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November 28 2004

Ryan Reynolds and Buffy. When the star of 'Blade: Trinity' and 'Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place' moved to L.A., the first role he was offered was on Buffy. The consensus seems to be that he was going to play Xander.

That's strange...however I can kinda see Reynolds playing Xander. But I love Nicholas Brendan so much that its strange to think of anyone but him playing Xander.
I can certainly see Ryan in the role of Xander—more than I can see him as an action hero in Blade: Trinity!

I think NB did the job wonderfully, so you'll get no grass-is-greener comments from me.
All of the main characters from BtVS have become so real to me that to think of someone else playing one of them seems like talking about someone playing the part of a real person
Xander is Nicholas Nicholas is Xander Ryan is not Xander
Just strange
I could also see him as Xander. A lot of the same mannerisms and things. But love NB as Xander and glad he got the role! Still interesting to hear about other actors and actresses who tried out for various roles on BtVS.
Interesting. he says he loved Joss Whedon by then. How'd he know him? did he work with him earlier? Maybe he was gonna be Oz...
Ryan Reynolds didn't do any american work before "two guys, a girl, and a pizza place" which came out in 1998, so doubt he worked with Joss on anything else. Probably met Joss when auditioning.
Can anyone help me out and tell me which 'Two guys a girl and a pizza place' role he was up for? Or got? Or whatever? The only one I can think of is the one that wasn't the tall blonde guy (the one who played the ratbag role in the movie of Sabrine the Teenage Witch') called Berg. The other guy, as it were. While I liked him in the role (assuming it's him) I can't quite see him in 'The Pack'. Still, acting is a mysterious profession...
Ryan Reynolds played Berg on two guys and a girl.
Interesting... RR was hilarious in 'Van Wylder' (or however you spell it). I agree that NB is Xander, and Xander is NB and the same for all the other characters.

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he is such a lovely guy!
I met him on the set of two guys and a girl along with our new serenity hero!
But mostly I chated to Ryan for about 40 mins......just an absolute sweetheart!
it's odd to think of him being Xander tho....altho he'd be's just that Nicholas is soooooooo Xander!
He comments a little about that here:

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