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November 27 2004

New 'Serenity' logo. Artwork for the movie has surfaced at the Latino Review website.

I'm pretty sure that's a fan-made thing that's been around for a while, but I'm not entirely sure.
Don't meam to offend a fan if it is fan-made - but I don't like it near as much as the Firefly-style logos around. I don't read Chinese caracters but I wonder if they mean Serenity? That would certainly be a point in its favour if it was. Anyone?
Yes, it is one way to say "Serenity". "ning2 jing4"
I hope this isn't the logo. The original one was definitely way better. I also feel that the font "Papyrus" (used in this Latino Review) doesn't quite fit Firefly very well.
Yeah, it's a fans made logo. Pretty good work, actually.
Actually it's not fan made. I had a feeling all day that it looked familar so I did some digging and realised that it's by Geoffrey Mandel, the graphic artist for 'Serenity'.

If you remember, some of his Serenity artwork turned up at his website but was then mysteriously taken down. The logo at Latino Review was included in his artwork.

And we discussed his artwork in this thread back in July(contains spoilers for 'Serenity")
I think this artwork is all right, but I'm not sure if it is the best to bring in folks that have no clue or care what Firefly/Serenity is. Where exactly would this be used? Posters? TV ads? Just curious.
Ah, that's right! Thanks for clearing it up Simon.
this is nice, but I don't think it promotes the movie at all. It kinda looks like an add for a Jet Lee movie. I like the originals better.
The posters that were given out at San Diego Comic Con used the same Papyrus font.
I think it's pretty cool. And if it draws some martial art fans to the movie that can only be good. ;-)
I like it! It fits the show well in my opinion! Makes me long even more for the movie!
I like it a lot and I think it looks better than the Firefly style logo.
I love it as well, I think it looks great. Different, but neat. I think it will definately draw the eyes of those who don't know anything about Serenity more than the Firefly logo will, and that's the whole point.
KernelM "ning2jing4"

What do you mean by that?
I like it, it looks less "flashy" than the show's logo.
I like it, too. I think it's bold, yet "serene," if that makes any sense. Uncluttered. Eye-catching.
"ning2 jing4" is the Pinyin transliteration fo the two characters in the logo.
The sun should be blue. I don't like the font. It doesn't say space. It doesn't say western. It kinda says 'drunken master' but not too convincingly.

The Serenity logo should simultaneously paint into the mind impressions of old west and far east motifs. While this attempt does kinda remind me of the old Kung Fu tv series and the more recent Shanghai Knights film, it's not in a good way. I also think the logo should involve River's eyes in some way, as if transposed over the words somehow in a negative inlay.

By the way.. am I the only one who didn't know they pushed Serenity up to September of NEXT year? I just found that out looking at the Universal Pictures site, hoping to find that they'd gotten off their accumulative asses and put up something Serenityesque. The official movie site is still saying April, but in teeny tiny print at the bottom of the Universal website there's a link to a blurb about Serenity and it dates the release as September 30th 2005. I'm not pleased about this.
I think it's kind of crappy. It feels very generic and not cinematic at all.

I'm hoping that it IS a fake.
I feel like I've seen this before. Is that possible, or am I having some strange deja vu experience?
ZM, looks like you missed it when Joss came here and told us about it himself. I believe there's still a link to the thread on the sidebar on the front page.
I like the logo as an individual piece of artwork, I don't like it as the symbol for this movie (unless there's going to be a load of kung-fu fighting). That being said, I also don't think Serenity should just be given the same type treatment as Firefly. I guess what I'd like to see a more futuristic or modern font but then age it. Almost like one of those t-shirts where it's printed to look like it's older; with cracks running through various parts of the text and image. Maybe use earth tones for the colors, to push the rustic feel some more.
The First Weevil, you think you've seen it before because you have. It was part of the artwork for the film back in July. Remember the fruity oaty bars?

