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December 01 2004

New Buffyverse props and wardrobe items up for auction. You can bid on the bath robe Buffy wore in that controversial scene with Spike from 'Seeing Red', a Dingoes Ate My Baby poster and a hotel door plate from 'Not Fade Away'.

Someone please refresh my memory as to when we saw a hotel plate in Not Fade Away. i the only one who finds it a bit, um, "icky" that they are auctioning off Buffy's robe in such a manner? Especially with the gratuitous use of the photographs in the description?
They all seem to have had pleanty of bids already, and there's another six days left! I can see the robe going for thousands.
OT: Anyone check out the regular site for the company - the have Angel/Buffy t-shirts and such there as well for typical sale - but OMG ROFLMA - they have a T-shirt from Family Guy of Louise that says "Got Milf", had I been drinking anything at the time it would have been a spit take worthy moment. :)
I like the poster.

syd - when items are up for auction I personally like it better that they show the scenes the item was used in, instead of just telling you "this shirt was worn by DB on Angel" very vauge. But yes the robe is a bit icky, that is a particularly disturbing scene.

Wish they would show a scene where the room number appeared.
when items are up for auction I personally like it better that they show the scenes the item was used in, instead of just telling you "this shirt was worn by DB on Angel" very vauge.

Oh, i agree with this. Like the hotel plate item, it's hard to place when this was actually used, however, i speak of the gratuitous use of the photographs. One photo of Buffy wearing the robe would have been sufficient, but the seller felt it necessary to show the extent of the attack, down to the bruises remaining afterwards. That was intentional, i believe, and again, gratuitous.
I just reviewed 'Not Fade Away' closely and I couldn't spot any room numbers in the scenes. Granted, I don't have a perfect copy, but it's good enough to spot numbers on doors or over them. I was thinking it may have been in the scene when Lindsey runs his sword through the demon and the door, then kicks it down. Nope. Perhaps it was another episode or not displayed in a scene. You could always e-mail the seller if you're interested. Personally, I'm not.
I find the auctioning of the rope very distasteful. Also, I'm a bit puzzled as to why anyone would want that particular item. Unless they were buying it so they could burn it and post the pics of its demise on the web.
If they got the description of the room number from FoxAuction, it is no surprise that it is incorrect. And I assume they are talking about the Hyperion. We did see the alley behind the hotel. Maybe if we had X-Ray vision, we could have seen inside the hotel?
The auction-holder is a Spike-hating Bangel!!! ;~)
I was thinking the same, Lioness. Wondering if it's shown in 'Are You Now or Have You Ever Been'? I would check, but I have better things to do than review 5 seasons of 'Angel' looking for a room number. ;)
Maybe it's from the episode in which Angel and Spike go to Rome looking for Buffy; right, "The Girl in Question." Except they would have been apartment numbers...

Oh, yes, the extra photos from the attempted rape scene are completely gratuitous; maybe they'll serve to keep the bids down. I was thinking that it was a beautiful robe until I scrolled down!

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Lioness is correct. It's the same design used in the Hyperion. I don't think the episode was AYNOHYEB because Angel was in room 217, but it's the same style plate. So it's a Hyperion episode, only 3 seasons of those. I know I said I wasn't going to bother, but mysteries bug me. The question lies in the back of my mind screaming for attention. Might as well figure it out.
I would love to have a Dingoes poster!
"A bit icky", imo totally disgusting and exploitative would be A better assessment.
After looking at the photos and reading the description below them i just cannot see why anyone would even consider bidding for the robe,letalone a Buffy fan.It just flies in the face of everything Buffy stands for.
I Cannot belive anybody who posts on this board would do it,but,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE DONT BID ON THIS ITEM.
I hope i have not broken any board rules,but,this has totally disgusted me.
That's just beyond tacky. Especially featuring it with those photos. Gave me the creeps. I agree with killinj that it should have a ceremonial burning.

And the Dingoes poster is up to $280!! Its not even the real poster that Willow hung! Some "Hero" version that isn't even available is the genuine article. Also, look how crude that design is! Do you know how easy that would be to reproduce?

