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November 15 2004

The Best Of Buffy. wants you to help decide the 25 greatest moments in the Buffyverse.

I sent in an email, I thought it was a lot of fun looking over the episode guide and remembering great moments. I have to say one of my all time favorite moments is when Xander and Harmony slow motion cat fight in 'the Initiative' I laugh ever time I see that!
It's easy to think of Buffy moments, but it's harder to think of Angel ones for some reason.
Buffff.... too much great moments for me.
Angel moments?

Faith breaking down in Five By Five.

Puppet Angel.

Spike's rooftop voiceover for Angel and girl.

Wesley's death.

Ilyria mentioning the "World Of Shrimp"

Lyndsey leaves town (With the 'Cops Suck' sign)

Angel's speech after Faith's "How does this work?" line.

Angel and Eve having sex in the office.

Darla's death.

"Numfar! Do the Dance of Joy!"
"Numfar! do the dance of honor!"
"Numfar, do the dance of shame."

Skip: "I commute. It's not too bad - about twenty minutes."

SAHJAHN: Thank you, mortal, for releasing me from my cursed prison. In gratitude, I grant you 3 wishes.
CONNOR: Really?
SAHJAHN: Nah. I'm just messing with you.

Sahjahn's first appearance, when he does the ritual and then has a smoke while he waits for it to work.
I definitely agree with Spike's rooftop voiceover for Angel and the girl...

In Buffy, I'd again have to go with Spike and his, "You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!" Actually, that entire fight scene is one of the funniest of them all to me.
The two Angel ones that jump out at me are Angel's shutting the door on the lawyer massacre, and Angel + Wesley + pillow.
I'm putting the Angel, Wesley and pillow scene as well. I'm listing ten for each show. I wish CHUD would separate them into 25 moments for each as well.
Also, I think the best moment on Angel, hands down, is when he pictures himself dancing in She.
Every episode with Angel, Cordy and Doyal were moments.
25 moments for each would be great, weatherby, but I'd also like separate lists for "Moments That Made Me Laugh" (Anya covering up her search attempt by telling Spike that she's in his room hoping for sex or Puppet Angel yelling "Bad, Nina!"), "Moments That Made Me Cry" (Buffy and Willow hearing from Giles that Angelus had killed Jenny or the flashback of Fred leaving Texas and driving to LA), "Moments That Touched My Heart" (Buffy calling Spike 'William' as she breaks up with him or Cordy kissing Angel goodbye as the phone rings with news of her death), and "Moments That I Can't Believe Made It To The Screen" (Naked Spike telling invisible Buffy to leave, then suddenly looking down and saying, "Hey, that's cheating!" or Naked Angel jumping up from behind the couch and quickly grabbing a pillow to use in a strategic 'cover-up). There are just so many fabulous moments, selecting only a few will be very difficult!
I agree, showgirl! It's hard to decide between a hilarious moment, a sad moment and a touching moment.
Spike and Buffy on her doorstep at the end of "Fool for Love"...
Here's what i sent in, my top 25 moments in no particular order, just numbered so I could count them:

1. Buffy killing Angel at the end of "Becoming, part 2"
2. Tara getting shot in "Seeing Red"
3. First appearance of the Gentlemen in "Hush"
4. "Numfar, do the dance of joy!"
5. Xander punching the wall/Anya's speech about death in "The Body"
6. Lindsey's evil hand scene while quitting W&H in "Dead End"
7. Darla trying to get Angel to drink from the baby in "Darla"
8. Doyle dying in "Hero"
9. Buffy dying in "The Gift"
10. "You're a bloody puppet man!"
11. Wesley and Cordy explaining Buffy and Angel's relationship in "Fredless"
12. Spike narrating Angel's dialogue with the girl he saved in "In the Dark"
13. Wesley shooting his 'father' in "Lineage"
14. Giles discovering Jenny's body in "Passion"
15. Buffy's speech to Jonathan at the end of "Earshot"
16. Astronauts vs. Cavemen in "A Hole in the World"
17. Buffy's dream in "Restless"
18. The Class Protector award in "The Prom"
19. Buffy seeing Angel the morning after in "Innocence"
20. Any song from "Once More With Feeling" (too hard to pick just one)
21. Buffy talking to Holden in "Conversations with Dead People"
22. Darla kills herself/gives birth to Conor in "Lullaby"
23. The final battle(s) in "Not Fade Away"
24. Willow and Wesley talk in "Orpheus"
25. "If nothing we do matters, all that matters is what we do",
Angel's epiphany in "Epiphany"
I couldn't pick just one favorite moment per episode. Twenty five altogether? Not possible.
Also, I think the best moment on Angel, hands down, is when he pictures himself dancing in She.

