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"grr... argh"
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November 23 2004's site of the week. "Whedonesque exudes a calm-but-busy tone."

Very nice write-up! Congrats!
Congrats also on the well-deserved credit.
Yeah, it can never hurt to get a little well deserved recognition.

Congrats to Caroline, Simon and the other mods here for a job well done. ;)
Props, you guys! That's great! Makes me puff up a bit for you!
Calm-but-busy (and sharing time with people who get my obsession) is just where I want to be. Thanks to Caroline, Simon, Herb and any other admins I have, in my ignorance, omitted for creating that space and tone.
Wow. Look at that. How cool! We rocketh!
Nice write-up...crisp, accurate, and on totally positive. Good stuff!
Excellent, congratulations Caroline, Simon, Herb et al.
Good write up! Kudos to all involved in running the site.
Groovy on us!

Or, more accurately, our yellow-fonted admin in-charge types. Guys, you rock. Thanks for all you do!
calm-but-busy - did these guys actually check out the thread where JW announced that Serenity was being pushed back to sep '05?????
edited to say - But without a doubt, this is the most thought provoking but yet inclusive, unpretentious and also non-confrontational site in the cyberWhedonverse - and that is why I waste so much of my time reading the threads here and adding my little thoughts on the few occasions that they pop into my head.

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catalyst2: Calm-but-busy (and sharing time with people who get my obsession) is just where I want to be. Thanks to Caroline, Simon, Herb and any other admins I have, in my ignorance, omitted for creating that space and tone.

Indeed. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Whoo-hoo! Congrats to Caroline, Simon, herb, and milov.

And a little (crappy, made up on the spot) poem dedicated to Whedonesque

"Your the best site its true
You kick the ass of
When it comes to the Buffyverse
All other sites, come out worse

You provide the info every day
You're the best at it, im sure we'll all say
Update the news on Angel and Buffy
Give us the facts so we dont get huffy!"

Ok, so it was never going to be Shakespeare, but there it is! My dedication to WHEDONesque, the best site on the web! nd i know you also update the news on Buffy:Animated and Firefly (oh the news we had today! September the 30th I tell you") but it was too hard to get them in. And Im tired

May many more dedications come your way
Bravo, bravo, Apocalypse! Nicely done.

Congratuations to Caroline, Simon, Herb, and Milov for recognition in running the finest Joss Whedon website on the internet, bar none. And yes, we always knew that.
Congrats to all who run this ship! It does take a lot of time, we know it and appreciate it. Nice to see others appreciate it too.
Well, it's about time Whedonesque get the recognition we all know it deserves.
It's an amazing place where people are free to voice their opinions(even unpopular ones) and have mature(and sometimes not-so-mature) discussions. I really appreciate that it doesn't have the standard 'fan forum' air to it and I would imagine that the general intelligent tone is why Joss feels comfortable posting here. Granted, we're not all sophisticates or anything(I've done my fair share of 'James is pretty' postings), but it's really nice to have a place to come and have open discussions and hear other people's ideas, and where everyone remains, for the most part, polite.

And I always say that a board's attitude is determined by the moderators, and we have the best, bar none. You know, except for the Dutch one... Gotta watch those Dutch...;~P
It's great to see SciFi saying things those of us who visit here already knew - this is one terrific site! Congrats!
I firmly believe the look of a website partly determines the tone of the site. I decided 'no avatars, no sigs' etc from the start because it distracts from the conversation. Conversation is king. I also believe in very strict moderation - there's a time for democracy, but not on a public forum, I think :-) It seems to work out well for this site, even if it sucks a little to have to play bad cop a lot. But once the rules are clear and enforced, the right kind of community can grow. And a fine one it's turned out to be.

And we have our own poet laureat!
I second everything that has been said.I really like the tone of voice on this site. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Very cool! Congrats to all =). This is most definitely a great site.
I want to add my voice to the chorus of gratitude aimed at our humble webmasters.

As I originally discovered this site via Derek Powazek, it's only fitting that Caroline should describe her very careful "design for community." :-)

Whedonesque: it just works.
Yes, this is my favorite place, and always will be. Thanks.
Congratulations to all!
I was a latecomer to the Whedonverse and thankfully found this site-- by accident, no less. After becoming discouraged in the quest for catching-up information by some other sites where some of the posters were immature, disrespectful and sometimes downright nasty to each other, and didn’t have that much to offer anyway, I knew this was ‘the one’. I appreciate the atmosphere of respect (for the most part) of other’s opinions and you never know when you’ll pick up a fascinating piece of off topic trivia from half way around the world. Sometimes discussions can become overheated, but all it takes is a sentence or two of tough love from the mods and things are back to peachy with a side of keen. For me, only good things have come from the ‘verse and Whedonesque is close to the top. Thanks for everything.
I love this site and come her at least twice per day (more if possible). Even when I don't post and only lurk I see the same names over and over and I am happy to read their posts. Whedonesque is wonderful - Thank you everyone and yay us!
Thats cool! Congrats to all!!
Congratulations... makes me proud I found y'all!
I am only going to repeat what everyone else has already said, but I would also like to extend my thanks to Caroline, Simon and Herb for this wonderful site. It's a pleasure to visit here. I lurk more often then actually post, but I do try to join in when I can think of anything constructive to add to a discussion.
Here, here, Rogue Slayer. Caroline, I spent two years searching for a site where I could discuss Joss' work with like minded people. I've tried several sites and always came away disappointed. Frankly, they were always out-of-control. Discussing out of topic subjects, fighting with one another, this list goes on and on. I can't tell you how many times I'd signed off these sites filled with disgust.

