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December 09 2002

(SPOILER) Sean Astin (Sam in LOTR) gives a unique outsiders look into what it is like to direct an episode of AtS.

"I was driving onto the Paramount lot, and I was a director. When we went on location, right before I got to the house we were shooting at, I saw this huge line of trucks and the catering tent and I thought, 'Hey.' I'd look at the slate, and it said, 'Director: Sean Astin.' I went, 'Wow, really cool.' But it was hard. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be."

Interesting. In the cast interviews on the special edidtion dvd, he is seen by many of the other LOTR cast as someone needing to be in control of a situation, or at the very least, constantly aware of his surroundings and how to get around in them.

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