I'm just dumbstruck that this is going so high...
It is for sure from the Hyperion, i know that it isn't Angel's room number when he had Connor cause that was 312. I am not at home so i don't have access to my DVDs and now this will drive me mad!!! I think that it might be Angel's room from S4, so if anyone could check, that would be lovely.
Thanks for checking this far, Madhatter. If anyone comes up with it, be sure to let us know. What a great excuse to watch Angel again!
i speak of the gratuitous use of the photographs. One photo of Buffy wearing the robe would have been sufficient, but the seller felt it necessary to show the extent of the attack, down to the bruises remaining afterwards.

syd - agreed 100%

Willowy - how do you know it wasn't the poster from the episode?I didn't think it was either but I wonder how you came to the same conclusion.
Passion - It says right on the site:

This rare item is from the television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is the only copy of this famous poster that was received from the prop department. This item was created in connection with the episode entitled, "Living Conditions" (4ABB02) in which the actual "Hero" version was hung by Willow on the wall of the room she shares with Buffy as seen below. Note, this represents the only poster that will be offered (as the "Hero" version is not available). Don't miss your opportunity to own this amazing item. This genuine item comes with an Official Certificate of Authenticity and is a must have for all serious Buffy collectors. Bid with confidence to own this rare collectible.

The only difference I can tell is "ATE MY BABY" is in blue instead of white.
I've been salivating over a Dingoes poster ever since that episode aired. I'm a huge fan of Four Star Mary, and it sucks that they didn't really have any success beyond the show.

If I had unlimited money to blow, I'd definitely place a bid on that...

btw, agreed that the robe is ishy. I can't really picture the average Buffy fan wanting that item. That said, it doesn't surprise me that someone would buy it in the name of evil irony.
Instead of a Dingoes poster how about a OMWF one, signed by the whole cast AND Joss?


Though I am a tad suspicious. He doesn't show the autographs on the poster for anyone to compare and he/they are selling autographed posters for any movie you can think of. Where do they get them from? Are there THAT many movie posters signed by every single actor?

Too bad there isn't a photo, then maybe Joss would be kind enough to confirm whether it's real.
That is rather suspicious zz9. They have posters for everything from National Treasure to movies from the 70's. How can they possibly have this many posters signed by casts of this many movies, supposedly collected from conventions, etc?
I agree with Angela. No image of the signed poster? This reeks of a scam.
I've been thinking about this more and what further concerns me is this person is listed as a Power Seller, apparently a symbol of respect, earned through regular sales and a high percentage of positive feedback. I searched through most of the feedback, and the majority of it discusses excellent packaging, good customer service, and a healthy amount of slow shipping.

What about product authenticity? I realize we're only talking about suspicions, but with a product of this nature, shouldn't product authenticity be a requirement, and if so, shouldn't evidence of that authenticity be on the site?
No one ever complains about fakes (or in case of movies. bootlegs) on ebay when they give feedback. It pisses me off. Theres so much fraud on that site, why can't they regulate it more?
Invisible Green - thanks - sometimes I don't read so good, if it could have bit me that would have been better :) Actually I read it very fast as hundreds of dollars for a poster just isn't in my budget these days so I never could really buy it anyway.

shouldn't product authenticity be a requirement
Angela - Absolutely, I have never bought anything like this from ebay but you would think there should be some form of authenticity requirement enforced. I guess with autographs there really isn't any way to tell - unless you got it yourself.

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That Dingoes poster is a one-of-a-kind I bet, I'd bid if I were rich or it wasn't already at $300+. I see it's a copy, not the original. Maybe the props department made a few more copies, but they're probably all tucked safely away in people's storage rooms or have already been auctioned off privately. You'd think I'd remember Willow putting up that poster, given my obsession with Four Star Mary at the time (the band behind Dingoes At My Baby, for those not in the know/not Buffy-crack addicts).

It would've been better if I'd never clicked on this news item. Now I want something I never knew existed.
Angela, the (slight) problem with Ebay and it's rating system is you get one chance to post a comment and rating, usually done right after recieving the goods. If you later find out it's a fake you cannot go back and change it or add new comments. If a poster looks authentic on arrival then how many people would try, or even know how, to check it out?

And since they're not vastly expensive I guess many people may just accept it and display it and tell their friends it's genuine.

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