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November 30 2004

Tru Calling: The First Season Review. Mostly positive review from of the Eliza Dushku show Tru Calling's first and possibly final season. "This is not consistently great television (meaning it is far from being in the Twin Peaks/Dead Like Me realm) but it is entertaining video junk food, nonetheless, and I like it."

It's a little painful to see Arrested Development have to be associated with Tru Calling by having a promo for it as one of the DVD extras.

Then again, any comparison to the main feature can only help AD.
"I can tolerate intermittent structural flaws and logic gaffes—I did regularly watch Buffy for seven seasons, after all"

Kind of an out of nowhere Buffy bash, maybe it's just me but I didn't notice all that many structural flaws and logic gaffes.

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Yes, What the heck did that comment mean? As much as I love ED there is no way you can compare Buffy to Tru Calling like that. Sorry.
Am I the only one who thought that season two of DLM was seriously flawed?
"I can tolerate intermittent structural flaws and logic gaffes—I did regularly watch Buffy for seven seasons, after all"

What?! This about the show that had Tru "preventing the death" and then, with minutes to spare, realising that it was SOMEONE ELSE responsible... Every. Single. Episode. It was as predictable as the Scooby Doo cartoon.
I will buy the boxset just for the two part series... I mean Season Finale, because once Tru Calling sells lots of copies, Fox will reliaze they made a mistake "postponing" the last six eps, and they will bring back Tru, as well as Wonderfalls, and cancel the god-offul reality shows, like The Simple Life.
"...but when it's good, it's very good"

"...digs into the moment when Tru Calling rose above simply being another "dead body of the week" series and firmed up a continuing story arc that played out during the final eps"

When did that happen - are we talking about the same series here? Because that is exactly what I thought TC NEVER did!

In case you can't tell, I really don't like this series. I struggle to figure out why. Because there is so much dreck on, there's a lot on that I don't like and usually resume surfing (the channels that is, not the waves because that's all *effort* and things) without comment. I suspect that TC gets me because it could have been a contender (whoops chanelling again!) but instead - nothing. So close yet so far!
I'm a huge Eliza Dushku fan, and I'll admit that Tru Calling had its...err..flaws. (I'll also admit that I like the series nevertheless) It was great to see Eliza play a different type of character. When she has a well written scene, the girl really shows her chops! Take a look at "Two Weddings and a Funeral", which ended S 1. And, it is great to hear Eliza comment on episodes, something that is sorely lacking in the Buffy sets and the Chaos Bleeds extras..
Wow for someone to so defend Tru to then out of nowhere toss a sneer at BtVS which kicked Tru's behind on pretty much every level.....kinda odd.

I'd say I'd have to be very tolerant and forgiving to praise Tru so much and if I apply that same level of tolerance to Buffy, well.....far less to complain about.

And in fact in Buffy a lot could be explained away by magic, or 'well, we're on a hellmouth' which, while not being earth shattering explanations, they still worked within the show's mythology. But for Tru to be involved in SO many criminal cases and be a witness or a participant SO often yet to never be interrogated by the police in any way or have the cops be ever even slightly suspicious of her was just ludicrous, and no Hellmouth to cover that up.

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