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November 22 2004

New work for Nicholas Brendon? Unconfirmed reports linking Nicholas Brendon to Evil Dead remake.

I know that this is unconfirmed and all, but Nicholas Brendon would kick ass. I am not exactly a fan of Evil Dead but i would be if Nicholas Brendon were in it. Raimi worked with SMG so perhaps she could put in a good word for NB!!
Didn't we have a discussion about this a while back? I vaguely remember someone saying that they would love to see Nick Brendon as Bruce Campbell's son in an Evil Dead sequel.
I would love to see Nick Brendon in Evil Dead. But I think this might just be a rumour that worked its way up because a few of those celebrities-who-look-alike sites have mentioned Nick and Bruce Campbell.

But please, anyone but Stifler.
I wouldn't like it... I love Nicholas Brendon and all, But that is Bruce Campbell's role. Besides, I somehow doubt there will ever REALLY be a remake.
I always thought that Bruce Campbell should've played a relative of Xander's on Buffy. Funny to see them linked like this though.
Please, please, please let this be true!
I have seen references to an Evil Dead remake (on Variety I *think*) so I'm pretty sure it will happen.

I wasn't so sure I wanted it to happen though. The original is so stupidly funny! I've come to love Bruce Campbell and I have to say if Nick were in this remake, I'd be a lot happier about it!

God knows Nick deserves to get work!! And his style of humor... I can see him doing well in this kind of flick.
Remaking this is a terrible idea. These movies are classics to many of us horror fans out there, and there's not one good reason to remake them. Stupid Hollywood. Recasting the role of Ash with anyone who's not Bruce Campbell is just a bad move.
Anne 5_by_5 yes we did. The UK film mag 'Hotdog' printed a rumour this time last year that Sam Raimi was interest in Nick for Evil Dead 4. Here's the relevant quote:

"Former Buffy star Eliza Dushku is in talks with Sam Raimi to star in the next Spider-Man flick. The astute brunette would be playing the role of Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, who like Peter Parker harbours a covert second side. Raim's apparently prepping Spider-Man 3 for production shortly, so he can go off and make Evil Dead 4, which funnily enough Raimi is considering Buffy co-star Nicholas Brendon for. He'd play the son of Ash (Bruce Campbell) in the film... "
As much as I love NB I cant see him as Ash because I am such a Bruce Campbell fan...However, I can see him in the role as Ash's son...that would be wicked stupid (in a good way)!
It's about time we saw NB in something again,apart from a spot on TRL the other week i don't think i've seen him in anything since the end of Buffy,so if it is a bit more than a rumour good for you Nick.
Dark Horizons has made no reference to NB for the part but Justin Theroux from "Charlies Angels: Full Throttle" and "Mulholland Drive" was mentioned...
Well since they are definately going ahead with this remake (damn I hate remakes, why do they always pick on good films, if you have to remake something, try a film that had a great premise but for some reason didn't work) then Nicky would definately help me get over some of my anger. I think it probably helps that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are on board for the remake, should ensure some quality control.....
I wouldn't like it... I love Nicholas Brendon and all, But that is Bruce Campbell's role. Besides, I somehow doubt there will ever REALLY be a remake.

As Paul said, the remake is a go. Also as PAul said I don;t see why they need to do remakes, Evil Dead 4 with Campbell would have been excellent and now will definately never happen.

However, if they are going through with this and there's no stopping it, I can see no one better than Brendon to play the role of Ash. He looks like Campbell, he can react like Campbell and he can even do some of the same facial expressions. I know he'll make the part his own but Ash was an awesome character and the best thing he could do with the role is emulate Bruce.

Hey, he's even got a twin brother for the mirror/evil Ash scenes! lol....
Nick did a television movie (I forgot the name, but it was in Spokane) where he played a gay guy helping a friend, who is a girl, but not a girlfriend (I love that line) with something.
Koos - It was Celeste in the City
Not always a fan of remakes either. HOWEVER, if Raimi and Campbell are producing maybe it's about making the movie they couldn't afford to do the first time 'round? It would be interesting to see NB in that role, can't say much about the other 2 mentioned in the article, not even sure who they are. My favorite of the Evil Deads was always Evil Dead 2 anyway so I don't REALLY mind a remake of the 1st one.

Buffy is proof positive that regurgitation sometimes makes for something FAR better than the original!

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Thanks, Lioness. I just couldn't come up with the name. Haven't seen the movie either. Not my type of thing.
OMG! Nick would make the perfect Ash! YES YES YES!
What the hell is Sam Raimi thinking. Has he been hanging with George Lucas? Has he caught revisionist fever? Makes me want to kick ass and chew bubble and I'm all out of gum...

Well I suppose it better than ruining the orginals for some kind of Special Edition...
I think Nick is the only one who could pull Ash off butt I would rather see a part 4 with Nick as Ash's son.
Well, the remake new is true, so... if it`s not a sequel (with Nick playing the son) i think Nick would be great in Ash role. A great chance in his career.

Maybe the Buffy link with Raimi.... :D (SMG, then Eliza in SM3...)
I love all Evil Dead related movies. I love Raimi and Campbell. I love the idea that Brendon taking the helm. I think his comedic timing and wonderful facial expressions would create an equally lovable Ash. Unfortunately, he is extremely under-rated and I'm not lucky enough for this to be true!--BKitty
What I REALLY want to see Nick do is star in a Buffyverse movie with as many other cast members as Josh can recruit. If SMG is involved it would HAVE to be a theatrical film, as her agent would NEVER let her do a tv movie after the $40 million opening of "The Grudge." So after Josh winds up his post duties on "Serenity," I hope he makes a Buffyverse movie his priority - whether it's theatrical or made-for-tv. And why not bring back as many dead characters as possible as ghosts - Zander could be romancing the ghost of Anya, the ghosts of Fred and Wesley and Cordy could pop in, and maybe the ghost of Darla to REALLY make me happy. Oh yeah, and let Nick keep the eye patch. Bye the way, does anyone else think it's strange that Nick's twin brother is going full steam on the convention circuit but Nick seems a convention no-show this year. He did several convention appearances last year, but now seems to be handing everything over to his brother. What's up with THAT?

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