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November 24 2004

Seven gets Firefly. A funny article (recalling phone conversations) from The Age about Channel Seven's treatment of Firefly in Australia. (reg. possibly req.)

(You can view one article before it asks for registration.)

I thought this was a highly entertaining article. Just goes to show that the stupidity of TV networks is global.
What is up with everyone thinking Serenity is the first episode? It's not. The Train Job is. Serenity was the original pilot, Fox didn't like it, and asked a different first episode to be made when the series goes to eventual air. The audience is lucky they even saw Serenity in the end in the first place as they didn't really have any reason to - it's not part of the 13 episodes "series" that Fox ordered. They didn't have any obligation whatsoever to show Serenity, it was only wished by the producers and audience of the series. Fox probably only showed it in the end because they wanted to recoup as much money as they could seeing it was such an expensive pilot.

Anyway, the point of this is to not blast Channel Seven, they would have no idea of the politics behind Firefly... and they went out of their way to dig up Serenity and air it during the second and third weeks. Be grateful.

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?! Um, "Serenity" is the first episode of Firefly and was properly shown as such in many many countries. The bungling by Fox TV with regards to "Serenity" is well known amongst Browncoats, and only highlights their completely inane handling of the show. Showing it in the middle of the run might well be even stupider than showing it at the end though.

And gee, a network doing something the audience wants? Why would they ever think to do that?

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I don't know about you, aapac, but I care a whole lot more about how Joss and all of the talented and creative people who worked on the show intended it, than how Fox, in their ultimate wisdom, demanded it be. Serenity was created as a proper introduction to the world and characters of Firefly, and I'll take that over a rehash written over a weekend. But that's me.
"Serenity" actually counts as two of the original 13 episodes ordered by FOX. "Trash" and "The Message" were picked up at a later date based out of 6 additional scripts FOX had ordered. (The other four scripts were never filmed). FOX had as much as obligation to show "Serenity" as they did for any other episode (propbably moreso, actually, cuz it was so expensive). "The Train Job" is technically the third episode. Yes, it is also the pilot (though "Serenity" is another one), and it is made to function as a pilot, but I think most viewers would agree that "Serenity" is a stronger introduction to the series and the Fireflyverse.
On the six degrees of whedon (which the first weevil co-runs) site, it's explained that Channel 7 originally planed to air them in the same order as FOX, and due to fan response changed the plans to air them in production order. However, that decision, or the ability to make that decision, wasn't made until after Train Job aired.

Which, of course, isn't to say that they won't bungle the start times or the dates. But it is to say that they should air the rest of it in order, at least :D
I think the whole point is that when Channel 7 bought the rights to show Firefly (including the original pilot, Serenity) Fox should have informed Channel 7 that Serenity comes before The Train Job, because if a station intend to play Firefly there is only one place to put Serenity, at the beginning of the series. It makes no sense to put it anywhere else.

Also it is clear that Channel 7 knew little or nothing about Firefly. You would think that they would have done some research on this show before they broadcasted it.
That article was too true.

Channel 7 has some of the best shows, (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, X Files, Tru Calling), but OMG it drives me insane how they always start showing things then just stop (where's Tru Calling gone?). So I'm happy that they do actually buy these shows, but is it too much to ask that they actually play them, and in some sort of scheduled, continuous, chronological order? Some of these shows could get a decent sized audience if they gave them half a chance and a reasonable time slot.
Does anyone here know how to get a job as a program scheduler on channel 7?
buffbuff - I suspect familiarity with a random number generator is an essential employment criteria for a job as a programme scheduler on channel 7. Not that I personally miss TC but I did notice its absence and wondered about its timing. Perhaps when the truly epic summer crap starts, they will bring TC back - not to imply that TC is summer crap because I know you like it!
Hm. It asked me for registration immediately! Nevertheless, entertaining article demonstrates the power of ART--his desire to see Firefly as it should be seen seems to literally transform the author's life! ;)

Now that's what I call quality television!

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