you have many good years left :)

And yes - I can see Sarah feeling old - she has crammed a lot of work into her years.
Lol, thanks passion! Good to know!
Those years close to the decade marks are the hard ones; when you're 28, it's "late 20s"ócan't get away with "mid-20s" anymore! I had a hard time with 21 (I'm 39 now, and it's going okay!).

I agree, SMG's been working since she was little; that's got to be tiring. And thought she is still young overall, her point about age in Hollywood is well taken.
Passion, I just beat you by a year. I'm glad I'm not the only old fart here (not that I am suggesting that you are an old fart!)

Rogue Slayer, I think I would tend to agree with you. However, she seems to have been very self-motivated to do the things she did from such an early age, and, as far as these things go, she gives the impression of being relatively well-adjusted (given that hers is a lifestyle I do not pretend that I could begin to understand.)
I think Sarah was referring to feeling old as an actor rather than as a person.
Too old to be playing video games and watching Buffy?!! I'm 40 and I'm addicted to both. I'm walking out to my mailbox five times a day checking to see if my copy of Halo 2 has finally arrived!!
You're never too old to watch Buffy. The facilitator of my local Firefly group recently found out that her 78-yr old grandmother in law is a Buffy and Angel fan. How cool is that?
That's cool - but I'm really enjoying finding out I'm not the only "old fart" posting...I may be old but not boring though!

When I went to my first Buffy convention a couple years ago I asked my sister to join me, she is 4 years older than me and she felt that she would feel out of place. She warned me that I would feel "out of place and old" but I went anyway. There were people attending of all ages and I did'nt feel out of place at all (the woman sitting in front of me was older than me-I was so happy) and I had so much fun. I love that these shows appeal to such a large range of audience, you can get as deep as you want with the show because it has so many layers and metaphors.

BTW just joking about the "old fart" thing - I feel pretty good at 45, life is good.

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