Then, I found Whedonesque. Just reading through the comments, I realized I'd finally found the site I was seeking. Members were respectful of each other. People kept to the subject of Joss' work. But, most of all, I was really impressed how involved the MODS were with the members. They're always there and they care what is going on in the room. Sure, a few times, they had to come down hard. But I always felt their actions were appropriate and fair. And that is what's required to keep a room such as this 'honest'.

Again Caroline, WHEDONesque is the best. You built it right.
I have to agree that I wouldn't call it calm this morning; I got knocked off and couldn't get in for awhile (last time that's happened to me was while Angel was still running and the save Angel campaign was on). But that's what happens when you're on the best site around; everybody wants some!
Ditto to all of the above ... and how can you show your love? Look for the tip jar on the home page. Bandwidth is not cheap, especially in these heady times of Joss-postage!! Many thanks to the admins for their dedication and wisdom.
This is literally the only 'board' that I'm on. It's the only place where conversation is calm and polite and intelligent. The only place that isn't a clique-y worship board where dissenting voices are shunned and people have to be of a certain 'tribe' even within the same fan community.

This is mainly thanks to the moderators here. Any forum environment stands or falls with the mods. Sure all of us talkers try to be polite and eloquent here but the fact that we do, and that we are here is thanks to the mods who keep people that way. And people who are unable to talk that way stop coming because of that.

Some other boards have mods that don't do a thing and the sites turn into troll heaven with namecalling and gal spewing as the standard. Some sites have mods that are the worst offenders themselves when it comes to irrationality, partiality, viciousness and power abuse.

The mods here are fair and open-minded, but stern and consistent. Caroline is right, this is not a democracy, nor should it be. We're all basically guests here.

Keep it up guys, there's not many other places to go.
I echo EdDantes' (and everyone else's) comments – I'm not a regular visitor to boards or fan communities – this is the only one I've ever been a part of. And it's because I respect the level of conversation so much. There's none of the ranting and flaming that goes on at other boards (and when it does happen, it's quickly put out), and the quality of discourse here – funny, intelligent, witty, thoughtful, respectful, varied – really stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. The fact that Whedonesquers have been able to have meaty and interesting discussions on everything from conentious buffyverse issues to the imflammatory world of today's politics says a lot.
I think the quality is mostly due to the tone the moderators have set and continue to maintain (and the great members, of course). Caroline, I like the fact that you don't have the distracting sigs, avatars, etc. And even little things, like the fact you're required to preview before you post, contribute. So thanks, and congratulations!
I think this is the best run, friendliest, most intelligent and informative Joss-centric onestop in the cybersphere; after surfing through countless sites for the better part of seven years, I can't say I've ever found anything that even approaches it in overall quality, content or conviviality. And if the man himself comes here to find out what he's up to, I can hardly do better.

Our mods -- Simon, Caroline, herb, et. al. -- are tops, keeping everything tidy and moving in a constructive direction at all times, but thanks are also due to each member who posts with a mind to helping maintain the high standards they've worked so hard to establish. We love us some Whedon, and that love sorta gooshes over into a respectful, thoughtfully expressed (approximately 99.25% of the time) level of regard for one another's points of view, however disparate and just plain wrong-headed they may be. ;)

Whether posting or lurking, I enjoy every minute I'm here among others who get my 'focus' *cough* on Joss's work (because it resonates with their own), and I appreciate everything that goes into making the pleasurable passage of that time possible. Viva la Whedonesque!*

* (girly article not intended to be dude-exclusionary)
Very well said Ed Dantes.
WhooHoo! "Calm but busy" Should that be our motto?

And I have to agree with the look of the site, and the mod policy (even though I've been at the recieving end a couple of times) make this a friendly place. Knowledgable yet welcoming.
We're very sexy, it must be said.

Plus we have very lovely posters who are articulate and intelligent.
Yup. I'm irritable, anxious, and lazy, so calm-but-busy is the natural salve and manna to which I am endlessly drawn.

Can't improve on the plaudits offered by RogueS, EdD, Bloodflowers, Wiseblood (waiting for the "Wisebloodflowers" merger to happen any day now . . .), Madhatter, acp, my mother, my agent, and, and so on. Well I could, but I'm trying to be all calm and busy back here, so I shan't. ;).

Kudos to Whedonesque! Magnificat!
I cannot improve upon what has already been stated. Like EdDantes, this is the only "board" to which I belong, for all the reasons he outlined.

