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November 28 2004

Buffy Season 7 Easter Egg. The season 7 boxed set contains an Easter Egg! Relive some of Buffy's best moments.

Always find it curious how features are changed from region to region. My R4 BtVS S5 has its 'first 99 montage' right where I first saw it - 'The Gift'. I must go home and check that S7 disc in the corresponding position though- I wonder if we got a different Easter Egg or whether it is just blank?

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We in region four actually got the same easter egg. There was much confusion when season seven came out.
Awesome! I was disappointed that it wasn't with season 5. Anyone know where the rest of the seasons region 1 easter eggs are?
The First Weevil - thanks for that. I was hoping for some bonus extra but at least we got the montage in the right place the first time! That is so much a part of 'The Gift' that it would be strange to watch without it, especially as it cuts straight to that hurtling shot down the alley that sets up my all-time favourite line of all 3 series:

'It's what I do'
Nope - no bonus extra. In fact, regions one and two both got a bonus extra over us: the Willow's Demon Guide ROM extra. It was printed on our packaging, but it just wasn't there. I demand vengeance!

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Only Seasons 6 and 7 have Eggs. 6 has the cast signing at Tower Records and another one which I can't remember at the moment..

The website I linked to originally likely has 'em noted..
The First Weevil - No WDG !!!! - I was just going home to check that one. Well, my boss probably wants to me to work about another 4 hours and then I'll go home! Damn!
Parrot - I just went back to the website - it does have the S6 stuff on. It also has the Firefly ones on. I knew they existed but had forgotten to look at them the last time I had my DVD's. They are on loan to my latest victim convert so I need to get them back to look.
I haven't gotten my Willow's Demon Guide to work on my computer. I follow the directions and it still won't work. Anyone know how to make it run on a Mac?
I'm glad region 1 has The Gift montage. I still would prefer it to appear before the episode itself :)
Well I am a region 1 lady and I'm happy to get The Gift montage; however I would rather have it appear in its correct place. I am also disappointed that none of the "previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer..." episode introductions appear on the dvds. I really wish they had been included, it helps remind me where I am but also it is helpful when trying to show an epsiode to a friend who is not a regular watcher of the series.
Does anyone know about any Angel easter eggs?
are they located the same way they for season 7 (aka, on the last disk?)
I have been waiting since the R1 Season 5 came out to get this montage. It really helps make the episode feel that much more special, so I was deeply disappointed when it was left off of the Season 5 DVD. I always figured that it was a WB hang-up, and that was why it wasn't included. I'm just ecstatic that it finally made it to DVD!!!!
Speaking of the WB, I pray that the horrible "thankyou" they put at the end of the Angel finale isn't on the season 5 DVD, though as it even made it to UK screens I fear it may be.

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^that "thank you" pissed me off so mcuh I threw something at the tv!
A more apropriate comment from them would have been similiar. The second word would still have been 'You' but the first word would only have been four letters...

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