YES!!! Best. Moment. Ever.

Well that and Wesley's (unaired) dance in Waiting in the Wings, and Spike's dubbing of Angel and girl, and Fred looking for pot in Spin the Bottle, and Angel covering his "privates" with the coat in Waiting in the Wings....

oh... yeah.. too many moments! And that is just Angel! Don't get me started on Buffy!

"Can I be blind too?"
All of Something Blue cracks me up so much. When Giles says, "It's all right. I have more scotch." and clumsily waddles away, I die laughing every time.

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Oh, I forgot to include when Anya says "Willow's a Demon?!" in Checkpoint. I laughed so hard the first time I saw that.
wow, this is really hard. I agree with the people who said it's nice to subdivide: funniest moments, most heartwrenching moments, most disturbing moments, moments that make you cheer, etc., etc... I feel like with "best" moments we often think first of the most dramatic – buffy's death at the end of the Gift, when she kills Angel at the end of Becoming. Those would certainly be on any list of mine, but a lot of what i love about the show is also the smaller moments, be they funny, sad, or quirky.
But for what they're worth, here are a few moments, both big and small, off the top of my head:
– Willow pretending to be VampWillow in Doppelgangland: "I'm an evil bloodsucking fiend! Look at my outfit!" (and then slyly waving to Oz).
– Buffy's painful scene with Angel in his bedroom in Innocence, before she knows he's evil
– Spike's speech to Angel and Buffy in Lover's Walk: "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."
– The Spike/Joyce scenes in Becoming 2 and Lover's Walk
- Willow's touching scene with Tara at the end of New Moon Rising
- The overhead lecture in "Hush," – Anya munching on popcorn, Buffy's hilarious gaffe with her staking motion and later her outrage over Gile's heavyish drawings of her, Giles's drawings, and the music he puts on...
- Willow and Spike in "The Initiative." And, in the same episode, Xander and Harmony fighting
- Giles's touching speech to Buffy at the end of Innocence
- Giles returning at the end of Two to Go: "i'd like to test that theory"
- Buffy and Spike in Tabula Rasa: "Ready Randy?" "Ready Joan!" and then the heartbreaking montage at the end of the episode
- Anya's speech in The Body
- Pretty much all of OMWF, but a few great highlights are the Mustard Song, Willow and Tara together, and Spike singing to Buffy
- Buffy throwing the sword at the watcher's council guy in Checkpoint: "I'm pretty sure I said no interruptions"
- The final coda in "Fool for Love"
– Buffy v. Faith fights: "In Graduation Day I" and in "Who are You?"
– Willow and Oz in the van in Innocence - the first time i really adored Oz
– Giles-as-Fyarl-demon in "A New Man," getting out of the car to chase Maggie Walch
- Buffy's speech to Jonathan in "Earshot." And, later in the episode, her comment to Giles: "If you're not having sex with MY MOTHER!" as he walks into a tree.
- Xander buying the prom dress for Cordy
- Oz giving Willow the Pez Witch
- Spike killing the Anointed One at the end of "School Hard" (Gotta say, I was glad to see a new, more irreverent era of big bads and vampires being ushered in)
- Andrew's narrations about the "slayer of the vam-pyres," as he sits in the bathroom in "Storyteller
- Xander's bizarre night in "The Zeppo," particularly his virginity-losing scene
- Spike striking poses in "Restless," and Xander as Joyce's "comfortador"
- The devastating scene in the alternate reality at the end of the Wish

So many more, including many of those already mentioned, but those are just a few off the top of my head (There are just as many for Angel, but it was daunting enough trying to think of some just for Buffy. And since i know Buffy better, i'll just stick with those for now....)
(edited to make it 25 moments)

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Ooh, last scene of the alternate Wish reality! That just has to make the cut. I find it too daunting to attempt to list the best scenes. I'll leave it to the more ambitious. Great lists though, guys.
Ahh, I completely forgot about Fool for Love and Checkpoint..."I'm pretty sure I said no interruptions."
13. Wesley shooting his 'father' in "Lineage"

Wes is going to shoot his father??

