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December 11 2002

use Slayer; In a link full of scripty goodness, the London Perl Mongers explain a Perl module using Buffy as an example.

In this case, it's the Params::Validate module, to make sure Buffy only uses her stake () method on vamps.

Aha, so THIS is how the BuffyBot software was coded. ^_-
I like. Willow would love this article.

Glad you like the calendar. Other Buffy and Perl Fans may also like:

Acme::Buffy - turn any perl script into an executable perl script just made up of the word Buffy
Acme::Pony - as above, but arange the words into a picture of a pony
Acme::Test::Buffy - check if a string is the word "Buffy" or not
Testing with Test::Builder - a set of slides on testing code that I wrote that uses lots of Buffy based examples
Thanks I'll have to try those scripts out. If you're interested in other Buffy code, I found some Angel, Riley and Willow in C++ code here.

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