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December 01 2004

Buffy reference on Gilmore Girls. You knew it was coming.

This is a link to the episode guide on TVTome, which talks a little bit about the reference. Sorry that I couldn't find a better link. It's also kind of unfortunate that the episode wasn't written by Rebecca Rand-Kirshner (though she wrote the previous ep.).

Hubby and I got a full 3 minutes of giddy out of that reference last night! :) But really, they need to keep up. Spike and Dru aren't even together anymore ;~) ....or well, maybe they are for all we know...
Somehow Danny Strong's character getting laid seemed like a shout-out, too.
I think it's pretty clear that Amy Sherman-Palladino (GG's creator and this week's writer) has always been a big Buffy fan, time slot competition or no. She hired Jane Espenson (for GG S4) and RRK is on staff for S5. I get the feeling ASP would have grabbed Marti, too, if she'd had the chance.

And if you need further confirmation of ASP as Whedon fan, Danny Strong is a semi-regular as Doyle (DOYLE!), Rory's newspaper editor at Yale. He's even got himself a romantic plotline going with Paris, Rory's dorm-mate. Gee--if Jonathan can score with someone like Paris, it gives nerd boys everywhere hope.

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Ugh! I missed it! Does anyone know where I can download the ep?
Super-Jonathan did get "the twins"! Hee.
My friends and I were so excited after this line last night! And I didn't think it was possible for me to love Gilmore Girls anymore than I already do.
I liked some of the Simpsons references in Willow calling herself Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel when she didn't max out on her mat SAT scores...
I was so excited last night...I had actually been shipping Rory & Doyle (Danny Strong) together, but of course Paris is perfect; MUCH funnier! They are so cute together, I hope they stay together (besides I love seeing Danny on Gilmore Girls anyway). And I screamed w/laughter at the Spike & Drusilla line, cause I sure would love to run into them while walking around in the dark some night!
One more Gilmore Girls/Buffy in-joke: Paris' last name is Gellar.

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Somebody has to make an icon of Danny in the foofy bathrobe.

Danny/Doyle's reaction shots when Paris had him on a three-way phone conversation with her "life therapist" were priceless.
I love when shows honor BtVS!!! And yes, when it happens, you totally forget what you're watching because you are so giddy just hearing reference to our beloved show!! I remember watching Everwood and the daughter was doing a report on heros and she went to the book store and got books about BtVS! And Farscape many times seemed to mention Buffy references. I can't think of one off hand but it happened more than a couple of times!
Heh, that was great englandlass789 - always good to see the wider ripples of Buffyness permeate through society (and how many more metaphors can I get into that sentence . . . ?)

Too bad Fergie wasn't apprised of the references though: would have loved to read that what United needs is a dashing, aggressive Spike on the wing, or a solid dependable Riley-type centre-back, or that Old Trafford could really use some "gay-type magic" a la Willow, or that Arsenal were going to suffer a "Season Seven slump." OK. I'll stop now.
That was a great article on Sir Alex Ferguson, and of course, it matters not a whit that I have no idea who he is or that the only thing I understood in that article were the Buffy references!!!
I loved the reference last night too (and seeing Danny Strong - i'm glad he's appeared in more than just one or two eps). Gilmore Girls is one of the few shows I still watch regularly. And it somehow seems appropriate that Buffy, which was known for the clever pop culture references sprinkled throughout its dialogue, has now become a pop culture reference in another show known for the same thing. Plus i'm sure Rory would be a BtVS fan. :-)
I love seeing Buffy being referenced in other shows and media, so I started a thread in IMDB to find all the references to Buffy I could, just out of curiosity. I just get really excited and pround when other people reference it! So if you have something to add or want to check it out, this is the link:
I couldn't let my own show go without at least one Buffy shout out.

JIMMY- "Okay, I'm going ask you what you want and I don't want any more of that “your brains” crap. This's plenty Romero enough as it is."

ARLYSS - "Choir gives you an amen, preacher. Now you're going to help me find out who did this to me and why."

JIMMY - "And you figured what? I'll just grab my books on the dark arts? Go all Giles on the situation?"

From Ragnarok: the Series, an idie tv pilot shot over the summer in Vancouver. For context and for it to... well... make any sense, you'll have to wait for me to finish the editing.
Did someone delete my post about pirating television shows? If so, why?
after hearing rory mention spike and drusilla, i got up from my bed...running to make sure my mom and sister hear......i was so excited that i tripped and fell over my own feet in our hallway getting rug burns on my knees...........and later seeing danny in that bathroom.......hmmmmmmm, yum!!

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