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November 16 2004

Crazy Slayer Dana enjoys the Feast. Navi Rawat, who cut off Spike's hands in "Damage" will be joining the cast of the Wes Craven produced movie "Feast", playing a character named Heroine. "The movie centers on a group of people locked in a bar who are forced to fight monsters".

Wes Craven, not Carven. Although as a freudian slip, it ain't bad.
Am I the only one who thought that she looked a lot like Faith the way she was made up for that role in Angel?

Picture came up from Google Image Service, so I'm assuming it's not proprietary.
Good for her, though I wasn't too psyched about the screenplay.
I thought she was excellent in that role of Dana in 'Damage'. Best episode of the final season of Angel, imo ('cept perhaps for the puppet one.) Hope to see her in plenty more things in the future.

Also, someome seriously needs to get on with some dark and disturbing Dana fanfic. I'd love to read that. Her story is crying out to be told in more detail.
This is good news for her. I thought she did a wonderful job acting out the Dana character. If we ever get another Buffyverse series, I would love to see this character return. Having a slightly insane slayer in the mix would be interesting indeed.
Chris in Virginia - definitely. Just finished watching 5x5 and the opening as Faith gets off the bus - well, it's straight Dana, I swear. Very, very similar.
Chris in Virginia, that is a screen cap: of course it has copyright, like most stuff on the web.
It's no deadly sin. :)
Hmm, I didn't know Wes Craven was producing FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 4.
As a PGL project we will also see the behind the scenes production of the movie, though usually concentrating on the writer/director/producer side of things rather than hte actors.

See for a version of the script which, quite obviously, is a spoiler....

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