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November 29 2004

Artwork for Grudge R1 DVD Release. Artwork for Grudge release plus more details on commentaries and extras.

Also SMG is off to Germany to promote the Cinema release

Seems like only a couple of weeks since the film opened!

They'll be selling the DVD's to people as they leave the premier soon!
It's getting very fast, I can remember when it took about a year to get from the big screen to VHS. Think the quickest is possibly Ben Affleck's Surviving Christmas the latest in a long line of flops for him (though I liked Jersey Girl, probably just because I like Kevin Smith's films though), which has gone from screen to disc in 2 months.
The flops come out super fast, "around the world in 80 days" was on DVD in 2 months as well.

As for the cover, thank god for no floating SMG head! You should always go with the promotional art as a cover, if it got you in the theather why can't it get you to buy it?
I think the release dates are often being pushed forward more and more these days to combat illegal pirate copies. There are already pirate copies of 'The Grudge' doing the rounds. In the case of the box office flops, I guess it's just a case of trying to recoup some of the massive losses.
The cover almost looks like a picture from "the ring". as much as I love sarah, i would probably purchase "the ring" before going out to get this one :(
Intresting that SMG is doing commentary. It might be worthwhile picking it up just for that.
I can understand SMG doing the commentary. The director doesn't speak a word of English (except "Do it again but suck less" appently) and who else would there be?
I haven`t seen it yet in cinemas, and you`re almost getting the DVD :(
Thanks to leigh on The SMGBoard who posted this link

"In response to a question over at The Grudge board, Stephen Susco has listed the people who did the commentary... and it was pretty much everyone...

Apparently it was "actually quite a big group, all doing commentary at the same time: producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, actors SMG, Jason Behr, Clea D., Kadee Strickland, Ted Raimi -- and [Stephen S.]."
definately going to pick up a copy of this. i cant wait, and there is the rumor going around of a slightly uncut version, although its probably not true.

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