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December 02 2004

Amber Benson's Chance Gets distribution deal. Benson Entertainment have signed a distribution contract with Small Planet Pictures for Chance and a theatrical release may be possible in the USA next year.

This means that the video of Chance can no longer be sold in America, although anyone who has already ordered a copy will still receive theirs. People from other countries can still but the video.

Wow, a theatrical release is great for Amber! Here's hoping it will do well!
Yeah, someone at the San Diego Comicon said that no more copies would be made since it had gotten a distribution deal. Good for Amber! Now if they'd just edit out the troubadour for the theatrical release, I'll be happy!
I'm happy for Amber, but I'm sad because I've been to lazy to buy a copy and now I have to wait...more
Yay for Amber. Now maybe I can finally see the darned thing. Fingers crossed on this boding well for her new movie.
Thrilled for Amber and I'm glad I didn't buy a copy at the $40 asking price - which was way too pricey for me. If this is released in a theater it will eventually most likely be released on DVD for a more reasonable price. Plus it would be cool to get a chance to see it in a theater. And if not a theater, maybe it will makes it's way to one of those Independent film channels.
It's fun for Buffy fans, but it won't last too long in a theater.
It's fun for Buffy fans, but it won't last too long in a theater.

Such is the fate of many independent films, but hopefully it will make it to my local artsy theatre. I have the DVD and thought it was cute and judged it based on the fact that it was her first film.
I was disappointed with the film. I know it's her first outting writing and directing something, but it was too uneven. The plot was meandering, the structure was clumsy, the writing wasn't particularly funny, and it did strike me as trying to hard to hit a lot of the independent film cliches. Hell, even the acting from the proper actors, at times, was just awful.

That's not to say I hated it. I appreciated what it was trying to do, and it was at least trying to deal with things I relate to.

As for "judged it based on the fact that it was her first film"; I judged it on its own merits and the fact it was her first film shouldn't excuse it of any faults. Other peoples first films have been excellent, take Clerks and the more recent Garden State for example. Reservoir Dogs, anyone?

Hope her next one is more accomplished.
I rewatched "Chance" a couple of nights ago, and enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. Especially the interplay between James and Amber, and Andy H's all-too-short scene with James on the bench. I even didn't mind the "troubadour," as RogueS calls him, so much this time.

And while I don't agree that the meandering plot is a negative (unless one can't stand meandering per se), and absolutely don't agree that the acting was terrible, and I thought that, while there were some funny moments, it wasn't trying to be laugh-out loud but quirky, I do think that the material didn't really transcend the rather unoriginal structure and set-up. In particular, Amber's parents, who were rather tedious caricatures, just didn't work at all for me. On the other hand, the real strength of the piece, IMO, is Amber's character - the girl who acts like a guy is not an original conceit, but I thought she wrote and played Chance with style and passion.

I can't really see who is going to watch this in the theaters. It's too quirky and (sexually) brazen for the mainstream in the U.S., and not nearly avant-garde and original enough for the art-house crowd. But more power to Amber for trying to do *her* projects and wrote her own material. She be cool.
I am happy for Amber she deserves it :D but it sucks that the movie will no longer be sold in the US. :/

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