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November 22 2004

David Boreanaz's Latest Indie Project 'These Girls' Also Features Caroline Dhavernas. Shades of 'Angel meets Wonderfalls' as two of our favorite Whedon-related stars meet (and maybe collide?) in this Canadian Feature Film Fund-backed project directed by John Hazlett. (Brief synopsis included here).

Extreme spoilerphobes, avert thine eyes:

"These Girls, by John Hazlett, is the bittersweet adventure of three young women who each try to seduce a married man during their summer holidays. None of them will be left unscathed. One of the women, who becomes pregnant, marries a local friend, the other two women go back to school, and the husband gives up on wanting to cheat on his wife."

The project just recently wrapped and there's no available info that I can find, as yet, of which character DB is playing, but dropped the CD info here.

I'm assuming the Summer 2005 release date is specific to Canada, so maybe it'll make its way to bigger city art houses south of the border by fall?

Also, yay for indie films -- if Hollywood won't support Jossverse actors (Serenity excepted), at least there's some directors and small studios with vision out there who'll keep 'em busy.

I've changed your links around it points to the Hollywood North Report, I think this is all very cool btw.
I'm pretty sure I read recently that David is playing the husband with a wandering eye; one can probably assume that Caroline plays one of the unfortunate girls.

Jaye making out with Angel - the mind boggles.
Another hard day at the office for David then...
Amanda Walsh!She was one of my favourite MuchMusic VJs!!Too bad she left, to continue her acting career.
If it got Caroline Dhavernas, I've got to see it. The synopsis, as usual, fails to make me quiver in anticipation but then again, so did the one for Garden State (which in real-life is something like the best movie of the year in my book).

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