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November 12 2004

Juliet Landau's "The Toolbox Murders" to be released on DVD March 15, 2005 in the US.

I looked up this title on Netflix, just to see if they had it. Nothing yet. But it seems this is also the title of a 1978 film with Cameron Mitchell. Perhaps this new one is a remake, and for an evening's fun one could get both and compare. Ok, my life is so quiet that this might be something to look forward to. : >
Yep, this one is a remake.
The movie is directed by Tobe Hooper, the creator of the original(and the best) TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. The producers had been trying to get the film a limited theatrical run ala' BUBBA HO-TEP. I guess that didn't happen. The latest issue of RUE-MORGUE has an interview with Tobe Hooper where he talks about the movie and a pretty graphic scene involving Juliet Landau.
I've seen it. A friend has the Region 4(I think) DVD of this, it wasn't bad. In fact, it was probably one of the better horror movies I've seen lately (But not as good as say, Saw or Ju-On).
Juliet Landau was pretty good in it, i'm glad since she was the main reason I wanted to see it. After all, Tobe Hooper hasn't had a good film since the TCM stuff.

Cool, I'm glad I finally had something to comment about, I've been lurking for months!
Oh, and also. If you have seen the original, this remake is VERY different. Here is your warning! Only the name and the tools are the same...
Also an Angel connection - Rance Howard, Ron Howards dad, was also in the Angel episode "Carpe Noctem"

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