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November 28 2004

SMG to appear at Dubai International Film Festival. The inaugural DIFF runs December 6-11 2004.

I believe SMG wanted to travel and she sure does a lot of it. She seems to be confirmed for Sitges in Spain for 5-7 Dec. as well according to Spanish info and fansites.
Would prefer to see some news about her next movie(s), she can't make a whole career out of promoting the Grudge or ?
Contest : Identify the Serenity actor that also participates in Dubai.

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jpr - I would respond but since I found the link, I'm thinking that might be a little unfair! [But I did notice at the time - that's my defence and I am sticking to it!]

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jpr, 'The Grudge' hasn't been out for all that long, it just seems like a lifetime because we get to hear about every single bit of promotion SMG has been involved in.

Since the release dates around the world are staggered and this is a film that has Gellar's name above the title, it makes sense that she would be doing a lot of promotion for it. The success of the film in America has been a big boost for her career and if it repeats this success elsewhere it strenghtens her position even more.

As for future projects, she is confirmed for 'Southland Tales' (schedules permitting). There are rumours about 'Revolver', a supernatural thriller, and she has been linked with a sequal to 'The Grudge', although this is also just a rumour.
I fully agree with what you say dbp but it seems that both Southland Tales and Revolver are in the 'development land' where there are no fixed start dates, I have a vague memory that the early reports on Southland Tales said it was supposed to start filming in November ?

Being in the public eye is without doubt a good thing and she does look VERY good on the red carpet but my personal preference is to see her go on to make good films.

I look forward to see The Grudge when it eventually is released around here and from what I've read on the internet a Grudge 2 might not be a bad idea for SMG even if it is a short appearance a la Scream 2.
If they wanted to be creative they could turn the americanized version of the The Grudge into a SMG franchise with Tokyo ghosts but if they continue with the Japanese Ju-On stories it is difficult to see her do more than die in some inventive way.
guests including Prince Albert of Monaco, statesman Archbishop Desmond Tutu, actors Morgan Freeman and Sarah Michelle Gellar...
That's not bad billing...

And the amount of work SMG's prepared to do to promote the movie must go down well with the studios.
In a recent 'Entertainment Weekly' interview with Sarah, they quoted her in saying she would be interested in a 'Grudge' sequel if she was asked. As for SMG's promotion tour, she sure does get around. How the girl finds time to sleep and still look stunning at these events is beyond me. And I believe Sarah's efforts in promoting 'The Grudge' was a key to its success.

I hope Universal Studios and Joss are taking note of this when they start the 'Serenity' promotions this summer.
Not being afraid to visit the middle east gives her extra credit in my book, though Dubai is not exactly close to any danger but the shopping in Dubai are supposed to be world class.

Now if only she'd want to make sidetrip to visit the troops in Iraq, I can already see the tabloid headlines 'Buffy helps solve the conflict in Iraq'.
Yeah, Dubai is an awesome city. I've been there and everyone is really nice and polite, and shopping is cheap.

I like SMG doing this, it shows she really cares about the movie and maybe if/when she resurrects her role as Buffy on the big screen she will show the same amount of devotion.

I also hope Joss and the actors will promote 'Serenity' in the same way, and I'm sure they will.
The United Arab Emirates is a very stable country. I was in Dubai a few years ago. The city is beautiful and the people are wonderful. They are friendly towards visitors and I'm sure they will pull out all the stops to make SMG feel welcomed. And yes, their shopping malls and stores are world class. Wait until Sarah finds the gold and jewelry shops, she's going to have a field day.

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