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November 20 2004

Fox Website for Buffy the Complete Seventh Season DVD. Title says it all.

I bought my set on Tuesday and finished it last night. I'm sorry, but I just can't agree with all the negative press on this season. Seen all together it made me cry more than any other season (but it also made me laugh, as usual). It's just hard for me to rank the seasons as I like them all; I'm convinced that Season 7 holds its own with the rest.
I was just searching Willow's Demon Database and I came across something amusing. It listed something called "The Blur (Duncan)" and The Blur's baby, supposedly in Season Five. It said He was in every episode and more powerful than the Master. What am I missing? Somebody please explain this!

Never mind. I figured it out.

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I haven't! What does it mean, BufSlyAngel?
Yeah...what is it? I haven't checked Willow's Demon Guide yet, but it doesn't sound familiar.
It's just a joke. Kinda like the Bugs Life stuff on Toy Story. There really isn't anything. The pictures of him on the database are fakes in photoshop.
I love Fox's Buffy screensavers except for that damn noise they put with it. I don't know what that is supposed to be but it sounds like machinery gears. That site has the same background noise and it's very grating. If the screensavers had an option to turn off the sound, fine. But they don't.

Does anyone know if I can find pictures of the art on the DVD set? I'm looking for some of art on the inside of the packaging.

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I think I had expected so much from the seventh season in it's first run, like major things happening in every episode, that upon first watching I was just not satisfied. Seeing it as a whole, however, knowing what "The First" is up to, what the "from beneath you it devours" really means, it's quite nice.

Regarding the demon guide: though the software requirements say it will work on a Mac using OS9 and up, it won't work on OSX, which qualifies as "and up." Surely Willow would use OSX, since she so happily used an apple all the time and surely keeps up to date... oh, right, she's not a real person. Anyway, is the Demon guide worth looking at?
Watched the first 3 episodes of Season 7 last night...marveled at how all the seemingly disjointed stuff came together at season's end...great stuff.

After watching the season opener, I turned to my wife and said how glad I was that they didn't keep Dawn's fellow loser students as regular would have been a deeply unsatisfying development.
Bah, why is there so little mention of Anya? They always act as if she never was a cast regular at all.
Mito, The Demon Database is interesting to look at if your bord. The images are cool, but theres not much info.
I didn't look at the demon guide that much, found it strange that the bit on Dracula was based on the original script rather than what was filmed (he runs away as a wolf).
mito: I'm on a Mac with OS 9.1 and the site doesn't work properly for me either. The only section that loads is the Downloads section. :P

Stupid Mac Discrimination...
in my opinion, the artwork for the DVD is horrible.
What am I doing wrong? When I visit the Fox site all I get when I click on the figures is a blank grey screen. Except for "Register", which allows them to send me junk email, of course. How do you get to the rest?
Yes SpikeAngelLover - I totally agree with you, season 7 is a wonderful season with many great episodes. I thought "Lessons" was awonderful season starter, and who can forget Spike on the cross in "Beneath You", "Selfless" - it was great to have a Anya centric episode, Buffy with a rocket launcher going after Principle Wood in "Him"!, "Conversations with Dead People" and "Sleeper" are excellent, not knowing if Giles is The First, "Potential", "The Killer In Me" - I loved Willow turning into Warren! "First Date" - Buffy's date with Principal Wood (come on DB Woodside is hot!) his mom is the slayer Spike killed - this is great stuff. "Story Teller" and "Lies My Parents Told Me" are great. Faith returning, all her scenes with Principle Wood and The First appearing to her as The Mayor. Excellent Ending episode with Buffy questioning the way things have always been and sharing the power. I feel strongly that Buffy went out on a high note.

Every season is great - I love them all in different ways. Ranking is hard because they are all so special, season 7 is a triumph and as is true of all the seasons it is so much more fun to watch on dvd (with no commercials and long breaks between episodes)
On the dvd set, episode "End Of Days" is cut!

The explosion in the beginning of the episode has been cut. When they took out the "Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer" section, they took out too much.

Any change of Fox releasing a corrected version? They didn't correct a similar mistake in Angel season 2 dvd set, so my hopes aren't too high.
Good catch mikkoras! I thought something was missing when I watched it; you're right, they cut it as part of the "previous" stuff even though it wasn't (it was at the tail end). Guess I'll have to keep that old tape so I'll have the scene.
Um, that's really upsetting.

The whole explosion scene is cut? That is way beyond a boo-boo. Oh they absolutely must fix that. Has anyone said anything on the website?

Jeez! :(
I wouldn't have even noticed if no one had said anything here.

It wasn't all that neccesairy, you get the aftermath, the explosion wasn't THAT BIG a scene.
On the dvd set, episode "End Of Days" is cut!

The explosion in the beginning of the episode has been cut. When they took out the "Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer" section, they took out too much.

Thankfully that's not the case in the region 2 set. I just checked and we have both the previously and the explosion fully intact.
Well, I haven't yet received my copy from Amazon yet so I didn't know that and that disappoints me to find out they cut it. I do remember though that there was a discrepancy from the end of the previous episode when the bomb goes off to the beginning of the next when the bomb goes off, I think the time on the timer wasn't the same or the way Faith acted wasn't the same and that's something I would've liked to be able to see again to compare (I can't remember exactly what it was because it's been so long since I've seen it - anyone who remembers have an answer for me?).
bwessels, you're right; the previous episode ends with Faith saying "everybody get down" while the camera is focused on the bomb counting off "7,6,5" (end of episode). Next episode (End of Days) starts out with the bomb at "4, 3" at which time Faith says the above and the bomb goes off and Faith goes flying. It wasn't a big scene but that part is definitely missing on the disk. I guess they got cut-happy and thought that that scene was part of the intro.
Just watched the explosion scene as it was broadcasted on tv. Saw it first without the explosion on dvd since the episode had not yet been aired in Finland...

I actually like a bit more without showing the explosion. It adds more tension to the beginning since you don't know what happened. You start thinking that it was such a big bang that showing it would be gratuitous.

The bomb going off was pretty much a given since in the previous episode the bomb counter was almost to zero, but by not seeing the explosion, the fate of Faith and the others remains uncertain. If you see the explosion you can easily tell that most of them are going to survive. When I first watched it without the bomb going off, I thought that was the end of Faith and the others. And when we finally cut to the explosion aftermath, the relief was, for lack of a better word, more "rewarding".

Still, a corrected version, with the explosion intact, should be released.

New poster here, but I've been lurking for over a year! I could never remember to join on weekends; I always thought about it during the week! I just got my Season 7 DVD from Best Buy and will watch it after I finish Season 4 of Angel. I have to agree with some of the others here: I loved Season 7. If I had to pick a least favorite Season of Buffy, it would have to be Season 4. I also loved Season 6, mostly because Xander got to save the world for a pleasant change. And evil Willow is kind of cute in a scary, veiny way! Hopefully, I will do more posting in the future; it's kind of cool to finally be able to contribute to a site that I have been reading on for months! Great to be here amongst other Whedon fans, who won't look at me like I've grown horns when I say that BTVS is the best thing to ever happen to television!

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