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November 28 2004

An "Angel" - David Boreanaz snow globe! There's also one for Spike. Hee!

Keep scrolling down the main page, and you'll find another for DB (no Angel cast) and a "Buffy Christmas Globe."

LOL! There's an Alan Rickman one too! That is so funny. I think AR is a great actor, but a SNOW GLOBE?

What a dignity killer!
Oh my god, there's an Abba snowglobe! Gee, I must have that.
There's a Darla/Angel one that is such a blatant manip. as to be frightening. Amateurish. There's some kind of dignity and copyright line that's being crossed here that I don't like.
I agree, chickenbird; I'm pretty sure you can buy the globe things and insert the pics yourself. But there are plenty of things on eBay that are rip-offs (I've been taken in!).
Yes - I am also sure that it is one of those 'insert your own picture' snow globes. I gave one last year for an office Christmas present.

Whomever is selling this thing is violating copyright.

Tsk, tsk, tsk....
Ditto. The photo's he posts look fake to me. But I can believe that a real snowglobe would be difficult to photograph so maybe...

BTW and completly O/T, I just bought an Oki laser printer on ebay for one pound. Plus ten pounds postage...
I love it when the postage costs way more than the item!

But I can believe that a real snowglobe would be difficult to photograph so maybe...
I never thought of that. In any case, I'm not spending $15 plus S&H for something I could probably make myself (with a little personal copyright infringement!). Sheesh!
It always amazes me all the crap, sorry, unusual merchandise that ebay have with Buffy/Angel themes, very little of it licenced I'd wager.
Yes, Gaudior, this is far from the only such copyright-violating "scheme" going on eBay. People do this all the time, in every genre. They buy, oh, let's say, cheap pictures of Johnny Damon or some other sports star, and then they glue them onto some kind of kitschy blank thingy and sell it on eBay. Or insert it in a snowglobe, or whatever. Commemorative doohickies, Keychains, you name it. There's a sucker born every minute.
The photos are definitely fake. If you compare the backgrounds to one another, they're all the same.
Seller seems to have a lot of good feedback, and if you look at what people have bought they too have the same fake photos.

Giving this chap the benefit of the doubt I'd say it's because real globes would look terrible in photographs. That ot he doesn't actually make them until they're sold.
Love the pics of Eliza, though.
Well, it went for $16 with 2 bids . . .
I love eBay crap. I buy all my crap frome eBay these days.
I love eBay crap. I buy all my crap frome eBay these days.

*snort* :)

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