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November 17 2004

Once Bitten: by Nikki Stafford out today. An unofficial guide to Angel now in the shops. Looking futher ahead, next June 'Queen of the Slayers' by Nancy Holder is released. The first post season 7 book? Well it looks like it.

Hmmm. Anyone know what the plot of Queen of the Slayers is?
I just ordered this on Amazon, along with "Five Seasons of Angel" (the essay collection that's a counterpart to Seven Seasons of Buffy"). I'm a big fan of Nikki's Buffy book, "Bite Me" the whole book is good, but I particularly like her episode guides, which are opinionated, fairly detailed, and well-written (even when i disagree), and include things like music played, goofs, nitpicks, etc. I'm hopeful this will be equally good.
My copy of 'Bite Me' only goes up to Season 6. Is there a later version to include season 7?

I do hope 'Queen of the Slayers' is post S7 - the little blurb on the cover does say 'Sunnydale was only the warm-up...'

Events post-'Chosen' are my current obsession in the realms of fanfic. So many Season 8's out there and, yes, some are truly appalling, but I love the different versions and visions that pople have been inspired to write.
"Queen of the Slayers" is, from what I understand, about what happens when they get back on the bus after the destruction of Sunnydale.

(Wow, it feels so strange to finally de-lurk after all this time. Hello, everyone!)
My copy of 'Bite Me' only goes up to Season 6. Is there a later version to include season 7?

"Once Bitten" includes season 7 of Buffy.
Ruadh - Thanks for that, guess I should read the link more closely next time!!
OT but where did the pig go - and no that's not some veiled insult?!
The pig was clever perhaps, but let's not set a precendent to linking fan art.
Hi Veggiebelle - love the work on 'Heroes' too!
We bought ours last week retail, so a fairly loose release date I'd say....
As much as I'm craving more Buffyverse stories, I've got to say, I'm very underwhelmed with Nancy Holder's books & I'm disappointed that she seems to be the author getting the biggest deals. The Book of Fours was a muddled mess IMHO.
I've enjoyed Nancy Holder's Buffy books (apart from Chosen, but even she admits that wasn't very good, why her name aint on it), so I'm glad she's writing the first post-season 7 book.

Wonder if the fact that it's being released in Trade Paperback form means that there will be no more hard-back Buffy books.
Hi,Veggiebelle.I hope Queen of the Slayers is better than Heat which i found a really hard read,especially those gotr and common rotation comments etc, thrown in which irritated me so much.I guess i'll give it a go though as its a paperback and not too expensive, i might be pleasently suprised.
Talking about books, i've just finished The Da Vinci Code and wondered if JM could do a French accent,i think in an interview i've heard talk about having to do all sorts of different accents in rep,anyway i thought if they are looking for an exceptionally lean,thin faced man(i'm forgetting the washed out bit) to play Lieutenant Collet he could play the part to perfection and working with Tom Hanks should put the film in the blockbuster league.
Went to Nikki's Book release party last night. She was also releasing a co-written book on Alias. For anyone who bought the first printing of Bite Me and had problems with the pictures falling out, she promises this will not be a problem with her new book. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it looks great.
I prefer something "official"
AtV: You mean something official like the Watcher's Guide or the Case Files? Not me. I have the first couple Watcher's Guides, and they're ok, and have some useful info, but I can't tell you how much less often I look at them than at Nikki's book, "Bite Me." And I think a big part of that is that I like the personality, and the opinions, in the "unofficial" guides. I'd always much rather read someone's review of an episode, their personal take on it, than just a dry description of the plot even if I completely disagree with their take. Then I can have mini arguments with them in my head :-) But often, it also makes me see something from another perspective, or catch something I missed, or even just marvel at how differently different people can view something. And when you agree with them even better.
Anyhow, to each her own, but when it comes to the show guides, I'm definitely an unofficial gal. I'm looking forward to reading Keith Topping's when it comes out as well I've been waiting to get it till he releases the full, 7-season one.
Thanks everyone - as a result of your comments I have ordered Bite Me, Once Bitten, and Keith Topping's Hollywood Vampire from Amazon. When the snow comes this year I will have plenty to read :)

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