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November 16 2004

'The Mountain' trailer - featuring James Marsters. As most people already know, this episode will air on the WB this Sunday.

w00t! i was thinking about posting the one i found earlier on an LJ community...but then I thought..."copyright infringement oh noes!!!" cause it wasn't official. you know, you were talking to me at the time. hee.
oh and btw. i will NOT be watching this, because I have boycotted the WBastards since May 19th, 2004...
oh yeah. and i'm new. *does the dance of geeker-joy*
I support JM, so I'll watch it for him. Err, actually I'll tape it and fast forward to his parts. Then thank the WB for bringing him back and suggest they might get better ratings if he were brought back in his own tv series ... perhaps one involving Spike, Fred/Illyria, Faith, Giles, Xander, Willow, ... (insert other favorite characters here). :-)
OHHHHHH. killinj I want to join you in your cause. :-)
I think its great that people are curious about James in any role that he may land. It's important to note, however, that you aren't 'supporting' the actor when you watch, unless you are a Nielsen home. It makes no difference in any professional circle whatsoever.

Ok. I'm ready for the Spike movie now. What? You say its on HBO?

*wakes up*
Your definition of "support" is impacting the ratings of the show. Mine is enjoying an actor's performance and telling the network and the producers that I appreciate being able to see the actor again.

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