(I missed every original episode of every season of both Angel and Buffy. The last months, I've been watching all of them on DVD. But I haven't seen Lineage yet.)

I loved the silence in the last scene of Smashed. It was so much more impressive without the sound, and just seeing everything collapse.
The cruelty of Spike's mother in Lies My Parents Told Me made me shudder. Made me think how emotional cruelty can be so much more destructive than the physical one.
Faith collapsing every time she experiences some form of warmth or love (Who Are You/Sanctuary).
Big laughs: credits of 'The Puppet Show'; Spike in Life of the Party: 'Ooh, ooh! Me! Me! I'm your people person!'; Willow in Him; every appearance of Fantom Dennis.
Puck, the less you know about Lineage the better. I recommend not finding out about that prematurely.
Wes speaking to the talking hamburger.
Angel trying to smother Wes with the pillow in the hospital
Spike telling Buffy how she was gone for in Afterlife.
Riley telling Xander "But she doesn't love me"
Willow's face when she hears Buffy say she was in Heaven in OWMF.
Giles' "I'd like to test that theory".
Dru coming into the motel room at the end of The Trial.
All the big bads appearing at the end of Chosen.
Giles trying to kill Angelus in Passion.

Just a few moments :).
I'd be hard pressed to pick my top 25 scenes. The few that haven't been listed yet:
Buffy's break down when she realizes Giles betrayal (Helpless)
Gang's scream of terror finding vamps at the door (Tabula Rasa)
Tara defending Willow from Anya (Older and Far Away)
Buffy and Xander making peace sitting on the bench (Seeing Red)
Xander's yellow crayon speech (Grave)
Buffy discovers Spike has a soul (Beneath You)
Anya's wedding song and aftermath (Selfless)
Xander's comfort speech to Dawn (Potential)
Buffy and the Shadow men (Get It Done)
Willow holding hands with injured Xander (Dirty Girls)
Sunnydale collapses into the hellmouth (Chosen)

Ah, so many moments.....Don't even get me started with Angel.

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I agree with everyone just 25 moments from both shows are hard to pick.

1. Power Walk of Fanged Four in Fool For Love
2. Spike's death in Chosen. Cleaning the cave with his soul.
3. Buffy killing Angel in Becoming 2
4. Buffy's death.
5. The final scene in Not Fade Away
6. Spike's first scene in BtVS "Home sweet Home"
7. OMWF. Especially "Walking through the fire" and "Let me rest in peace "
8. Wesley's death.
9. Spike getting a soul in Grave.
10. Willow's touching scenes with Oz and Tara in New Moon Rising.
11. Angel learning about the shanshu.
12. Giles's arrival in Villians.
13. Anya's speech in The Body.
14. Angel and Wesley dancing in Cordelia's party.
15. End of Smashed.
16. Spike's "I save you every night" speech in After Life.
17. Xander losing virginity in Zeppo.
18. Darla killing herself for Connor in Lullaby.
19. Drusilla turns Darla in The Trial.
20. Spike's "I maybe a Love's Bitch but I'm man enough to admit " speech in Lover's Walk.
21. Dawn's sudden appearence.
22. Randy Giles and Joan the Vampire Slayer.
23. The gang's dreams in Restless.
24. Willow and Tara holding hands in Hush.
25. Puppet Angel and Spike's reaction to him.
Both series are just full of them

Giles returns at the end of season 6
Willow sucks the books dry Season 6
The Classprotector award in the Prom
Willow is dead/not dead in Doppelgangland
Any scene with Faith and the Mayor

