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November 24 2004

Jewel Staite 'not shocked' by Serenity announcement. "Universal is very excited about this movie... they really do care. They're not doing this to be assholes. They're doing it for business reasons."

I love that Joss, Adam and Jewel are so quick to talk to us about it. Makes me feel like we're all on the same team or something.
It makes me a little nervous to hear those involved with the movie to be urging us to build the fan base. But I'm grateful that both Adam and Jewel have followed Joss's lead in quickly getting out the message (and attempted reassurances) to the fans. (Changing my Christmas gift lists to include Firefly DVDs.)
It makes me feel better that they are so confident about everything and I don't think them encouraging us to try and get more fans is unusual because that's what a good bunch of have been doing all along. Just about everytime a new Serenity thread gets posted, there always seems to be someone new to the series and how excited they are about it. The more people who see it, the more likely it will be a huge success because most people seem to love the show and want more. Also, several posters have mentioned that the show is just starting to air in their countries so that means even more future fans.

And the fact that Universal doesn't want to change a thing about the story and already is excited about the movie (even before seeing it with all the shiny special effects) is a great sign that they want to do right by this film! I can wait five months longer if it means that Serenity will have a bigger chance of succeeded. It will be hard, but I can do it (at least that's what I keep telling myself)!
And one other thing, the fact that they aren't urging us to contact Universal to "encourage" them to release it on it's original date shows me that they are confident with this decision and understand the reasoning behind it. Adam Baldwin may not be a well known face to movie goers of the world but he's been a lot of movies and he seems to know what he's talking about and he seemed relieved so that's good for me.

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