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November 22 2004

The Grudge on DVD - Feb 1st, with some nice extras. On DVD at the same time as it is released in some markets, Sony seems to be in a hurry. To limit the effects of pirate copies ?

Wow - Good for Sarah - the movie cost 10 million to make and bought in 104 million in NA - Wow!

I am also surprised that it will be on dvd so soon - 4 months (October- February) is really fast - good for me though because I haven't this movie yet so I'll get to see it on dvd.
The studios are releasing movies very quickly in theatres and very quickly on DVD to cut down on piracy, as jpr said.

Also it has virtually killed the demand for multiregion players here in the UK. Three or four years ago you had to wait at least six months between the R1 release and it finaly appearing here on R2. That, with the fact that discs were cheaper in the US, made multiregion players very popular. Now most big blockbuster titles are released the same week and cost much the same.

Thsi article doesn't mention any commentary. I would assume SMG could do one, rather than the director who doesn't speak English.

With $100M+ already in the US and overseas BO still to come, and then DVD sales to add.... I sure hope SMG got points!
Given past history, I personally would be surprsied if SMG did do a commentary, to be honest. Mind you she will catch it either way - do one and some BtVS fans will be saying 'Now you do one?' - don't do one and other (or maybe even the same) BtVS fans will be saying 'Typical....'. Damned either way!

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SMG did do a commentary for the first Scooby Doo DVD (along with her three co-stars), and it really wasn't worth the effort. At least, I didn't think so. They had very little, if anything, to say that was in even remotely enlightening. I must admit that I gave up after 30-minutes, so maybe it got really exciting and informative after that. Somehow, I doubt it.

It would possibly be a different matter if she were to do one on her own, or with Sam Raimi, but as you say catalyst2, it seems extremely unlikely that it will happen.
Most movies come out 4 months after releaes now. I bet it pisses off theather owners.

Kill Bill Volume 2 released in Aprll and is on DVD by August. Spider-Man 2 was released in July, will be on DVD in November. The Grudge released in October and will be on DVD in February. Lets see..Serenity released in April, August/September looks good to me, anyone else?

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According to Imdb the releasedates for
Belgium is 2 February 2005,
Denmark 4 February 2005 and
Czech Republic 17 March 2005.

So the distributors of the film in those
countries should be annoyed.
Oh! And I just remembered that Hellboy was on DVD in USA before it was even released in UK cinemas.
I guess I never really paid much attention to how quick movies are getting out on dvd these days, hey I'm an old fart - this one hit me though because we were just talking about it's release last month here on Whedonesque and BANG now dvd.

Hope Serenity is dvd'ed quickly too!
On a Australian tv interview a few days ago SMG said "we did our DVD commentary this morning" so they have at least recorded one
garda39 - was that the interview for 'The Grudge' on 'A Current Affair'? I definitely missed that comment if it was. I just enjoyed SMG sparring with the f#*kwit reporter they sent along. He kept pointing at her at the start of every question so she pointed back as she answered. It took him a while to get it!

Its the first SMG interview I have ever seen on TV and I could see how people get such mixed messages from those interviews. She certainly speaks to the point and calls it as she sees it. Having said that, I thought it was great and funny. If that had been a print interview though, I could see that reporter talking in fairly unflattering terms about her 'reluctance' or some other nebulous phrase (only because she made him look such an amateur!)
It was on the "Sunrise" programme

It may still be available on SMGboard which is where I got it from

I'll have to see if I can found that "Current Affair" interview

I found the "Current Affair" interview

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garda39 - I missed the Sunrise one. Damn! I will have to go find it now!
smgboard also has a copy of the Hot Press article "Miss Congeniality" that Caroline mentioned a few days back. It is really a hilarious read.

"Stripped down to teeny tank top, she now looks even more like a mini-Barbie, or rather a mini-Buffy doll.

“No!” she shrieks with mock horror. “Don’t say that. I hate the Buffy doll. It doesn’t look anything like me. It better not look anything like me. It’s a ringer for Erik Estrada. No joke. How weird is that?”

Well, maybe Eric Estrada in drag…

“Well, it’s not good drag. It doesn’t even have blonde hair! It’s got this non descript brown stuff sprouting from its head and a perma-tan. I mean, what’s it supposed to be? I can’t look at it.”"
I commented earlier in this thread that it was unlikely that SMG would do a commentary but Fangoria seems definite that she is:

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