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November 30 2004

Fox reveals premiere date for Marti Noxon's 'Point Pleasant'. It will air at 9pm on Thursday, January 20th. And lo, yet another nail is hammered into Tru Calling's coffin.

And there's a new (to me anyhow) Fox plot synposis for 'Point Pleasant' at The Futon Critic.

Damn, I won't get to see it. I have a meeting every Thursday night. Just one of those times when I wish I had Tivo, Cable internet, or a VCR.
I can't wait. I personally quite like Marti and I am really intrigued to see how this show turns out.
Marti Noxon is my favourite writer on BtVS and I do hope her new show is a success and finds its way over to Britain. I have to say that I am very keen to see it.
What in the hell is wrong with FOX?
Was someone sitting there thinking, "Hmmmm, i wonder what timeslot would be good for this new midseason show? I KNOW!! Thursday at 9!! Opposite CSI, that show isn't a massive phenomenon that gets 26-31mil viewers a week, right? Okay, 9pm on Thurs it is!!"
Why don't they just announce its premiere and cancellation at the same time? It would save them press releases. I swear, they have done sooo much to good, quality shows (Firefly, Wonderfalls, and now Point Pleasant) that if they dare cancel Arrested Development i will be forced to tear them to pieces with my bare hands, or my vicious rhetoric!!
Great, more shows (along with Tim Minear's) for Fox to cancel after 3 episodes. And what's with showing some movie in place of Arrested Development this past week? Are they TRYING to lower the ratings?
Probably going to go into this the same as I did with Wonderfalls, which is not knowing a damn thing about it, I'll definitely watch it though. Don't want to read up on it and look forward to it for months, when the chance of survival is so low.

Hard to believe mid-season's almost here, when back in May when Alias was pushed there it seemed so far away.

I agree with Dhoffryn that if Fox dare to cancel Arrested Development I'll have to take violent action, it's such a good show, in my opinion it's the second best sitcom on TV (Scrubs being first).
Well I guess North Shore is cancelled! ;)
Looking forward to this show, but not investing to much into it.
Well, this time slot is perfect for me. I watch The OC religiously but have nothing to watch after it. I think a supernatural genre show will be great counterprogramming to the procedural of CSI and the reality of The Apprentice. Fox doesn't seem quite as cancel happy this year (North Shore has somehow survived), so I'm holding out hope that they'll give Marti a chance to prove herself.
Boo this for me. I watch "life as we know it" (don't laugh at me, i like the 3 lead actors.) in this same time slot, but that show's ratings are so low it might not even be on when this premieres.
For some reason, here is Sacramento, Survivor comes on at 7pm and CSI at 8, as opposed to 8 and 9 apparently everywhere else.

That's worked out well for me on more than one occasion, to include this one. I won't have to skip CSI.
I Guess they have no intentions of showing the last 6 eps. of Tru Calling.
Ghost Spike - Tuesday night would have had you in ecstasy here then (Western Australia). 'Arrested Development' premiered last night folowed by 'Scrubs'. Very funny seal scene in 'Scrubs'. Back to topic though- - Marti Noxon was one of my favourite writers on BtvS so I will look forward to this. Not sure it will ever get here though. Having said that, sometimes shows that crash and burn (not to jump the gun too much!) in the US do get here suprisingly fast - not anything good , of course!

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I`m looking forward to this, and Utopia.
To The Inside, i`m starting to looking forward to, bacause of the actress :p
For those fans worried about scheduling conflicts - either personal or due to shows on other networks - surely you’re aware that VCRs are totally cheap now. Invest in some old technology and tape “Point Pleasant”! Well written shows - as I’m sure Marti’s will be - are not that common. Please don’t miss it because you lack a $40 VCR.
Good point showgirl. As I said, it's not a scheduling conflict for me, but you know, if it were, I would have to pick one. I used to tape stuff a lot, but I end up never getting to the tape.

3 DVD players around the house, and I do have the VCR hooked up, but I'm pretty much thinking of retiring it. I don't watch a damn thing on it anyway. It's there in the event that I do want to tape something...and never do. Howcome the extra tapes always disappear right when you need them anyway?
BufSlyAngel, FOX will consider offering the 6 episodes of TC's second season on DVD if they are happy with sales of the first season DVD. You can read it here.
Thursdays at 9 p.m. sounds perfect for me, because I can't watch all the putrefaction & gore on any of the CSI's. (Is that funny for a person who adores BtVS and AtS?) Although I'd like to boycott FOX forever, I can't resist The O.C., and have long been a Marti Noxon booster, so I'm anticipating Point Pleasant...and dreading its likely rapid demise, given the FOX's bad track record with quirky genre shows.

On the other hand, I wish I could say I miss Tru Calling, for Eliza's sake, but I don't.
I can't record point plessant and life as we know it, because i'm also recording smackdown(and fast forwarding the boring segments). i can't do 3 shows, only 2.(i have a dvr).
I just saw a commerical...I can't wait! yay marti!

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