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November 30 2004

'You're Welcome' Among Greatest Episodes Ever on Television. *CAUTION* MAJOR Battlestar Galactica Spoilers.

It's OK to read to the Angel part the spoilers don't come until a few lines after, at least not any plotline spoilers, but it does tell you the name of the episode.

Says whoever this guy is. He says, " 'Bastille Day' and 'You Can't Go Home Again,' the story is nothing less than captivating," so I think I'll take his opinion with a grain of salt until I see the ep.
There are tons of better episodes than You're Welcome, even within S5 itself.
I won a James & David autographed script at the Halloween event of this episode. I got Amy to sign it as well.
I love "You're Welcome" but it's one of the greatest episodes ? Nah.
I think that the new series of Battlestar Galactica is the best sci-fi series of the last few years (well since DS9 finished anyhow) and last night's episode was very good indeed.

I tell you, you're all going to forget about 'Lost' once it airs in the States (probably).
I watched the 'Pilot' miniseries and must admit I did like the way space 'dogfighting' was shot. Sort of hand held cameras. In space. If that makes sense....
One would hope Whedon fans would be pretty familiar with handheld shots in space...

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Indeed. And considering Zoic does Battlestar as well...
Serenity's in the mini series isn't it, or am I thinking of something else.

Haven't watched Battlestar Galactica as being at uni I have to ration my downloads carefully (bloody download limit). Even if I was at home I'm not sure if I would, but thats more a petty "I don't want Sci.Fi to make Battlestar, I want them to make Farscape".

While being a very good episode, I hardly reckon that "You're Welcome" is the best episode of Angel (agree with him on "Phase One" being the best episode of Alias, watched that episode so many times), I'm not sure what I reckon the best is, very hard to pick just one, I find it hard enough to pick a favorite season, let alone an episode.

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You can see it through the window when Mary McDonnell is with the doctor in part one.
This guys is nuts. Battlestar Galactica was hugely popular? Thats like calling Ted Bundy a celebrity or saying the Ford Pinto is a 60's classic.

Battlestar Galactica is only famous for being the worst Star Wars rip-off in a host of incredibly bad Star Wars rip-offs that was spawned in the wake of that blockbuster. Most of BG fans are/were Star Wars fans. BG was a huge in-joke in the SW fandom community. Most of the outcry from the remake was from SW fandom anti-revisionist factions already pissed off by Lucas' degradation of the classic. It was outcry based almost soley on principle. Yeah, the new BG is better, it would have been ahrder to make it WORSE than the original.

What a moron, "Bastille Day", "You can't come home again?". Whats next? Comparisions to The Last Starfighter?

I'll stop now before I really go into a rant.
The Last Starfighter. he he he

*Loved* that movie. Watched it again for the first time in years last month. Special Effects have come a long, long way, but it was still entertaining.
To sTalking_Goat, that was then, this is now. These days Star Wars is just a shadow of it's former self and the new Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows on television (including non-science fiction shows). I would even say that it is almost as good as Firefly, which is my favorite show all time.
I think that the new series of Battlestar Galactica is the best sci-fi series of the last few years (well since DS9 finished anyhow) and last night's episode was very good indeed.

Mostly agree, I think BG is probably my favourite new show this season, but I don't think it's better than Firefly (which is/was my favourite sci-fi series of the last few years, probably ever) Farscape is also well worth a mention though to me it took a lot longer to find it's feet than BG or FF.
It's funny how your taste changes over time. I remember that I liked the original BG when it aired. I watched it again a few months ago on DVD and I kept asking myself, "What were you thinking?". I think Joss has spoiled me. Most of the reviews I've read on the new BG series have been positive and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Seriously doubt it will top 'Firefly' though.

As for 'You're Welcome', it was good, but I thought a few were better. Destiny, Damaged,A Hole in the World, Underneath, and Not Fade Away are my season's favorites.

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"You're Welcome" was wonderful for the emotion is evoked. It was great to see Cordy looking wonderful and acting like Cordy. And then I kept reflecting on the evolution of Cordy since the start of BtVS; that's what made me so sad. Plus, the whole supernatural aspect of the visit was intriguing.
As for 'You're Welcome', it was good, but I thought a few were better. Destiny, Damaged,A Hole in the World, Underneath, and Not Fade Away are my season's favorites.

Snap :) Although I'd add Smile Time to that list too - and possibly Power Play if only I could find my tape so I can watch it again to see if it was as good as I remember... This is just begging for an incredibly geeky complete S5 episode ranking now isn't it? ;)
BS is shaping up to be a really good series and one that i will keep watching.I also have good memories of watching BS the first time round and sometimes imo thats the best place to leave them,as good memories.
"You're Welcome" was great for bringing the Cordy story to an end,Joss really couldn't have left her in a coma; could he? but i thought A Hole In The World,Damage,Destiny,Smile Time,were just as good ,if not better.Heck, i even liked The Girl In Question,i have family in Italy and the characterization was hilarious,especially,the Spike and Dru "ciao" scene, it still cracks me up watching it.Oh happy days!
Grounded, I agree as well. Smile Time was great, but I had to draw a line somewhere. This is why I hate comparing episodes :)
I loved seeing Cordy again, but "You're Welcome" is definitely not one of the greatest Angel eps ever.

As far as BG goes, I have to disagree with the majority here. I love the original show; the 'cheesiness' is part of the charm! Dirk Benedict was great as Starbuck. I would have possibly liked the new series had they not made it a 'Battlestar Galactica' retool. It was a decent idea, but they alienated thousands of original BG fans by toying with the mechanics that made the original show work (such as the male bonding of Apollo and Starbuck, the mechanical aspect of the Cylons). Also the pilot movie was basically softcore porn; so much sex! If I wanted to see porn, I would have put on a DVD. I was very disappointed when I found out that the pilot got picked up. I signed an online petition to get the series canned. I'd much rather watch Farscape, Stargate:SG-1 or Stargate: Atlantis. And I have to take issue that BG is anyway near the quality of LOST. LOST to me is the only show left on TV anywhere near the level of a Whedonverse show. Obviously, that is an opinion!

Maybe they should change the name of the series to Battlesex Galactica! Hope I didn't tick anyone off; I just felt that both sides of the coin should be represented!
I have to agree that You're Welcome is Angel's best episode ever. It's the one I'm most looking forward to watching again on the DVD.

BTW, I'm still pissed at Joss and co. for firing Charisma.
I don't think YW is Angel's best ep by far, but it depends on what really constitutes as a 'good' episode anyway. I think in terms of pathos, meloncholy and a beautfiful sense of loss and everything bittersweet, YW holds its own, but plotwise it was a bit of a mess. I also think Cordelia's return was rushed. It should have been fleshed out more, but considering it was Carpenter's last quick, hurrah, it was done very tastefully and incredibly movingly!
YW was good. But I have to give the Best Episode Ever honor to "Five by Five." Eliza hit that one out of the park, IMO, and it was one of the few times I thought that maybe SMG wasn't the best actress in the Buffyverse.
But I have to give the Best Episode Ever honor to "Five by Five."

It's worth best episode ever purely for the last 20 seconds :)
Exactly. Once I was watching that episode, meanwhile someone who couldn't care less about BtVS/AtS was trying to type something on the computer near the TV. She stopped, watched it, and couldn't stop asking questions about the scene, the show, the actress -- everything. Whenever someone tells my that BtVS is too cheesy to be profound, I whip out that episode.
It's my favourite Buffyverse scene. It's too exquisite for words.

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