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November 13 2004

Free Buffy and Angel screenings for London fans today. Two episodes of Buffy and one of Angel will be screened for free today at London Public Library's Wolf Performance Hall, 251 Dundas St, from 12:30 p.m. till 4:30 p.m with a couple of Buffy experts for your entertainment!

It's pretty cool the shows are being screened by a public library, good event for new fans just discovering it, increasing the fandom. The buffy experts thing amuses me, I wouldn't of minded to have gone just to see what they say.

I don't think the article should say Buffy was canceled, it came to a natural end with Joss content with finishing it. Angel on the other hand,promises to not fade away.
I agree completely about the cancelled thing. I kind of get a little angry when people say BtVS was cancelled. I don't have a problem when they say that Firefly or Angel was cancelled, because they were. Like you said, it came to an end. Joss and SMG decided to end it, not UPN.
Anyway, i would have gone to this for sure if i lived in London. I wonder what episodes they are showing.
The term, "Buffy expert" never ceases to make me laugh.
If anyone figures out what episodes (like they went to the screening in London) could they please post it here? I'm thinking that that is a very good idea....
I'm kind of thinking it might be fun to check w/my own local library to see if I could set up something similar.
It would be fun to show a couple of episodes (Buffy, or Angel would be cool...but Firefly might be best since 'Serenity' is coming out in the Spring) and discuss them with a group. I could claim to be an 'expert' LOL
Wow, great find, buffbuff. Now I want to host Buffy screenings in my city. I could be a Buffy expert too. Not that I run a movie house or anything. Wow. Just, wow. Too. Damn. Cool.

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I read that the new Matrix 10 DVD boxset has some very good movie commentaries on it by philosphers and academics. If in the next few years, Fox releases Buffy and Angel on what ever new fangled format there is, it's an approach I think they should emulate.
A colleague at work (she's an intern) told me a professor of hers recently showed the "Welcome to the Hellmouth" with Joss's *that's* a Buffy expert!
Simon, just read your post...agree...but..."new fangled format"...oh, dear....just when I hvae (after a fashion) become reconciled to DVDs....

But, yes, yes, indeed, more emphasis on the extraordinary intellectual and artistic value of this work is certainly in order.
The 'Newfangled' (Simon must be really old to use that word according to Dawn) format is here. It's called Blue Ray. See ,including the quote "including the ability to dub five DVDs (4.7GB) onto a single Blu-ray Disc (25GB)" In other words a season per disc.

Dear Santa.....
I wish I had known sooner.
That's only an hour away from me.
It's annoying that they're bringing out a new format of video so soon after DVD (just over 5 years isn't it?), the fortune I've spent on replacing movies, and soon they'll be "Specialer Editions" of films coming out (you just know we haven't seen the last original Star Wars Trilogy boxset).

I have heard that blue-ray players will be backward compatible though, and I really hope that's true.
Mycroft, You have to join our Yahoo group - we have meetups and shindigs and lots of good talk, all in southern Ontario. Let me
know if you want more info.
Lioness, does your group cover Toronto as well? Moved here just over a month ago and have been meaning to find out how many Whedonesquers are in the area.
Southern Ontario? I'd like more info on that. I'm in KW.
Actually I'm in KW as well.

There is quite the Browncoat community here.
We've had a number of shindigs and meetups here as well.

Lioness, you have to tell me what the group is before I can join it :)
Not the first city that comes to mind when I read "London"... ;)

But it should have occurred to me, since JediDoug mentioned on the BTVSFigs board that some of his customised Buffy figures are on display as part of the same event.
Hmm, I think it's safe to say that most Whedonesque members are Buffy experts. Still, I'm happy to see this event taking place. Perhaps that "Putting Joss in local libraries" is making headway.
Wow I never realized how many people in Canada, like myself actually enjoyed Buffy and Angel. I know there is quite a few people in Sarnia but never knew anything beyond that.
Hi everyone, long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I live in London, and I attended this event. For those who are interested, the episodes screened were "Halloween," Angel's "Spin the Bottle," and "Tabula Rasa" (can anyone spot the theme?). It was definitely fun to watch the episodes with a big group of fans, however the discussion left a bit to be desired, especially for those of us who have seen the episodes more than a few times. I guess it is a good way to introduce new people to the Buffy 'verse. It also would have been nice if they had snuck in an episode of Firefly, to introduce those Buffy fans who still haven't given it a chance. Oh well, there's always next year.
fadingendlessly, thanks for the info on which episodes were screened. If I had a choice, I think I would've used 'Hush', 'Restless', and 'Once More, With Feeling'. But, even that seems limited on the true nature of BtVS. On that thought, I'm interested what the other Whedonesque members would choose if limited to three episodes.
That's a toughie, Madhatter. My choices would be different depending on if the audience were fans or newbies.

Fans: The Body, The Gift, OMWF

Newbies: Becoming II, The Wish, Wild at Heart

I'm a sucker for the earlier seasons, but admittedly some of the finest hours are in the later seasons. Gotta give the newbies some history, though!

The episode that irrefutably hooked me? The Prom. (I started with s. three)

What ep did it for you all?
I think Hush is the best episode to introduce to a newbie. I can't say which one was the first I saw. I think it might have been Harsh Light of Day or Wild at Heart. But I was just so lost and couldn't understand them very well because I had no point of reference for the characters or plot.

