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November 23 2004

Joss Whedon announces new release date for Serenity movie. September 30, not April. We get to wait another five months.

Link goes to another Whedonesque thread. Joss came in and dropped the bomb himself.

(Now the other admins can slap my wrist for self-linking.)

Oh. Oh No. Possubly the worst news I've ever had. I made my friends count down the days to April the 22nd. April the 22nd was too long to wait!

But if its better for the movie..... I shall go and sit in the corner now.

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Oh well...

(Of course, who knows when we'll see it outside the US...)
See here's my take on it. Universal saw it, and saw how damn good it is. And decided to wait and release it closer to awards season, hoping for some serenity oscar love come march 2006. Or april was too crowded.
I assume that this will affect overseas release dates too?
Sucks to have to wait longer but it really does read as a good sign. I've always thought September to be a good spot for the right kind of movies. Serenity strikes me as just that sort of movie. As long as Universal markets this properly, which is my main fear I might add, I think with the lowered expectations of the release date, Serenity could be in a position to do strong and better than anticipated numbers. It sounds like Universal is thinking much the same thing. I guess this just means we get teased with endless sequences during next summer's comic book convention circuit.
As a side question, anyone know the status of the animated short I've seen discussed. I watched the one for Riddick this weekend and found it was actually pretty good. Something to bridge the gap between Firefly and Serenity would be pretty cool.
It's gotta affect overseas release dates. There's no way any Hollywood studio would release a shiny biggsy-budgety movie somewhere else first. I think the best y'all can hope for is that the release is simultaneous, and not like two weeks later in France, etc. (which was the rumor before)
If Joss has faith in their decision, then I guess we all have to trust it too.
And according to, these are the movies Serenity will be opening against on September 30th.

""Oliver Twist", the "Wallace and Gromit" movie, and "Jarhead", from Director Sam Mendes, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Lucas Black. The Antonio Banderas/Catherine Zeta Jones headlining sequel "Legend of Zorro" would've started the week before."
If I may be allowed a word?


Thank you.

As for the practical real-world effect of the move, hmm ... I'm thinking a Serenity trailer playing all summer long in front of that other big space movie (Revenge of the Sith) probably won't be the worst thing for raising awareness. And if Lucas delivers another turkey, maybe people will be excited to check out something new and shiny.

I'm hopeful the movie will connect with a mass audience, but a bit concerned, too, because that's a much different kettle of fish than simply selling a relatively high number of DVDs. It seems like the standards for "success" and "failure" are much higher and more random in the feature film world. Here's hoping the stars line up just right for Serenity to be a solid money-making hit.
While my first reaction is "this sucks rocks," my second is "September is traditionally a quieter month for movie openings."

School is just starting, Summer vacations are ending. (The last couple of years every September if I wanted to go to a movie, I've always ended up in second run theatres seeing shows I've already seen at least a few months earlier.) Basically there tends to be less competition at that time of year.

So, while it *does* suck we have to wait an extra five months, most likely it's a better opening month just because there won't be as many good movies opening. (The Oscar contenders won't show up until October through December.)

That's heartbreaking news. I was just thinking yesterday, "Hey, only six more months to go." At least, Joss broke the news to us himself. I really appreciate how highly this man respects his fans by doing this. In the end, it's for the best. I would be crushed if the movie was flooded with a flock of other new releases. After all, the most important thing is that this movie will be a box office success. We just need to cool our heels a little longer (sighs).
My heels are already cool, man. I'm bummed. But come September 30th I'll be waiting at the theater door with bells on my spurs.

On the brighter side, I guess this gives us more time to arrange Serenity watching parties in every major U.S. city, huh?
And the news is spreading fast (as is Whedonesque's role in Joss' post) here -

Good recognition for the site!
Caroline - You have got to watch those Whedonesque admins - they are tough cookies. They are strict on the self-linking.... ;-)
I know, catalyst2! After I posted I sat on the cold marble floor and flagellated myself till I bled.
Posted by Joss:

Hello, guys, Joss here, using another thread to post an announcement 'cause he doesn't know how to start a new one.

Next time he posts here, somebody might want to teach him how to post a story. Every time somebody posts a link to the old thread, he's already come and went.
Though I'm certain to be in the (extreme) minority here, I actually don't find this as crushing as others. Whilst I do feel for my American brethren that you have the extra five months of waiting, I personally was very concerned at the lack of even a pencilled-in UK release date. I think I'd convinced myself that us Brits would probably be waiting until about September anyway, so if this means we can get the BDM a few weeks after you rather than a few months, then I'm OK with that. Sorry.

