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November 16 2004

A Superheroic effort for charity. Buy Alyson Hannigan's wedding dress from "American Wedding", Seth Green's Paddle from "Without A Paddle", or Buffy Season 6 for charity.

This auction has a huge collection of fantastic collectors items such the actual Wolverine claws and case that Hugh Jackman wore in "X2", tickets to the Grammy's and MTV awards, signed posters from A-list celebs, an exciting array of movie props, and so much more.

The charity this auction is benefitting is "Hollygrove, a child-centered organization that serves abused and neglected children. Hollygrove houses abandoned children and also provides children at risk with psycological, educational and emotional support. It is an incredible organization that is in dire needs of funding. "

That Buffy Season Six box set seems pretty lame when compared to most of the other items...
Damn! Some people just have too much money and should give it to charity:

$50,099.00 George Clooney Batman Mask 4 CHARITY

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