Hush was one of the first I saw too. I remember asking my brother, who was more knowledgable about the show (ironic that in the end I was the one explaining the 'verse to him, and getting him hooked on the DVDs), why the Gentlemen came to Sunnydale in the first place. "Sunnydale is on a Hellmouth," my brother said. "What's a Hellmouth?" I asked. Ah, those were the days...when I was so young and naive.

I got into the series so late (season 6 and 7), that the thing that got me hooked was getting the DVDs from the library and starting from the beginning. Watching season 3 (before seasons 1 and 2, and I'll kick myself for the rest of my Buffyfan-life for that) all the way through is what did it. it wasn't a single episode that got me hooked. Although a Thanksgiving marathon 2 years ago sure got me interested.

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For Newbies:

These two make a great one-two punch:
-The Wish

I've had tremendous success getting people hooked via these two eps. They're stunning and they can be understood to a certain extent without an intro to the mythology:

What would you guys use for Angel newbies? Just off the top of my head, I'd go with either City Of - great intro - or Spin the Bottle. Or maybe Smile Time. I dunno. Must think more about this.
Spin the Bottle imo requires knowledge of what the characters were before the spell. I see it as one that might be difficult for newbies with no point of reference.

I suggest:
City of
To Shanshu in L.A.
Reprise and Epiphany
Tomorrow and Deep Down
Smile Time
Herb, et al, the most active group I know of in Toronto is the Yahoo OBAVA group here:

It covers Buffy, Angel and Firefly although there is a separate Firefly group as well, called Canadian Browncoats. The get-togethers for the latter are now being done through the Buffy Meet-up group. It does cover more than Toronto although a lot of us live there.
The Canadian Browncoats is just a few months old but we've already had a couple of shindigs
I finally joined OBAVA after seeing many of the members having a lot of fun at cons!

BTW, I was asked to add that both Hush and Once More With Feeling were shown at the same event in London last year!

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My first buffy ep was "Band Candy." It was the night before I moved to a town with no WB, the furniture was mostly gone -- so was the wife -- and i slept on a cot and watched it on a tiny portable black and white television. I was hooked instantly, and i think because it was big with the funny AND big with the exposition, its a good way to start. A year later, a friend loaned me her VHS buffy tapes (those two episode each season jobs that were out for awhile,) which got me up to speed. and then, eventually, we got a WB affiliate, which started during the summer rerun season. so i watched as many as i could that summer, getting caught up completely when the dvds came out.
I'd watched a few episodes now and then while it was on tv, even the episode before Chosen, luckily I wasn't really concentrating or new it was the second-last episode. I remember watching the scene where Andrew is teasing Anya about loving humans "You looove them", and I thought Anya must be an alien! But anyway, in May this year my cinema studies class screened Hush and OMWF, and that was it for me! As soon as I saw those two episodes I was in love! So I went and hired (and bought) them all and watched them mostly in order, and now the only Jossverse things I haven't seen are Angel season 5.
But as to what to show newbies, I showed most of the episodes mention by everyone above to my sister, and it wasn't really until I showed her "Welcome to the Hellmouth" that I think she really wanted to watch the following episode. I think it's because so much is explained in that episode and you don't feel too out of the loop.
But as someone who didn't take the show seriously until after it was finished (I thought it was like Charmed or Xena or something like that!), I can honestly say that it really depends on the individual being open to watching it without presumption, and to their individual taste.
It really would depend on the audience but I would go with WTTH/The Gift or The Wish/Dopplegangland pairings. For the Angel one, I would pick Parting Gifts - only saw it for the first time last week and AD's comic timing is great! What will I see on Tuesday this week? - some reality dreck! Now I know why Tuesdays just aren't Tuesdays anymore!*sob*

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Well WTTH got me hooked and so I reckon that's the best episode to show newbies (what with it being the introductory episode and all) after that I'd also go for Hush and OMWF, both genius without needing an great understanding of the continuity (unlike say Becoming pt. 2 which is my favourite episode, but would lose so much impact if you weren't invested in the characters)
I came to BtVS in S4, "The Initiative" was my first episode. Xander and Willow were the first two characters to attract my attention. The wit and humour of the dialogue was what interested me. The process of Willow "coming out" and the relationship with Tara fascinated me.

I was only half watching, so I didn't understand Buffy. To me she was just big action gal -- too stand offish and self absorbed. It wasn't until "The Gift" that I became completely hooked to the show. "The Gift" shocked me. I thought, what writer in his right mind would do that, or what kind of actress would let that happen to her character? I re-watched S5 with renewed attention focussing this time on Buffy. "Intervention" showed me that there was a lot more talent hidden behind Sarah Michelle Gellar's blonde locks. Thanks to Space reruns and the internet I found out pretty quickly and have been hooked ever since.

Oddly enough, through the internet, I'd found out that I had been watching Sarah Michelle Gellar for about seven years already. I rather loathed Kendall Hart on All My Children. By the time I saw her on BtVS, she was pretty unrecognizable as Buffy. The mark of a great actress. As the reruns unfolded, I gradually learned the weight that rested on Buffy's shoulders and how she became the woman that she is. A testiment to great writing. Thank you Joss.

Does anyone know of any Buffy groups in western Canada? As for first episode to show a newbie, I would go with WTTH.

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