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November 26 2004

Two new Buffy prop replicas available for pre-order. The Scythe and Buffy's sword from "Becoming". I'm assuming that these are the replicas by Palisades.

This site is from the UK, so prices are in pounds. I'll be getting my hands on the Scythe (so I hope not too many people pre-order it!), but I'm not sure about the sword - although I do want all the Buffy replicas. I hear they're going to do a Mr. Pointy, which is a must.

Makes me glad I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on an eBay knock-off.
I would like to own them, but I don't have enough money, plus shipping. (Waites for offers!)
260 quid? It better make that cool noise when it slices through the air.
It better make that cool noise when it slices through the air.
And give you that tingly feeling of power when you hold it.

In the papers yesterday here there was an article about police aresting a man because he had a Leathermans penknife (about three inch blade) as an "Offensive weapon". Wonder what they'd say if they found you carring the scythe down the pub on a Friday night....?

Where's the sword from? Buffy used swords every now and then but can't recall her having an 'official' one.
When I get that scythe everyone will pay.

That's pretty good, if I had 260 just lying around I'd probably buy it, but sadly that's not the case.
What timing. My husband was watching season 7 with me the other day and when Buffy picks up that sythe I looked at him and told him , "By the way, if you ever see a replicas of that sythe, I want it". But I have to wait until closer to xmas before I'll know if I have the cash.... the pain!
Those would be fantastic display pieces. Alas, unless I win the lottery, I probably won't be getting either one of the them anytime soon.

zz9, the sword is from 'Becoming' (the one Kendra brings to town, which Buffy then ends up burying in Angel's chest - wahhh!).
I had to laugh at the adult-themed ad banner that's at the bottom of each page on that website. :o
Thanks Ariana. Still didn't have the impact or recognition of the scythe.

Now a replica of Olaf's Troll God hammer...
Holy Crap!!
That is amazing. It is rather pricey though, won't other websites start selling it as well? So then at least people could shop around. That whole site seems rather pricey, so i think i am going to try and find another site. I would also like the exact specs, but again i say Holy Crap!!
I like how the sword has a disclaimer that it's only a prototype and the final copy will vary; let's hope it actually has a complete blade instead of cutting off about eight inches down!
The scythe is certainly drool-worthy, but alas I am poor and cannot afford such a pretty toy. Darn student loans...

Clearly the utter coolness of it has been factored into the price. Otherwise the sword wouldn't be so inexpensive by comparison.
Love the scythe - now I hope it turns up on some US webistes in US dollars because - it is expensive but in pounds it is totally unaffordable for me.
I know the exchange rate for Dollars/Pounds isn't doing our American friends any favours. The papers here have articles about UK shoppers flying to New York to do their Christmas shopping because it's so cheap.

But at least the shops here INCLUDE sales tax on the ticket prices! That always drives me crazy when I visit the US!
Hey, adam_tvs, I don't know a more discreet way to say this(ie, I couldn't find an email for you) but your link goes to someone's personal account at that site. I thought it was funny that I had 2 items in my 'shopping cart' when I'd never been there, so I checked it out and there is some personal info that I'm sure someone doesn't want everyone to know. Maybe someone wants to change the link to an un-logged in page?
Thanks for that Rogue Slayer, hopefully it should be ok now.
That's so weird, I don't even have an account there, I don't know how that happened. Sorry.

Also, I think their December 13th date is wrong. I sent an e-mail to Factory X and they told me that the Scythe would be released in Spring 2005.
I sent and email and i was told that they were told "late 2004". They also added a knife that they are calling a Buffy item and i think that they think that it is Faith's knife but it isn't. All kinds of websites keep selling a knife that they are saying is from BtVS but it isn't. They are confusing, or not caring, that what they are selling is not Faith's knife.

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