Besides, it was always going to be the Box Office performance in the US that decided the relative success of the movie, not here in the UK. So the fact that it was coming out so close to Episode III always worried me (though not, it seems, Joss). Let's face it, the Episode III marketing campaign has already begun, and yet the first Serenity trailer wasn't due until January! I confess there was always a part of me worried that Serenity would get buried under the waves of Lucasfilm dollars. Now that won't - can't - happen.

It may be a longer wait, and it may be a pain in the arse, but at least Serenity can now stand alone. Seems somewhow appropriate.
I'm with you on this Outsider.

Not just because it won't likely affect the release date here in the UK quite as drastically but also because i want Serenity to get at least a couple of sequels and if this move helps to ensure that happens then so be it.
Since the date's been pushed back to Sept in the U.S., I'm guessing the wait period has been similarly affected for the foreign release dates. Which might mean an early 2006 U.K. release date, though I truly hope not.

Gosh, it feels like forever. I spent this entire weekend watching the ComicCon trailer like nine times, marvelling and getting all hyped up... and now feel crushed. D'you realize, the movie will premiere at around the same time the fourth season of the show would've started? So tragic.
Where available is this ComicCon trailer you speak of ?
At least it will be close to my birthday. And wow, by september I'll have my PR major.
Hopefully Universal will do a worldwide marketing campaign and worldwide release instead of separate dates, and things will be even cooler.

Note to self: start working on reminding people of new date.....
Note to self 2: Prepare to annoy a lot of people by getting the whole trailer by heart when it starts being shown in the theaters.
Terrible news... but it will be worth the wait.

That is so awesome of Joss to post here and tell us personally.

I wish I could say something witty like him but I can't, I'm going to go throw a temper tantrum... screw maturity.
I'm conflicted about how I feel about this, on the one hand, I'll be living in the US by this point so I'll get to see it straight away, avoiding the wait I would have had had it stuck to it's original release date, on the other hand though, I feel this is bad news, as I worry that the non-Firefly-fan-audience will have already had their "space-movie" fix for the year.

Anyone know if we're still getting a trailer in January?

So cool of Joss to come on here and tell us though.

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It was very decent of him to do that.
Drat. What a way to start my day. To have missed Joss's posting in real time and to have the bad news about the release date. I do think it is probably a good move for the movie's success, but damnitall I was really looking forward to April.
I was waiting to see when the UK release date for Serenity was and if it was a long time after the US date I was seriously considering arranging a holiday to coincide with the US date so I could watch it over there. I guess that's still the plan but it's still frustrating having to wait that much longer. Just gonna cross my fingers that we get a similar relase date now.
Bad news...but not the greatest shock of all time...
That's like an entire year away. I can't even think about having to wait that long to see the movie. Having to wait that long to see the movie is like contemplate the size of the universe, it just hurts my head.

Also, I wonder if the trailer will still be attached to Electra?
Hey Caroline, maybe you can have a permanent thread that is just for when Joss wants to post that only he can activate. I don't know if that's possible but if so, maybe it could be on the side it it turns his specific font color when something new is there.
Caroline, one more thing, just saw your link that Whedonesque is the site of the week! Congrats to you, Simon and Herb! Would it be possible to make it so people can properly congratulate all of you for giving us such an excellent site?! There wasn't any option to leave comments and I'm sure a lot of us would like to comment on that thread.
I must say that I was worried about the timing of the release. How could it not be overshadowed by Star Wars? And if people are shown the trailer all summer, then that is bound to put more bums in the seats.
But for us, to have to wait all that time, no, I want some of the pity too. I want Joss to turn that disappointment into something great that will hold us over till then.
I'm thinking a series of short stories posted here. Whadaya say, Joss?
Ok now since the bad part of the news has sunk in - I'm off to find the silver lining ..... la,la,la,la ..... Ok found it.