And the list just goes on and on
The only thing that would have made the dead/not dead scene in Doppelgangland better for me would have been if Angel had hugged her, too, when he ran in.
Here are some of mine that haven't been mentioned: (in no particular order)

1. Buffy's 16 years old speech in Prophecy Girl
2. Buffy's Joan Collin's 'tude in When She Was Bad
3. Giles coming home to Jenny's body in Passion (sniff...)
4. Buffy's rocket launcher ("That was then, this is now...") in Innocence
5. Angelus snapping Jenny's neck (that's one of the moments when I knew the show was more than a show) also in Passion
6. Whistler's voice-over in Becoming
7. Xander to Giles' rescue in Becoming II. "Why would they make you see me?" "You're right. Let's go." (makes me laugh everytime)
8. "Mom, mom.... mommy...?" in The Body
9. Buffy's breakdown with Dawn at the end of Forever
10. Buffy's quiet desperation in the training room with Giles. "I don't know how to live in this world, if these are the choices..." in The Gift
11. Willow's "'d rather be with someone you hate than be with me." to Xander in Innocence
12. Anya slaps Xander in response to his marriage proposal in The Gift
13. Xander's " wanna forget all about Ms. Calendar's murder so you can get your boyfriend back." in Becoming
14. Spike revealing the key is Bob Barker in Intervention
15. Giles' "Actual Size" revelation in Fear Itself
16. Spike tackling Buffy outside principal Wood's office in Him
17. Anya's death in Chosen
18. Anya's finger gesture to have sex after Xander beats up Spiking thinking he sucked Anya's blood in Hush
19. Xander loses an eye in Dirty Girls
20. Spike knocking over the "Welcome" sign for the last time in Chosen
21. Buffy's final smile in Chosen
22. Giles drunk in The Yoko Factor
23. Buffy's heaven revelation to Spike at the end of Afterlife
24. The Buffy/Xander/Willow Oedipus rendition at the end of The Puppet Show
25. Faith as Buffy "...could squeeze you until you pop like warm champagne..." to Spike in Who are You?

Of course, I'm sure I'm missing plenty more...
Damn he only wants a list of ten? I couldn't pick my ten favourite episodes, let alone 10 favourite moments. To add the the great lists here however I have to mention the slow motion fight in Apocalypse, Nowish. Wesley going all Shining on Fred in Billy, Darla being brought back. Must stop now or I'll be at this all day and I've not even starting thinking about Buffy yet.
"It's what I do" in the teaser to "The Gift" - 5 years of pain, anguish, pride, power, regret, just everything. For me, the single most exquisite moment in both AtS AND BtVS.

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OK, can't resist. 25 Angel moments.

1. Angel: "Can you fly?" (City of Angel)
2. Angel's walk on the sunny beach (In the Dark)
3. Cordy: "The bitch is back!" (Room with a View)
4. Buffy clings to Angel in his final seconds as human (I Will Remember You)
5. Buffy confronts Angel and Faith (Sanctary)
6. Angel to Thesulac demon: "Take them all." (Are You Now or Have You Ever Been)
7. Darla: "God doesn't want you Angel. But I still do." (Dear Boy)
8. Darla and Dru in flames as Angel coldly stares (Redefinition)
9. Lindsey 'gooses' Lilah with said evil hand (Dead End)
10. "Numfar! Do the dance of joy!" (Through the Looking Glass)
11. Angel tries to explain the demon head to Fred's parents (Fredless)
12. Lilah shoots Billy (Billy)
13. Darla in the back seat of Angel's car (Quickening)
14. Ballerina bows to Angel as she fades (Waiting in the Wings)
15. Angel: "You took my son! I'll kill you!!" (Forgiving)
16. Fred tazering Conner (Deep Down)
17. Angel 'discovers' he's the vampire (Spin the Bottle)
18. Gang takes on the beast....and lose (Apocalypse, Nowish)
19. Faith: "Step away from the glass." (Salvage)
20. Angelus: "Whoops! Dinner by armed robbery." (Orpheus)
21. Angel and Spike fight scene (Destiny)
22. Andrew and his 12 vampyr slayers (Damage)
23. Angel's voice chokes when Cordy disappears (You're Welcome)
24. Illyria: "I'd like to keep Spike as my pet." (Origin)
25. William the Bloody finally receives a standing ovation for his poem (Not Fade Away)
Here goes, off the top of my head and numbered just for counting purposes:

1. Buffy killing Angel in Becoming Pt2
2. Spike going to kill Buffy at the end of Fool For Love, but instead trying to comfort her, and her confused look
3. Buffy standing up to the Council in "CheckPoint" - "I'm pretty sure I said no interuptions"
4. Spike's death in "choosen"
5. Giles presentation on the Gentleman in "Hush" with Buffy doing the staking motion and her being upset by Giles hand drawn picture of her.
6. End of "Doomed" where Spike finads out he can hurt demones so tries to motivate Xander and Willow to go out and save the world for puppies, etc. come on, let's kill something!
7. Spike "You made a bear!" in Pangs
8. Gwen describing The Beast "It was a big demon with horns"
camera pans to Lorne, "and he wasn't wearing Lam`e"
Lorne says something like "The really evil ones can't pull it off. It comes over too camp"
9. "Waiting in the Wings" Angel covering his front with his coat after the posession/hot love scene with Cordy
10. Buffy pulling out the rocket launcher to kill The Judge "That was then, this is now"
11. The Mayor checking off "Becoming invincible" from his To Do list. All of the Mayor really, he was just a great character.
12. Spike's voice over while Angel saves girl "In the Dark"
13. Giles going to kil Angelus in "Passion"
14. Andrew's "Story Teller"
15. Angels as a puppet in "Smile Time"
16. the Caveman VS. Astronuts debate
17. Xander and Harmony's girl fight
18. Darla killing herself for Connor in "Lullaby"
19. Illyria as Fred killing Vail with one punch and changing from Fred's form to her own at the same time.
20. The final scene in "Not Fade Away" were Angel says something like "I don't know about you all but I want to slay the dragon. Let's get to work."
21. Angels allowing Darla and Drew killing all the lawyers in the wine cellar.
22. All of "Restless" - Spike posing
23. All of "Once More with Feeling" Spike sing "I hope she fries I'm free if that bitch dies, I better help her out"
24. "lover's Walk" - Spike's speech about being Love's bitch.
25. SPike and Joyce scenes (only two - one in Becoming Part 2 one in Lover's walk)

As you have all said- it would be easier to do favorite epsiodes - favorite moments is really tough.
For sheer emotional impact, Faith at the end Five By Five by a long way. Maybe the best moment in the Buffyverse. Something like the Angel/Buffy scene in Innocence (the "I'll call you" scene) would be up there too.
I couldn't begin to pick my own favorites, but reading through all of yours makes me go "oooh! that one! Yeah!!!"

Every. Single. Time. :)
All of these are great choices. And Simon thank you! I was waiting for someone to post Giles' appearance in the magic shop doorway. Single best Giles moment ever. So dashing. I voted for it.

Another great Giles moment; with Buffy in his Pugeot. When he's telling her that yes, she acted rashly, but if she's looking for disapproval, she won't find it with him. He shows his love for her and his understanding of her in just a few sentences. I'm so glad they didn't hug after that scene. It was perfect the way it was.

I love lists like this. I've posted a few on another board. 'Scooby's Shining Moments' and such... I'm always surprised at the moments that have slipped my mind, and pleased to be reminded of them.
I forgot Xander's "7 years" speech to Dawn at the end of Potential. Best Xander moment? Just about. Anya sitting on the floor, surrounded by the dead bodies in 'Selfless'.

Oh and the Angel and Lindsay sword fight in "You're Welcome". Brilliant stuff.

Far too many moments to choose from.
Loved everyone's lists and loved every moment mentioned. I didn't see Andrew's version of "Faith and the Vulcanologist(sp)" but that "scene" with her fighting Spock just cracks me up!

