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"Did I fall asleep?"
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November 30 2004

Joss Whedon to appear at Wizard World Los Angeles on Saturday, March 19th. A ticket for that day will cost just $25 and there's the added bonus of seeing Astonishing X-Men artist John Cassaday as well.

And no doubt, we'll be doing a Whedonesque thread to cover his appearance. Anyone here going to go?

Also it is the week before Creation's Grand Slam convention in Passadena, Ca in which Nathan and Adam are scheduled to appear.

Which means they may not be able to show up at the Wizard World con do to their contract with the other con - Creation is very good at it's contracts.

I cannot stay out in LA for a whole week. :P

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Uh oh, another Comic Convention. Gotta hide the atm card from hubby.... ;~)
I want to go, I want to go, I want to go. I want not to live on the other side of the continent. sigh
Possible questions to Joss if anybody is going!

"Hey Joss, whats that you said about a Faith Series?" (please be as calm as possible when asking this, even though the prospect is the most exciting ever! *cough* Andrew *cough*

"Ooh I heard the BBC were still interested in Ripper, and you know doing a season on the BBC (8 episodes should do nicely) takes a quarter of the time that American shows do and usually they wont cancel your shows. They will negotiate. Not looking at any paricular froggish US Network" *cough* The WB *cough*

"As you are in much regular correspondance with Jeph Loeb, please can you ask him to get his very cool official site up and running, because we've been waiting for so long"

Also and PLEASE ask this!

"Is Winchester not the most overrated part of Southen England!" *Launches into violent rage at Winchester*

Agree with all your questions Apocalypse. Maybe by March we will have some news of the Whedonverse.March seems so far away...
Apocalypse, I was struck by your Winchester question (and rage). I've never heard of it having any kind of reputation, let alone an overrated one. What am I missing? Has it surged in the cultural stakes since I left the UK?

P.S. I have no horse in this particular race, although my great-uncle Randall was an old Wykehamist. Long before Joss's time I'm afraid . . .

As for Wizard World - hate to say it, but it might take more than Joss (and Daisy Duke) to draw me there. RavenU: any inside word on whether other Buffyverse/Firefly alums, aside from the two you mention, are a possibility for a guest spot?
SNT, Winchester just gets on my nerves. The Whole of it! Its so overrated! I live in the neighbouring city to it, and was always told that Winchester was beautiful and the best place ever! But it isn't! It isnt I tell you! After going to a couple of college open evenings, i eventually dragged myself to Peter Symonds (which is in Winchester). Driving through the streets i was struck by the utter boringness of it! Utter boringness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaahhhhhhhhh. It gets on my nerves the most, because the people around me continue to insist that Winchester is a "nice place". They have these houses worth half a million that are much smaller than mine, which is quite a lot cheaper. And the people! I'm generalising here, but mostly they are so snobbish. Look down on me much! Ooh, I'm sorry, no i didn't go to King George the VIII bestest private school for the the bestest, but that doesnt mean you can ignore me and go over and talk to somebody who has. Hello! I want to go to you college too! I have good grades but no! Speak to the guy in the blazer, not me!

So anyway so concludes my essay on why i dont like Winchester. I love my home town (Southampton) very much. Its a much more culturally diverse area and actuallydoesn't look down on you
Steering the conversation back to the topic, I think he's going to be talking about Astonishing X-Men and Serenity more than anything else.

I wonder the L.A. date was arranged before the Serenity rescheduling.
Gosh. Well, thanks for sharing, Apocalypse. :). (Sorry, Simon, I rather invited that bit of OT-ness).

And back to WW once again, maybe Joss will tell us how he's using all of his newly-won "free time" - surely, AXM doesn't employ more than 10% of his car battery-starting cerebral cortex, does it? And we know how JW hates to have any free time . . . I envisage earth-shattering marketing schemes for Serenity, plus some exciting new project goodness.

What? One can hope.
Apocalypse, the pace of TV production here is far slower than the US, so 8 eps here might take as long as a full 22 Stateside!

We don't have six and eight episode series 'cos we love them, we have them 'cos it takes sooo long to do them. Even Ricky Gervaise was amazed at the way they shot the Alias he was in. He told them that when shooting The Office they'd start around ten ish, have a good hour lunch, shot to about five ish then go down the pub exhausted. When Alias kept him on set to about four AM I dread to think what he was feeling!
"Uh oh, another Comic Convention. Gotta hide the atm card from hubby.... ;~) "

Looks like I'm going by myself.............
Just bought my ticket!!
Actually, our series' are only 6 to 8 episodes long because the companies that make them in this country aren't as rich and wealthy as the ones in the States. None of them are giant media conglomerates or anything, and if they ARE conglomerates, they're conglomerates of companies struggling to stay afloat - a la ITV. Remember ITV Digital? That went down the shitter fairly fast due to a lack of cash.

We tend not to allow the same giant unions as the States, which I guess is why Rupert Murdoch doesn't have a TV channel on terrestial.
LOL Lioness, right there w/ ya buddy :/

If you're reading this Joss it would be my dream to someday meet you, but alas you are always to far away. Come to Fl. Jacksonville or Talahassee area? Maybe even Georgia? Just a suggestion. Lol. ;)
Why do I live on the other side of the country? :(
Well, hopefully until then we'll know if Joss will stick around for more than 12 issues of Astonishing X-Men. If nothing goes wrong, the convention will happen just days before the release of AXM #10 (since there will be no issue released in February) and days before the release of the June solicitation information (which might include solicitation info on AXM#12, if the following issues are turned in on time).

Hopefully until then he'll have the new Serenity trailer to show us. Hope it's a clever trailer, really hate the ones that show footage from the end or final scenes of the movie / show.

Hopefully until then Joss will have some good news concerning Buffy Animated's fate and also about his next project, that one that we've seen he talk about in a few interviews. He won't have much to tell us about tv projects, but maybe he'll be able to tell us that he might be back on tv soon, in a couple of years.

Man, am i talking to much? I won't even be able to attend the event.

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Why do I live on the other side of the planet? :(
Why do I live on the other other side of the planet.
I blame my parents.
zz9, i wasnt actually aware of that. You learn something new everyday. i doubt it would take a full season to film, maybe half of it? it also infuriates me (but i wont let it all out like i did with Winchester, grrrrrrrrr) when actors will leave after three years of a British Show, take Matthew McFaddan from "Spooks", when you think that Sarah Michelle Gellar did 144 episodes of Buffy, and McFadden ende up doing eighteen before he left, it puts it into perspective. For people who dont know McFaddan's character was the main part. Just another bit about the difference between the UK and the US television
For you lucky people who are able to go, please let us know all the Q&A. If anyone gets a chance to ask a question, could you get the latest on Buffy the Animated Series?
OK, just checked and discovered that WW LA is actually held in Long Beach. So, just bought my tickets - Mal'sGal and others, let's try to organize a united whedonesque front this time!
SoddingNancyTribe, bless your soul for thinking ahead. We really appreciate the spectacular reports you and others have provided in the past. Thanks again for going the extra mile :)
Looks like Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin will also be appearing this very weekend at Gencon SoCal in Anaheim. More info here.

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