First the bad news - I don't see any real competition for Serenity in April but that could change, I mean heck so far it was going to open against the Johnny Cash bio-pic in April. Although in Sept. so far it is openning against Jarhead and Oliver twist, the Legend of Zorro opens the week before - so really no competion there, except Spy Hunter which is scheduled for sometime in Sept as long as it is not the 30th all's fine. I think however I may get the studios reasoning (heaven helpme if I start to understand Hollywood's thinking), it's not opening weekend that concerns them as much as the following weekends in April that could potentially topple Serenity's #1 box office standing (see optimism from me what a strange concept) after the first weekend, which it doesn't seem to have any threat of that in the month of Sept-Oct so far. Also looking at opening weekends in the month of April ($42 mil - being that months record) and record openning days ($17.5 mil) compared to Sept's numbers (month; $35 mil - day; $14.7 mil) we stand a better shot at getting Serenity that #1 box office slot perhaps for a few weekends. With now having the whole summer to plan things to get the word out - the Browncoats could sweap the world doing things to intrigue people into seeing the movie - not to mention moving into the Oscar concideration category - heck if LOTR can sweap up at that bash getting Serenity some nods should be a no brainer. Ok I have to stop not cause this is getting far to hopeful even for me. Anyway I'm working with the good spin - and brain is working on campaign ideas to get the word out.
Lioness - I'm with you on the short stories. I just discovered Fray and I'm hooked. What about that as a starting point?
blwessels, thanks for point out the site of the week. Congratuations to Caroline, Simon, and Herb for the recognition of running the finest Joss Whedon website on the internet.

I really doubt the trailer will be released in January due to the movie delay, but that's just a guess.

As Joss stated, the studio knows these things best. The fact they want the film to be released during a 'good' month should be taken as a good sign. They want this movie to be a success as well. And a successfully movie means bigger things for Joss (and us) down the road. Thinking in my 'glass half-full mode'.
I'd have to agree that it looks like we should trust the studio to know what they're doing.(Have you any idea how conflicted I was to type THAT!?) As Joss says, they're happy, they're not demanding rewrites, reshoots, changed endings or whatever and that is a VERY good sign!

I missed the Ep3 date but noticed the Hitchikers Guide opening the same month which, for me, would have been the 'conflict', having grown up on the books, the radio series, the tacky TV series and so on.
Although tragic for the fans, the move makes a lot of sense.
Now the question is the one put above, how to keep the kettle boiling until September.
How can the Firefly/Serenity 'verse be opened up without spoiling the movie ?
The trailers and 'making of Serenity' films should be saved for the summer pre-release marketing, but the ideas of short stories ( or comics) sounds about right.
Maybe there is some dusty script ideas from Firefly the series that can be touched up and released ?
Anything to feed the hungry minds of the fans.
Oh, poop.

But thanks to Joss for dropping in and letting us know first 'n' directly from The Man himself.
Joss, thanks for being the one to tell us.

Although quite disappointing for me personally, this does give some time for new folks to come on board. I have a couple friends who are just now getting into watching Firefly and I think that by September they as well as many others will be ready for the movie.

I have been a huge Star Wars fan since the original movie in the 70's and I can say unequivocally, that I would pay real money to have Star Wars come out in September and Serinity come out in April/May. No disrespect to to Episode III but I hardly see how it can hold a candle to Serenity, at least to me personally.

Any chance of a repeat appearance at San Diego Comic Con?
Just for the small chance that you are still reading these posts Joss, I just have to say something as quickly as I can.

I had truly enjoyed the Buffy movie, but then again I was in high school when it came out and it had alot of the humor I enjoyed at the time. I won't lie and say I saw much more into the story of a "chosen" girl who killed vampires, it was just a cute little movie that had a horror and camp feel to it that I enjoyed. Years later, I moved to Chicago and eventually got a job at a company called MVP who produced the Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan club (as well as Angel eventually). When I started working there, Buffy had been on TV for about three seasons. Luckily, MVP was sent tapes of just about every episode. One day, Mike Stokes (the editor and chief of the magazine at the time) let me borrow the tapes. I was in awe...simply amazed at how enjoyable this show was.

Long story short, I watched every single episode religiously, then Angel (which I thought surpassed Buffy impossible as it seems), and was as upset as everyone else at WB's eventual betrayal of the show. Week after week it was the most consistantly excellent program on TV. I also got to meet you at Chicago Comic Con for about five seconds before one of our editors interviewed you. That was an amazing day.

That's why I am ashamed to say that I did not watch Firefly when it was on TV. It is extremely embarrassing but work had gotten the better of me that year and try as I might I was not even able to tape it. I should have known it was a masterpiece. I got the set on DVD a week ago and have watched it clean through three times. I simply cannot believe how you are treated by people who obviously don't understand you. I'm sorry I'm kissing your butt but I'm even more sorry that I did not support this show. I see so much potential in this 'verse'. The Reavers were hardly touched on, same with River, Mal and Inara's relationship, Kaylee and Simon... I doubt it's possible to fit 1/100th of what you had planned for the series into a two hour movie. If anyone can do it however it's you.