I will kick myself in the butt forever for not finding Whedonesque before both shows were off the air! It took the sheer desperation caused by Angel's cancellation for me to hop on the computer and really look for somewhere to call my little cyberhome for all things Jossy. Whedonesque rocks. Thanks Caroline, Simon, herb, and milov - finding such a great group of fellow Joss fans has been a wonderful experience!
"Calm but busy" wife's spiritual director has enjoined her to "hurry slowly"...sounds pretty much the wonder she's such a Buffyholic!
To Everyone at Whedonesque - "You Rock - You're Great" - I'm happy to have found a place to become informed,to share my thoughts, to read what others have to say and generally enjoy the best "all things JossVerse site" in existance.
Take a well deserved bow ! I happily applaud you all!
Congrats on being site of the week. You do a great job keeping this site flowing.
hi all ... This is my first post (been a longtime lurker though)... and thought I'd just add my congratulations to Caroline et al for a great site. Really love it here.
I know what you mean, Angela. I'm a latecomer to this board and can only imagine what the discussions here were like when fresh new Joss shows aired each week.

Congratulations and well done, WHEDONesque!
Congrats to you guys, this is a really good site and one of the easiest to navigate.
Great Job guys. Keep the good work.

This is such a great community to be part of, and I'm never ashamed to declare that I'm a proud member of the Whedonesque community.

I accidentally bumped into this site while reading Peter David Blog, and been a member ever since, posting something useful once in while, and contributing with my not so clever comments whenver I feel like it.

It's already a community of mostly known "names" and sometimes even known "faces", it's easy to chat even when you haven't much to chat about. And we can't forget the fact that Joss says that we're cool (still have that video saved in my pc, it's a great piece of inspiring and cheering up video - tks to RavenU, if I'm not mistaken)

Caroline, Simon, Herb, and Milov, and any other Mod I might've forgotten congrats, keep the great work, and we as your faithful members will keep helping as much as we can to make this even better.

By the way, just a brief question. Maybe I missed something along the way. But wasn't prolific also a Mod? Haven't seen this name pop up in a while? So I wonder if it's a mod that changed nicknames, someone who quit, or a topic that's not really fitted to be discussed here.

You really deserve the recognition.
I love this site. I usually don`t write so often, because of my english, but i enjoy to read all of your comments. They`re very interesting and worth read.
I love Whedonesque because it's easy to navigate, heavily moderated, and the members are intelligent, articulate, and respectful. I don't visit other boards because for one, you have to read through so many posts to stay caught up (I don't like the layout), and people get really nasty. Not so here.

Congrats to Whedonesque. I dedicated Final Buffy Day to you, because you are the Joss-y forum where fandom squee meets philosophical debate while still respecting other people's views. You're one of a kind.
"where fandom squee meets philsophical debate" - electricspacegirl

Perfect. That little description is dead on.
where fandom squee meets philosophical debate

I so agree. Perfect, electricspacegirl. If we ever have a motto for the site, this should be it. And think how spiffy it'll look on our flag!

(What flag, you say? Why, the one we're gonna put up everywhere when we Joss rules the world!)
Glad to see this has it's own thread now! I offer my congratulations again to the great mods who have built a wonderful site! This is the only board I'm on as well and it's great to see such a wonderful group of people from all over the globe who share my obsession! (Plus it's way cool to now have Joss being an occaisional poster even if he sometimes has to bring us some unwanted news - but we still love him!!!)
I wish we had a push-pin world map, like the one that hangs on the wall at my favorite coffee shop. I check it every time I go in -- there's colorful little dots scattered across continents from one side of the globe to the other, with more being added all the time.

It would be neat to see at a glance where everyone here hails from. (Simon? Caroline? Maybe something to put on the back burner, along with those much-discussed-a-while-ago Whedonesque T-shirts? :)
Calm-but-busy. Like a swan swims?
Caroline so eloquently stated:

I firmly believe the look of a website partly determines the tone of the site. I decided 'no avatars, no sigs' etc from the start because it distracts from the conversation. Conversation is king.

(Posting from Bangkok now, because I just had to say . . .) Yay for all that. Some forums are so polluted I quit them. And the message-to-noise ratio here is very, very high. No waste. So, yeah, like everyone says! . . . (meanwhile, back to work, work, work ;-)
Coming late to the party, but I just had to add my thanks to Simon, Caroline, and Herb for an excellent job all around. Three cheers to you and all the Whedonesquers -- and, of course, to Joss and company, who continue to give us material so unique, so rich, that it continues to inspire us to come together and share our thoughts.
This site is definitely one of my favourite forums to browse. Some are so heavy with signatures and avatars, that the loading time is definitely affected and it's not fun having to scroll so much just to read follow-up comments.
Congratulations, Whedonesque.
This is my first post to Whedonesque, but I've been frequenting the site for about a month now. I'm addicted. Fantastic job!
Congrats and well done,brilliant news.
Cheers to Caroline, Herb, and Simon. Cudos for all of the posters. I really enjoy all of the wonderful discussions at this board.
oooh poet lauret! Thankyou Caroline. If I knew what it meant I'd be blushin from ear to ear. :)

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