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November 17 2004

Serenity composer's web site. Composer Carter Burwell's own official website. CB's next film project is the original score for Serenity.

Check out his previous work which is rather impressive.

I posted a link about this yesterday, but it got removed without reason. Hope it lasts a little longer this time.
Actually you posted about Carter scoring the movie, not about the website itself. There was already a post about that back in September. That's why your post was removed.
It is a Western set in outer space, written and directed by Joss Whedon, best known as the creator of "Buffy The Vampire Killer."

LOL, Invisible Green! Burwell must be rendering a back-translation from the french title for Buffy: "Buffy La Tueuse des Vampires". Or at least that's the best explanation I could think of . . . Given the importance in the show of the difference between "slaying" and "killing", that was a particularly unfortunate slip to make.
Why isn't Velvet Goldmine lists in his projects? He composed awesome original music for it! Waaah.
Heh, at least it wasn't a direct translation of the portuguese title, which would be "Buffy the Vampire Hunter".
Phew Simon, I am jolly glad I checked through the archives first before posting.
By the way, I like it when you get all stern and masterful ;-)

(only kidding of course)
Whoa, Carter Burwell is doing the score? How did I miss that? He did Miller's Crossing and it was amazing. I'm so thrilled!
I've listened to his work before and it's very good. It will fit beautifully within 'Serenity'.

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