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November 26 2004

Buffy Season 7 at Target for $17.77 (R1) I don't know if this is an appropriate link, but Target has a killer price for Fri and Sat only (11/26-27).

Thanks to Chris in Virginia for giving me the idea of
picking up extra Buffy and Angel sets to loan out.

Bloody hell, that's like 10. This should probably be low enough for even the people that don't like this season to pick up a copy.

Makes the complete box set look like a rip off.
That's an unreal price. I got the s1 box for about 15 in the UK but that's only cause it's smaller than the rest.
I went to Target at 6 a. m. to get my copy. I am soooooo happy!!! I LOVE day-after-Thanksgiving-sales!!!!!
Ouch! And I just spent $45 bucks US. Good find, dcubed! I'll have to break my pledge to stay clear of the stores on the day after Thanksgiving...hope they have some left at Target.
You have to print this off and take it to the store don't you?
I'm going to try and get a copy... although my store is notorious for not carrying things they put on sale, though I did just get my DS there, so let's hope they keep up the streak!
Simon - you don't. It's just sitting on the shelves, all lovely and cheap, with a bunch of other full-seasons as well, such as South Park, Family Guy, and Simpsons 4.
Very cool then. Ideal Xmas presents.
I just about choked on my tea! Alas, there are no Target's here and I've already ordered mine on-line...
Thanks for the news. This morning I was on a brisk one-hour flight home from my vacation at 7am. I got home, checked Whedonesque, hopped back in the car, went to Target, fought off the mass of humanity, grabbed a set, and did a (U.S.)football move with me clutching the DVDs all the way to the express check-out lane and then rushing like a bat out of hell to the parking lot.

And I thought turbulence would be my only rush of the day!
Wow...I was heading out for a swim and saw this and thought I'd go to my nearest Buffy Season 7 on the I asked if there were any in the back...the very nice young woman returned a few minutes later with 3...I debated buying all of them but settled on 2...and a few minutes later saw another nice lady pick up the sole remaining set...we started chatting...she's one of us, folks!...a teacher, probably in her mid-20s, and extremely knowledgable about the Jossverse...I advised her to stop by this site regularly for all the great commentary and links...hope she will!

I was incredibly lucky--my Target was not particularly packed and I walked right up to a checkout counter, nobody in front of me!
Just wanted to add my thanks for the heads-up. We checked two Targets and neither even had the DVD in stock yet although the other Fox DVD sale items were all there. That's an amazing price for such a new release.
great price, but man does this make me mad that I just spent over $40.00 on this cause I just HAD to have it the day it was released. Grrr.
I just called my local Target and they sold out already. Crap.
Inanis, I bought 2 (pre-ordered) from Amazon fro a total of about $80...d'oh!
Thanks ever so much for posting this link!
Had I not seen this, I would've had to pay twice as much, and have to wait a week for it from Amazon.
Wow, talk about a loss leader; I didn't think anything would get me out on "Black Friday" but if I didn't already have it I'd probably risk it. But I'm sure they're out of them by now. This aught to really up the number of units sold.
Yeah, they are all sold out. I already bought mine and opened it, though--for forty bucks.
I went, got the DVD and wound up buying a new radio/CD player for the I guess their loss-leader plans worked out...without knowing about the Buffy DVD at that incredible price I *never* would have gone to Target today.
I picked mine up this afternoon. My local Target had plenty still in stock, but if the store near you ran out, you might ask for a raincheck. I saw them giving out rainchecks for the South Park DVDs.
Bloody hell, that's like 10. This should probably be low enough for even the people that don't like this season to pick up a copy.

Tell me about it. I swore I wouldn't waste my money on this 'ew' worthy season, but crap, who the hell could pass up a sale like that. My local Target was soled out, but I got a rain check on it, so hopefully by next week, they'll have more in stock.
An European Whedonesque admin asks "Why is the day after Thanksgiving called Black Friday"?
I think maybe black friday has something to do with the fact that all the holiday sales kick in on the friday after thanksgiving, and its a bit of a mental day to go shopping. Bit like going to a shopping center on Boxing Day here, but to the extreme.

I remember The Daily Show ran a piece on it last year, showing people getting crushed at Wal.Mart, and Lewis Black destroying his $30 DVD player when it didn't live up to his expectations.
hey i work at Target here in my hometown and we sold out in about 10 minutes. Of course I bought mine the day it came out for $45 but I got my refund of course. It was nice to see them sell out. Lots of Whedonites out there.
Well, from what I remember, the terms "in the red" and "in the black" refer to not making profit (red) and making profit (black), so, I guess that's where the term Black Friday comes fron. Not sure though.
Willowy, my spouse is headed back to Target for some things
that we forgot to get at o'dark-thirty this morning. She's
planning to pick up 5 more copies of S7. If she gets them,
then I'll post again.