I have been a part of the video game industry, magazines and some TV work. I love Star Trek, as well as most Science Fiction shows well known and not. I must say that your shows have been very inspirational to me and others I have turned them on to. Angel was amazing every single episode (although the ending was a little....difficult -- What purpose did Wesley's death serve please tell me if the show was going to 'end' so openly?), and Firefly was the same.

I know this was a long post and that there's a good chance that you have moved on for today, but to you and the cast of Firefly I want to say you are very much appreciated and we all want this movie to do excellent whether in April or September. Whatever it takes for people to realize what they ignored. Last off, I know this is tacky but as I said the simple chance of you reading this makes it necessary. Is there some way to apply for a position at Mutant Enemy? I have experience in the entertainment industry as well as a near endless supply of knowledge of Science Fiction, Horror and fantasy. Sorry but, I had to ask how often would Joss Whedon possibly read something I wrote??

Look forward to September as we all do. Thanks for you time and effort on our behalf.

P.S. I love the X-men as well, excellent, EXcellent work on Astonishing and THANK YOU for Colossus!!
Wow, there is a little bit of goodness thatcame out of this. Instead of saving that 50 quid to see Serenity 10 times, I can now go out and buy as many of Nadia Almada's new single as I want!!!!! Who - hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait, it doesnt make up for it

In my opinion, Wesley did not have anywhere else to go, but death. Over six years (including S3 of BtVS), Wesley has gone through so many changes. Yes, they've made him more complex, but these changes are never for the better. In S3 of Angel, he kidnappedConnor, and had his throat slit, and was abandoned by his friends. He was a bit more 'in the fold' in S4, but he was still a darker, more detached character, which is how it naturally had to be. Fred's death really was the last straw. I think his death was sort of a happy moment for himself, he was free.
OK, now on to Serenity...

I think the good really outweighs the bad here...

-Five more months
-If we do get Serenity 2 and 3, this could prevent Joss from going back to television, which I personally, so desperately want. 'Lost' is only going to hold me over for a while.
-Joss is sad. Never good.
-Much less competitive opening
-More chance of gaining a #1
-More time for us to convert new people to Firefly
-More time for us to hype and do some guerilla marketing for the film
-More of chance that we will get Serenity 2 and 3
-This means that Universal REALLY believes in this film, and will probably put a lot of money into marketing, especailly if they have five more months to do it.

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SciFi Wire is now posting the news of the movie date change with a link to the original posting by Joss on the site, which is linked to this thread, to which I am now posting the link at SciFi Wire:

Self-referential? Yes, but how many times have we been the news source for stuff like this? Sounds pretty cool to me.

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He was a bit more 'in the fold' in S4, but he was still a darker, more detached character, which is how it naturally had to be. Fred's death really was the last straw. I think his death was sort of a happy moment for himself, he was free.
adam_tvs | November 23, 18:42 CET

I really can't dispute most of what you said about Wesley, I just think that he deserved a better death and if the show didn't really 'end' per se, this could have been done then. Now if Angel does come back in some way or form, Wesley can't be a part of it unless it's like a flashback or he works for Wolfram and Hart.

This means that Universal REALLY believes in this film, and will probably put a lot of money into marketing, especailly if they have five more months to do it.

I can hope. The problem I have with a delay is, it's not because he needs to reshoot things or make the movie better (although maybe now he can if he needs to), it's a decision made by the same people who don't get his work in the first place. Although, I have to agree that three weeks before the colossal dump that will be Episode 3 is not good. The movie will no doubt suck, but it will also suck the life out of any movie that comes out even a month before or after it. Better to be far away from that mess altogether.
My reaction seems to boil down to: Wah! Serenity! Yay! Joss!

I am clearly working in highly intellectual mode this morning.
Joss rules, hope the movie goes the way he wants it to go and is successful, and his break from tv isn't too long.

I wonder if he's spoken to Eliza Duskhku to do something with Faith for the 2005-2006 tv season. You leave us hungary for so much more, we hungar for it.

Joss actually posted here, thats freaking cool, thanks for the update Joss. :D

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Just to chime in on Wes. I think that he would have been reborn in the watcher capacity for Illyria. There was some much to explore their. I really don't think that the character of Wes had run it's course.