Anyway, I could pick a moment from just about every single episode because there usually was something great in everyone. Sigh, now I'm sad because there's no more Buffyverse on TV. Have to go watch hours of dvds now!
Oh, did anyone mention Wesley having Justine chained in his closest while he had wild kinky sex with Lila? And how about all that wild, kinky sex with Lila?! Those were great moments too!
Anyway, I could pick a moment from just about every single episode because there usually was something great in everyone
So true. Even in episodes I don't like, there's always at least a moment that I love. Willow pretending to be seduced by Parker in "Beer Bad", for instance, and then letting him have it. Or Oz noticing Willow in her eskimo suit in "Inca Mummy Girl."
I don't think i can think of a single episode that doesn't have something redeeming in it. That's why this is so hard – as others have said: bad enough to pick out favorite episodes. but moments? Impossible.

Oh, did anyone mention Wesley having Justine chained in his closest while he had wild kinky sex with Lila? No, but that's a great one. And another of my favorites, along those lines: "I'll take away your bucket...." Ah, dark Wesley. You make my heart flutter....
I know, every episode had at least one moment or classic line. I love when Buffy confronts Spike in the grave yard.
Spike: "Out for a walk...(notes his 4 fingers) Bitch."

Then there's 'Normal Again' when insane Buffy thanks her mother, then says, "Goodbye." Ohh, that one killed me. I could go on for hours.
Too many to mention. OK, just a few:

"No friends, no weapons, no hope. What's left?" "Me"
Giles&Buffy "Lie to me" scene at a graveyard
Buffy doing Gandhi impression in "Anne"
Buffy "I don't know what a tea-cosy is, but I want one" ("Anne" again)
Buffy&Dawn talk at the end "No place like home" - "You will be a janitor" "Ookay"
Joyce&Buffy at the end of "Witch" - "I don't get it"
Just to add a few that I sent, but, haven't seen listed here yet:

1. Lindsey’s return and *alliance* with Eve revealed at the end of “Destiny.”
2. Darla’s return in “To Shanshu in L.A.”
3. Xander’s confrontation of Willow in “Grave”
4. The final moment of “Home” where Angel watches Connor toast his new, magik’d family.
5. Buffy and Angel dance at the Prom.
6. Cordy and Wesley pretend to be Angel and Buffy in “Fredless.”

But, hands down, my absolute favorite moment of the Buffyverse and the only moment I could easily pick, is Giles' return to Sunnydale to "test Willow's theory..."
Hello all - longtime lurker here. :::waves madly to everyone:::
One of my all time favorite "I can't believe they said that on tv" lines was Wes to Fred in season 4 "It's not all about holding hands"
And hokey and silly as it may be - the sudden snowstorm that saved Angel from dying in season 2 of Buffy.
This thread has just reinforced why I like the whedonverse so much. Not that I don't spend too much time watching the dvd's anyway!
These may have been mentioned, but what the hey

*Spike and Buffy in the abandoned house in Touched. The Spuffy fan in me was very happy

*Joyce and Spike 'share a moment' in Becoming pt II

*Buffybot talking about Angel in Intervention

*The geeks fighting over who was the best Bond in Life Serial

*The final shot of Buffy in Chosen. Smiling, content and at peace. I was very pleased Joss chose that. It was well earned

*Spike answering Buffy using only five words or less...
I'll try not to mention the ones that have already been mentioned:

- Oz's conversation with Angel when Oz first arrives in LA,
- Giles has to admit to Oz that "a case could be made" that Velvet Underground's album "Loaded" is in fact more important than the impending apocalypse,
- Wes saying "I had my throat cut and my friends abandoned me."
- Giles destroying the amulet in Wish because "anything has to be better than this",
- Anya's speech in the Body (ok, people did say that one),
- Buffy sees that her SATs are good enough to get into a good school, and realizes that she's never getting out of her dead end life no matter what those scores say,
- Giles and Tara get the kiss-off they way don't deserve in Tabula Rasa,
- Spike, while his assistant guy is torturing Angel to Mozart's 41st symphony, claiming to prefer his "earlier, funnier symphonies",
- Almost any of the wild geekdom riffs of the Trio, and
- Faith being shook up by how hardcore Wesley has become in the vampire shooting gallery.