For folks that can't get one of these or simply missed the
window, please contact me and I'll ship a copy. Obviously,
first come, first served. My e-mail is:
nychick, you are absolutely right about "Black Friday"...supposedly the day when merchants move from the red (losing money) into the black (no longer in arrears.) My wife, a Ph.D economist is highly dubious, saying that were that the case, why have your doors open all year until today?

It's a marketing term, and an odd one, don't you think? I mean, Black Friday sounds like the day the stock market crashes, doesn't it?

dcubed, you are a true hero!
For those of you who missed it, I got a rain check and I believe that all Targets are supposed to be handing them out. It wouldn't hurt to check if you haven't picked it up.
An European Whedonesque admin asks "Why is the day after Thanksgiving called Black Friday"?

Extreme pedantry warning: the following line contains dangerous levels of pedantry.

It's 'a European' not 'an European'. Sorry. I couldn't stop myself.

Incidentally, Simon, which part of Europe are you from? Everything Buffy is so expensive here compared to R1 :(
Hey, thanks dcubed for the great alert. Just dashed to my local Target (at 4:45 p.m. local time) to find a dozen or so sets still on the shelf. (Hmm, must remember to look into the low level of Buffy activity in North Long Beach . . .) Bought two - one for myself, and one as a present for a friend. ;) Very nice.
I knew there was a Target half way between my home and work - which I knew was recently open. I took a chance and stopped by on my way to work - I work nights so I wasn't particulary expecting them to have any left but I walked in found the video section and there 3 copies sat - so I grabbed them all and went to the counter and bought them. Even though I already have it - I am donating at least 1 to a local library and another to a local hospital. The last one a friend ask for me to pick up.
My sweetie just called. She went to two different Target stores.
She got a raincheck for six (6) at one store and got her hands on
two copies at the second store. Willowy has first call on one of
the copies.
Got it! (Thanks, dcubed!) Los Angeles locals...they still had some at the Pasadena (off Lake St.) store at 5:30 pm...and ALSO....Nirvana fans should grab the "With The Lights Out" box set...$27.99!! ($47.99 at Amazon.) Woo hoo!!
Every single one of the Targets by me (Northern VA) were sold out by 2 o'clock. I finally found one that still has copies, so I put one on hold. The only thing is it's an hour away. *grumble* But anything for Buffy, I suppose.
Guys, and gals, even if the store is sold out, you can get a rain check on the price. and when they restock buffy season 6, which they definitely will if it sold out, then you can buy it at a later date for the same price.
I went to Target at 8:30 tonight and I nabbed the last one. I picked the best weekend to come home from college (no Targets where i got to school.) I called my friend who bought it for 40$, she was so mad... i'm still in a great mood about the price. (Thank You Palisades Mall) :)
dcubed, you are such a doll, but SNT already got me covered! Thanks so much for the consideration! (And information too, you made a lot of people happy today!)
My pleasure, Willowy! Folks, there are now two copies available and
I can get up to six more via a raincheck. Target's sale continues
thru tomorrow. If your Target won't give you a raincheck or if you
don't have a Target near you, then my extra copies are still
available. I suspect that the most interest will be from folks
that missed the sale altogether :-)

RavenU, very interesting idea about donating to a library and
hospital. Right up there with Chris in Virginia's idea about
having extra copies on hand to loan out to new folks. Chris, see
what you started :-)
dcubed - Thanks so much for the heads up. As I avoid anything resembling a store during this weekend, I would not have known.

I'll be there in the morning with S7 or a raincheck.

Returned from a 9-hour drive back home to this news! Again, thanks so much.
Grounded, I am from Northern Ireland. And I had a conversation with my wife last night before I posted about whether it's "A European" or "An European". We went for the latter despite a vague feeling that it didn't sound it right.
Simon - it is definitely A European. Even though the noun following the indefinite article begins with a vowel (the usual condition for modification of the article), the pronunciation causes the vowel sound to be modified to the extent that the noun is considered to begin with a consonant. Hence A European.

Oh God, I think I have just chanelled Mrs Walker, my Fifth Form grammar teacher.
I believe "an European" is correct, but I could be wrong. I'm far from a language expert. Anyone else?
Hey look, there's another one of us out there!
I think "A European..." is correct. I just typed it into a Microsoft Word document and it corrected the "An" with an "A". For a comparison, I exchanged "European" with "American" then "Australian" and the "An" was correct for those. So then I clicked on the highlighted "an" and it had an option to explain the sentence and it said:

Use "a" before a word beginning with a consonant or the sound of a consonant. Use "an" before a word beginning with a vowel or the sound of a vowel.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-11-27 19:34 ]
Everything I know about grammar I learn't from the centurion teaching Brian to write 'Romans go home' in latin...

