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November 26 2004

Got the DVD's, Got the Books, now get the Exploding Demon Head! EBay are offering a rather unique item: the head of Cyvus Vail, better known as...

...the demon who murders Wesley in "Not Fade Away". The question is, will you shell out a starting bid of $600 dollars for it?

And the "Buy it now" price is a mere $1199. Time for a trip to Santa with the old wish list, eh?

I wish I had the cash to buy this... Donations anyone? :)
Meh - what's the big deal? Haven't we *all* had our heads explode at something that happened on a Jossverse show? We should save our hard-earned money and just trade amongst ourselves.
To be fair to the demon I'd call it self defense rather than murder.

I'll get me coat....

pssst, spoiler warning or something like it would be nice. (re: wes)
The series is finished, no spoiler warning necessary.
Just checked it out and saw that someone used the "buy it now" option and paid the $1200 for it.
*The series is finished, no spoiler warning necessary*.

it would be nice to put up a warning for those who haven't seen the finale yet
Check out the buyers history. Last comment suggests it may be a hacker using a stolen ID. Looking at what they've bought over the last few months and its all makeup and aramotherapy stuff for a few dollars each, then suddenly $1200 on a prop...?

(Changed 'sellers' to 'buyers'.. D'oh!)

[ edited by zz9 on 2004-11-27 22:26 ]
Thank you so much for spoiling Not Fade Away
Like Caroline said, its not a spoiler and is only classed as a spoiler if it has not been seen in North America. Its been six months since the finale aired over there, and by now the majority of people have seen it. If Simon or Caroline had thought that it was spoilerific they would have immediately taken it off the link, but as its still up there, im assuming they thought it was okay to leave it in. But also I'm sorry Charisma for spoiling "Not Fade Away" for you.
Oh well, I amended the post anyway, so as not to spoil more people. But really... 6 months, people, if you don't want to be spoiled now, don't come to the site. Also, charisma... welcome to Whedonesque. We hope your second post to the site is in better humour.
Well to be fair there's no real reason to spoil anything in the news articles, and there's even the 'spoiler' provision already. I'm sure plenty of people have yet to see the whole series, or perhaps have come to Whedonesque having only seen Buffy or Firefly.

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