It would have been very interesting for me to see how Wes reacted to Illyria becoming more Fred like. That whole plot had a great deal of potential.

Also, Wes was great to watch on screen. So tortured and yet so very likeable. His transformation from the dork on S3 of Buffy to Angel S4 and S5 was remarkable.

Back to Serenity, ten months isn't that long. It just means that I can watch the series 10 or 12 more times before seeing the movie. If the movie is good, I will see it in the theater at least 5 times.
Keep in mind folks that all of us, Universal, Joss and the fans, want the same thing: for this movie to be a huge success. If they think moving it to September will help with that, then hey...better chance for a sequel so lets all get behind it.
Update from Herc at AICN:

"Lots of yammering in talkback about Sept. 30 being a loser date. It’s not the greatest, but late September is not the dumping ground that is early September. Some movies from recent history with their domestic theatrical grosses in millions:
* Rush Hour (9/18/98) $141.1
* American Beauty (9/15/99) $130.0
* Remember the Titans (9/29/00) $115.6
* Sweet Home Alabama (9/27/02) $127.2
* School of Rock (10/3/03) $81.2
So Joss...if the movie is actually ready by say...May, there's this little film festival that takes place in Seattle. The Seattle International Film Festival. Twenty-five days, 224 feature films, an orgy for fans of film.

In addition to everything else, they have a really nifty event called the "Secret Festival". From the SIFF website:

"Nearly every major (and minor) city in the world offers an annual film festival, from London to Long Beach, Berlin to Boise. But there's one thing you'll find only at SIFF: the infamous Secret Festival. Since 1983, we've been offering top-secret showings every Sunday throughout the festival of world premieres, long lost classics, controversial banned films and other scandalously scarce works, many of which may never be screened again. Filmmakers, archivists, distinguished guests and in-the-know festival goers line up every year to snag a seat for this perennially sold out event. We'd really love to tell you some of the films shown in the past, but then, of course, we'd have to kill you; all participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, strictly enforced by our extra-secret thought police. Don't even tell your cat, or we'll hunt you down like a—hem—dog. Really. But whatever you do, don't miss out on your chance to participate in the most controversial, mysterious and rewarding event of the Festival."

So...if you wanted some people to see it secretly, we're waiting...of course if you wanted a leak to be sprung, permaybehaps we could oblige. Just sayin...

:disclaimer: I have nothing to do with SIFF, except going to a bunch of movies every May.
Keep in mind folks that all of us, Universal, Joss and the fans, want the same thing: for this movie to be a huge success. If they think moving it to September will help with that, then hey...better chance for a sequel so lets all get behind it.

Yes, Joss' statement about the studio wanting to protect their investment made me think...why didn't Fox want to protect Firefly? It seems they did just about everything they could to make it tank. That kind of thing never made sense to me, but it also doesn't give me much confidence in studios. I know, a movie is a much bigger investment, but distrust goes far.
I agree... this certainly gives Joss and company another chance to do Comic-Con next year. :)
But it was going to be my birthday present!
This better get an Oscar!
Now it has the stigma of both being moved and being released in September.

How often does a Star Wars 3 come out? The culmination of 2 trilogies. There will be so much anticipation in the immediate weeks proceeding it's opening, how do you NOT take advantage of that?

I'm trying to see the silver lining and I'm guessing it's if Serenity takes #1 at the box office in September there's an automatic sequel. If it were me, I take my chances in April.

What they're not saying:

Opening April 22, 2005 from Universal: The Interpreter starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.
This better get an Oscar!

As much as I believe Joss and cast deserve recognition, this isn't really a movie the Oscars look at, unless it's in the 'techincal awards' area. Maybe the special effects would be award worthy, but I just don't think this will get that kind of buzz.

It would really be deserving of best original screenplay(I'm assuming Joss brilliance here), but those all go to 'artsy' or 'touching' movies. You know, the ones where the actor has to get fat or pretend to be mentally challenged...
Darn, seeing Serentiy was going to be my birthday present to myself seeing as how my birthday is April 22. Oh, well if its good then its worth the wait.
When is Cannes Film Festival next year? I had a wee day dream about a Serenity bill board on the French coast.

Oh and the Universal Pictures website is showing the new release date but it hasn't turned up yet on
Wow- it just occured to me that, had it not been cancelled, Firefly would be in it's third season.

