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November 25 2004

Review of Anya dolls for the collectors. "The OMWF Anya has part of the magic shop counter, and an old style cash register. Anya loved that shop, almost as much as she loved money, and perhaps more than Xander"

People really buy this stuff?
That's probably the wrong site to be asking that question on Grounded ;) You are surrounded by a lot of "hardcore" fans, who buy as much as they can get their hands on. See here for some examples :)
Yes, people really buy this stuff!!...Rude much!
I don't praticularly love the facial design of the Anya figs, but I have all of the Willow ones, so I guess I'll pick up the Anya/Tara stuff soon before it starts getting rare.

And yes people really buy this stuff, there are a number of fans who collect all sorts of different Buffyverse related things, I for one collect the inkwork cards and figurines.
Great Link Paul_Rocks, except it only adds to the list of things I want and can't afford.
No offense intended everyone. Yes, I realise there are a lot of hardcore fans on here but I've never really understood the point in buying figures, cards etc. However, I do completely understand the obsession with buying videos, DVDs, tshirts, mugs, shot glasses and so on, since you can actually do stuff with them.
I personally don't collect any of the things you mentioned except for DVDs. I collect cards out of my own interest, it's something I like having and looking at every once in a while, and it's fun to collect if you're not currently having monetary issues.

Figures on the other hand I use as decoration, I keep all my Buffy/Angel/Firefly DVDS in a cabinet near my computer. Basicly I have decorated that cabinet with my figures, to me they are just fun to have and look at. Do some lame posing every once in a while. Basicly the only reason to buy them is some personal pleasure, and to me that's more than worth the cost.

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I don't have a lot of interest in this type of stuff generally (although I do have a "Blue Sun" t-shirt I quite like), but an Anya-in-bunny-costume doll is pretty tempting.
I collect the action figures for both Buffy and Angel and the trading cards for Angel as well as the books for both series.
A coffee mug (If the apocalypse comes, beep me) is the only merchandise I have ever bought, and that was originaly for work so everyone would know it was my mug and not use it...

Now I know Joss has final say on everything in the Buffyverse and since we know know he reads Whedonesque I can finaly ask him why on earth my Buffy mug isn't dishwasher safe? What were you thinking, man?!

Of course, being a man, I threw it in the dishwasher anyway. Came out fine, though I thought I heard a tiny scream during the hot cycle....
but an Anya-in-bunny-costume doll is pretty tempting.

Don't you think it looks weird and nothing like in the ep?

Of course, being a man, I threw it in the dishwasher anyway. Came out fine, though I thought I heard a tiny scream during the hot cycle....

Hehe :)
Of course, being a man, I threw it in the dishwasher anyway. Came out fine, though I thought I heard a tiny scream during the hot cycle....

Several of us buy this stuff. I just traded a 'red-pants-first season Willow' for a first season 'Human face Angel'. And we're both happy with the deal. We both took a step closer to completing our collection. I nearly have them all. I'm only missing two early Angel figures. I'll find them.

And that's what makes it fun. The most interesting people collects Buffy action figures.....
Madhatter knows the score. Right back atcha with the figures. There's a bunch I haven't gotten yet, like some of the 'variants'; Military Xander, Fiesta Giles... and I don't have a Tara yet, or a Dingoes Willow, which is next on my list (trying to find it under 60 frickin' bucks on ebay. Seems like thats the going rate, and its just too much!). I have both those you mentioned, however. Funny how we love the figs, but prioritize them differently. :)
I know, Willow. Seems people want an arm and a leg for the rare figures and, unfortunely, I believe the prices will only increase as time goes on. That's why I decided to pay the piper now and pick up the rare ones.

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