[ edited by eddy on 2004-11-28 05:58 ]
I like it. It's clean but also has a flash of mystery to it. As a teaser image it makes me want to see more.
The Papyrus font was used in the title card at the end of the Comicon teaser.
Simon, thanks for the link and information. I somehow missed that thread in July.
Yup, that's the logo -- for the film itself. I don't know what the adverts will use -- could be different. Depends on what feeling they're looking to evoke. Bye for now!
Hi Joss! Good to see you here again!
Welcome back Joss, thanks for the information :)
Hey, where'd Joss go? Hi, Joss!
Joss the phantom poster strikes again!! Stay awhile longer next time, tell us what you've been up to! Any new ideas floating around in that head of yours?!!!

I'd love a t-shirt with that logo on it! Joss, any chance they'd start selling merchandise for the movie soon? All us fans would be thrilled to be walking advertisements wearing t-shirts, baseball caps etc with the logo on it! And I want a Sideshow Mal doll!!!
With a look like that there'd better be Serenity kimonos.
Oh blwessels thats just another reason for me to be dissapointed about the delay. Not so long ago, thought I would have Serenity t-shirts and caps by March.

And hi joss! if you read this, any chance of the firefly theme(or the grr arrgh) making its way into the film or credits?
"With a look like that there'd better be Serenity kimonos. "

And Serenity parasols too. Kaylee would look very sweet with one.

And thanks for the info Joss, much appreciated.
"Yup, that's the logo -- for the film itself. I don't know what the adverts will use -- could be different."

Ah, so this is how it will appear in the titles...? Iiiiinteresting...

Thanks for popping by with the clarification, Mr. Hit-and-Run Whedon. You provoke giddiness at a 10th-grade level.
I think I like the logo, but to my eye, it also wants a little blue someplace to make those oranges pop, and I do miss some vestige of the ship being in it. A silhouette, even -- behind the white type and superimposed lightly over the red ideogram, f'instance -- that would make its particulars less distinct, yet still render it recognizable for those who would be looking for it. Or not, because really, I'm going to be happy with whatever we end up getting. :)

Depends on what feeling they're looking to evoke.

Romance or action/adventure, or are they trying to straddle a more obscure genre? Who gets to choose what that feeling is? (Please, tell me you have some input into this decision...)
Eddy, I hope the "Grrr Aaarg" is in the credits. I want to hear it in deafening THX like The Simpsons did once, shattering peoples glasses and so on.
So that's the actual logo right now huh? I like the design, but for advertising sake I don't think it's smart. WE all understand the significance of the chinese letters, but the majority of people that see it will probably think it's for some martial arts movie. Even the word "Serenity" might suddenly sound like it's more of a 'Crouching Tiger/Hero' type thing.

And it does lack a certain 'epic' feel I think, but that's more in the current execution than in the design itself. I have a feeling we'll see something else for trailers and such when the time comes.
Hopefully there will be such marketing hype by summertime that everyone will have no problem recognising it and knowing what kind of movie it is.
With a logo like that, we should put "Presented by Quentin Tarantino" under it, and the people will come. *LOL*
Ooh, I like the idea of parasols and kimonos!! I'd buy those!!
we should put "Presented by Quentin Tarantino" under it, and the people will come.

In a few years QT will be putting "A Joss Whedon Movie" on HIS films to make more people see them!
I love it. I think it's beautiful, and it will pique interest.

I also hope we get to hear Grr Argh in THX sound.
Hi Joss - thanks for giving us the inside scoop again!
I like it. I think I'll use it as my new screen saver. I've been using a picture of this little firefly-class vessel for far too long now.
The logo actually reminds me of the BtVS logo - the script in front of a celestial orb.
I like the logo.........
nice feel to it....and I like the colors
*hugs* to you Joss.....
loved your profile heh heh
luvs nix
The thing that rubs me the wrong way about the logo is the font used to spell out "Serenity". It's kind of hard to describe why. The font looks kind of mundane, in the sense that I feel like I've seen that font millions of times before and it's succumbing to the Times New Roman Effect. It's exotic-ish, but not quite exotic. But still too exotic to be solid.
Okay. Now I want a Serenity parasol.


Hi Joss. Good to see you back. Like the logo. ;)

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