Tons more, tons more.
Unfortunately, this has now been bumped off the main page but it's such a cool thread, I've added it to the side bar on the main page so people can still access it with ease.
Okay! Okay! I will join in... :)

Cave-Slayer hitting an apologetic Parker with the stick at the end of Beer Bad.

Angel muttering "Buffy" when he dreams he is having sex with Cordy and loses his soul in Awakening.

Angel "vamping out" after his first kiss with Buffy in Angel.

Amy Yip at the waterslide park.

Buffy punching Angel until he drinks from her in Graduation Day Part 1.

How about the moment between 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' and 'Chosen'? I also love the the one from 'City Of' through 'Not Fade Away'. They will always be my favorites.
So loving this thread! It brings back so many great moments in both shows that I am immediately transferred back to seeing the scenes again.

Has anyone mentioned Tara's death? That was so shocking! Oh, Angellove, that was a great scene when Angel drank from Buffy - best sex scene ever, well at least it looked like a sex scene!

How about Angel watching Cordy and Connor making love? Still ewww, but what a moment that was!

Angel showing up to punch out Caleb and the kiss that follows and then to see Spike standing in the shadows watching.
bl, that last one is great... also "You are SO gonna lose..." as Angel stands back, folds his arms, and leans in for the show.

And those last few moments before they take back the day in I Will Remember You... jerked quite a tear from me.
Oh, Angellove, that was a great scene when Angel drank from Buffy - best sex scene ever, well at least it looked like a sex scene!
In another great twisted erotic moment - how about Dru sucking the Chinese slayer's blood off Spike's finger in "Fool for Love," before they go have sex? So many great moments in that episode....
Well naturally I love most of everything already mentioned. Here are a few of my personal favs in chrono order:

- The terrifying moment when Principal Flutie gets eaten in The Pack
- Xander off to listen to country music, the "music of pain" in Prophecy Girl
- Buffy's "naughty dance" with Xander, and then her walk off the floor watched successively by X, Willow, and Angel, in When She Was Bad
- Willow saying "sigh" dressed as an Eskimo in Inca Mummy Girl
- Buffy and Angel possessed by the long-dead lovers in I Only Have Eyes For You
- Buffy replies to the demon: "I'm Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And you are?" in Anne
- Drunk Spike slams back into the town sign and falls out of the car in Lover's Walk
- Buffy: "Every now and then people surprise you." Giles, spotting Angel, "Every now and then" in The Prom
- Xander's "What Would Buffy Do?" spiel in The Freshman
- Oz smells Willow on Tara in New Moon Rising
- Spike's great black and white posing in Restless
- "Buffybot" kisses battered Spike at the end of Intervention
- Buffy rehearses her loan request to the bank manager in Flooded
- The mummy hand playing with the tongs in Life Serial (cracks me up every time)
- Spike's repeated conversation with Willow and with Buffy/Xander in Same Time Same Place
- The ruthless jump cut from Anya singing Married to her skewered body in Selfless
- The opening song sequence/closing montage (oh, and Dawn singing "Anchovies anchovies") in Conversations with Dead People
- the cheesy soft-focus slo-mo kitchen scene in Storyteller

And so many others.
Oh, those are great, SNT. I had forgotten about the "music of pain," "What would Buffy Do" (along with, "What would Buffy wear?" and "No power on this earth..."), and the "buffybot" kiss in Intervention. Also the Gandhi impression in "Anne" that someone mentioned earlier in the thread.

One other, that I don't think anyone has cited, amazingly: The snoopy dance! (especially since it had been foreshadowed so many seasons earlier)

Reading all these moments is great - makes me want to go back and rediscover some of those eps that I haven't seen in such a long time.
Here are some that I sent that I don't think I've seen anyone mention:

Willow kisses Oz (Phases).
The whole graduating class of Sunnydale throws back their gowns and joins the fight against the Mayor (Graduation Day Part II).
Giles gives a projection screen speech (Hush).
Willow kills Warren (Villains).
Andrew pictures himself, Warren and Jonathan singing "We are as gods!" in a field in togas (Storyteller).