But "A European" sounds right to me. I guess the 'E' is silent, you don't say "Eee yuro pean", just "Yuro Pean".
I went to my local Target around 9:00 am yesterday, and they were sold out, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them offering rainchecks. I got the raincheck and then went to a different Target where I found a copy. Just wanted to point out that the rainchecks are wonderful can buy it at the price until 1/11/2005 with one!
Grounded, I am from Northern Ireland. And I had a conversation with my wife last night before I posted about whether it's "A European" or "An European". We went for the latter despite a vague feeling that it didn't sound it right.

I hate myself for correcting you but I couldn't resist ;) 'An European' is not nearly as bad as those people who insist on putting 'an' before every word beginning with h...

Ireland eh? I'm in 'bonnie' Scotland.
dcubed,thanks for this excellent tip! i sent out red alerts to all my fellow buffy fans and they were all very grateful...
I went to target to get clothes for the kids for christmas. walked past the video dept. and saw S7, and then i saw the price! I am NOT a big fan of S7, but $17 bucks? I snatched it fast. "Selfless" alone is worth that kind of cash! Now i'm just season 6 away from a full set. Apparently, seasons 1-2 of the Family Guy were the same price, but they were all sold out when i got there.
I had already bought the set at Barnes and Noble for $52 on the day of its release, so when I read that Target was selling it for 40 bucks cheaper, I was a bit irked. Since I still had the B&N receipt, I bought a set last night at a local target and returned that copy to B&N. I was so stoked that I got my money back on that.
It's too late to help now, but for possible futre sales like this: other stores will often match or beat a competitor's advertised price. I took a copy of the printed ad to Best Buy and picked up my copy there for the $17.77
Got the last two copies at the Target location I headed off to this morning. As I was already planning on buying S7 for a friend for Christmas, I'm thrilled I got it at this price.

Again - thank you dcubed.
The rocket launcher scene in Him is worth $17!
OK I've been away and just got back

Black Friday - when I worked in retail this day is the busyest day of the retail year - Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday and everyone is off from work on Firday so most people in the US start their Holiday shopping - stores run their best sales to kick off the holiday shopping season - stores do the majority of business and make the most money between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't know where the term comes from but we always joked it was because it is the hell day to shop because of the overwhelming amount of people shopping.

edited to add:
zz9 - I agree the rocket launcher scene in Him is worth the $17! But is it a rocket launcher or a bazooka?...or are they the same thing?

[ edited by Passion on 2004-11-28 17:53 ]
Arrgh I don't believe it, just missed it. If I'd only checked this site yesterday...:(
dcubed, you are everybody's hero! Glad I could be of some inspiration!
Woohoo. Target was sold out so I called WALMART who had the disc set for regular price. However, they price match. So I ended up getting Season 7 for $17.77 from Walmart. Gotta live stores that price match.

[ edited by DarenG on 2004-11-28 18:55 ]
I just took a look at the link and it says the offer is good until Dec. 4th. Anyone been to target today and see that the sale price is no longer valid?
I just called the store and they confirmed it was a two day sale. Grr Argg. Thats the drawback of living at someone elses address. I don't get all the sale papers in the mail.
Passion, a rocket launcher and bazooka are basically the same. And I agree it's worth $17.00. "That was then, this is now." "What does that do?" BANG!

Grounded, zz9, and blessels; I stand corrected on the "A European" which is proper. Forgot about the silent vowel rule. Thanks :)
Grounded, zz9, and blessels; I stand corrected on the "A European" which is proper. Forgot about the silent vowel rule. Thanks :)

No problem! Grammar is fun! ;)
Passion, Joss calls it a rocket launcher in his commentary for Innocence, so I'll take his word for it!
The on-line add does not indicate that this is a two-day sale. The hardcopy ad from the newspaper does indicate that this is a two-day sale. My sweetie suggests that people can print the hard copy ad and get some stores to price match.

forcorreo and crippledlion, while the two copies that I have in hand are spoken for, we have a raincheck for 6 more copies and hope to pick those up next week. 2 of the 6 are spoken for if Target actually lets us get them, but that leaves 4 more. Folks can e-mail me at to work out the details.
"Bazooka" is a nickname for an early, WWII-era rocket launcher. They're not called that anymore. Thanks to everybody for the shopping tips. Got my raincheck.
Cool - thanks for all the rocket launcher/bazooka answers, I guess since I know the term bazooka I'm showing my age - but I don't go back to WWII no way! forget that showing age thing!
Yes, thanks for the hot tip, dcubed. On Saturday I got a raincheck and a funny reaction from the Customer Services clerk at my local Target. No sooner was the "Buffy..." out of my mouth when she said, "I just keyed this one in a minute ago." I asked if a lot of people had come in before me. She nodded. "All day long." Nice to know there are a lot more BtVS fans in the general population than I might think. At the sale price, I also dare to hope that other genre-lovin' types unfamiliar with the show decided to give it a try. Pretty smart marketing from 20th Century Fox.

I'm even gladder to know the same price will be valid at some future time for S6. Occasionally, being patient does have its rewards. ;)

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