When I think of third seasons I think of Faiths, Connors, Mayors, and Holtzes. I can't believe that Firefly would be there. When Buffy got there it already felt like it had been on for a long time.

I remember the same feeling when Angel started it's fifth season - it still felt so young.
A while back on another thread I was whining about the possibility of Serenity getting lost in the Ep. III blitz. Now I want to whine about this. I thought there'd be *DVDs* by September! I wasn't gonna be able to catch it here in April and won't September, either, so I probably won't see it until 2006.

I think the studio's probably right, though.

Joss, if you want to help us make it through the stressful waiting and withdrawals, how about a 10 best of DVD like the featurette on season 7, with deleted scenes and new commentaries? I absolutely promise Fox I'd buy it.
:( :(
I`m dying to see the movie!

Well, first i must see Firefly in Spain ¬¬ I want the DVD boxset here!
I remember the same feeling when Angel started it's fifth season - it still felt so young.

Ah, that precious time before the wilt that so many others suffer. But all of Joss's shows will always be daisy-fresh in our hearts. :)
To take Simon's numbers a bit further:

For the numbers from the last weekend of Sept #1 Box Office results (luckily they were all new releases - the bad news they were #1 for their openning weekends only).

2004 - Forgotten, The - $21,022,111 - Total US Gross $66,641,205

2003 - Rundown, The - $18,533,765 - Total US Gross $47,641,743

2002 - Sweet Home Alabama - $35,648,740 - Total US Gross $127,214,072 - Worldwide Gross $163,379,330

2001 - Don't Say a Word - $17,090,474 - Total US Gross $54,997,476 - Worldwide Gross $104,488,383

2000 - Remember the Titans - $20,905,831 - Total US Gross $115,648,585

So we now have something to look forward to doing, shooting for a $40 million opening US weekend. We have a unique opportunity to take back the cinema from Hollywood studios by mantipulating the box office results by creating our own marketing campaign for Serenity.
What about a "How Many Times Can You See 'Serenity'?" contest? The contestant send in ticket stubs and the winner gets some cool prize.
I got some flack on another web site dedicated to movie news that it thinks is "cool, ain't they" or something like that. My question to all of you is, are you more excited about Episode III or Serenity. To me, one of these movies ways made for the love of the cast, crew and fans while the other was made to sell toys and Burger King. Episode III is not going to be good. At all. Thoughts?
Definitely more excited about Serenity!
I'm way more excited for Serenity. I saw the original Star Wars 14 times in the theater when I was 13 (all right, kids, do the math ;) and since then the SW magic has, sadly, worn thin for me. I smell inclement debacle, but what do I know? Some will adore the stupendous, overblown spectacle that RotS will likely be. Instead, I'm looking for something with more heart and intimacy. A story that feels reality-grounded enough to happen in a world I almost recognize, yet that pushes against my human tendency towards complacency and takes my mind to places it probably has never been. I don't want to be movie'd-at. I want to know the characters and experience what they're going through right along with them, instead of just plunking down my money and watching it at an emotional remove through what might as well be a plate glass window.

Joss's shows have always made me feel like a participant, not just a voyeur. They punch right through me and puncture my heart. It's his trip, and he's never made me feel anything but welcome to come along for the ride.
I was never able to get into Firefly. I couldn't get into it when it was on TV. I bought the DVDs and still something just didn't click with me. But I will still go see Serenity the day it opens, and since it's now coming in September, it'll be my birthday present to myself. Such is the power of Joss.
I understand why we have to wait, but it still sucks.
For those who were wondering as I was, I got an explanation for Joss's cryptic "Gleaming the cube"

"For the curious, Gleaming the Cube was a skateboarding movie with Christian Slater and Tony Hawk. Within the movie, the term meant reaching a place with your skateboarding where you just let go (and thereby do something amazing/achieve inner peace, etc ...). When it was released many skateboarders protested that the phrase was meaningless lingo made up by the screenwriters as opposed to genuine slang. But because it's a Tony Hawk movie and half the skateboarders out there nowadays were inspired by it the phrase has come into use within the community."
Thanks to The Black for this.
Grr Argh.... this is insane troll logic! I was looking forward to it opening before Star Wars, which I'm not getting my hopes upo for, but April would've been here soon enough.

-goes away and pouts-
I guess it'll be something to look forward to since that's when school starts. it'll make the first dreary month of senior year go by much faster :)

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