Wesley pretends to be Angel (Guise Will Be Guise).
Lilah dresses up as Fred (Apocalypse Nowish).
Angel slits Connor's throat (Home).
Fred dies (A Hole in the World).

So true. Even in episodes I don't like, there's always at least a moment that I love.

Absolutely. Every time I think I don't like an episode as much, I remember there's one line or scene that redeems the whole thing. This makes me want to make a list of the best moment from every episode.

Oh, and something I didn't include because I didn't think of it: Willow changing her clothes in The Body. When Tara tells her that purple means royal and Willow says, "Well I can't go see Buffy at the morgue and be all royal! 'Oh, I'm the king of everything, I'm better than you!'" Every time I watch, I'm always so tense at this point that I burst out laughing and then I feel really horrible for laughing.

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Faith as Buffy in the mirror in Who Are You.

Principal Snyder in Band Candy "OOOH! Summers! You drive like a spaz!"

Angel hugging Mr. Gordo in What's My Line
I agree about soooooooo many of the above. In addition:

The close up of Tara breaking into a grin near the end of "Family" when her cousin sarcasticly and accusingly asks her "Are you happy now?"

Buffy and Riley sitting and staring silently at each other after saying something like, "We need to talk." at the end of "Hush."

Buffy and Spike's confrontation about Angel in "Chosen." (People don't usually use their tongues to say hello.)

Spike putting on his tough guy face right after his comment about about being a ghost vampire and inventing afraid of the dark in season 5 of Angel.

Anya trying to get someone to make a wish against Xander... including Spike.

Willow's worried analysis of her vampire self in "Dopplegangland" after which Buffy assures her that what someone is like as a vampire has nothing to do with who they are as a human prompting Angel to start to disagree before deciding to just go with it.

Spike's speech on the hood of the police car when he makes the truce with Buffy (Happy meals with legs.)

...and lots more.
Ahh, Angellove, I thought of putting the Snyder one myself as I was reading everyone's and then forgot so thanks for putting it. That is still one of my favorite laugh out loud moments. He was so funny that whole episode.

My daughter's favorite is a scene in the second season I think where Buffy asks Xander to go back into the bronze to get her a stake out of her pocketbook. Xander is frantically searching and he pulls out a tampon and gets this look of absolute horror on his face as he's juggling it about trying not to touch it and just throws it.

And how about the slow motion scene with Xander walking down the hallway in BBB with that funky music and everyone, including the lunch lady lusting after him! Oh, and later on in that episode when Joycee is hanging all over him too, and naked Buffy under the trench coat (and then amy turning her into a rat) - okay that whole episode does it for me!

And one of my favorite words is "Bitca". I loved that scene from when she was bad where Willow is describing to Giles how Buffy was acting and spells out B.I.T.C.H and Giles says she doesn't need to spell it and Xander looks confused and says "Bitca?" So now when someone is acting that way, to me they are a real Bitca!

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Oh man, bitca. I actually still call people that when I'm around other fans of the 'verse. Also, I want to add all of your moments on to my list now. :)
My daughter's favorite is a scene in the second season I think where Buffy asks Xander to go back into the bronze to get her a stake out of her pocketbook. Xander is frantically searching and he pulls out a tampon and gets this look of absolute horror on his face as he's juggling it about trying not to touch it and just throws it. blwessels

YES!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that one! :)

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Just thought of another one - the quote at the top of the screen reminded me:

Cordelia and Wesley's kiss the night of the prom.

I've got one I don't think was mentioned, Xander's pillow fight dream about all the potentials!! I miss Xander.
What about Spike's picture of Angel on the punching bag in "Chosen"...

This is great. I think I will spend the weekend locked away watching my DVD's.
I think I will spend the weekend locked away watching my DVD's.
I know. this has been such a great thread because it reminds me of all the many reasons I love Buffy. Now i want to go back and rewatch so many of these episodes i haven't seen in a long time – even the ones that aren't among my favorites have some fabulous moments.
And ella - I adored Cordy's and Wes's kiss as well (though i don't think it was the night of the prom). So perfect...
I also love Giles's comment to wesley at the prom - "good lord man, she's 18, and you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. Have at it" (or something to that effect).

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