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December 03 2004

Full spec features of Angel S5 DVD (Region 2) They also have a larger picture of the artwork on the site. Featurettes look good, but it's strange that the Smile Time one is on disc 1.

I thought it was strange as well that region 2 was so different than region 1. Then I rechecked the the region 1 contents and found that FOX had made some changes. Either that or the initial release data was incorrect. The (new?) region one featurettes and commentaries are the same as this region 2.
How is it changed? Its the same content that was announced last month. I think the R2 site has the running time for the featurettes wrong though.
I'm sorry, I should have added that link as well. Here's the early release of region one. The difference is the commentary by Joss, Amy, and Alexis for 'A Hole in the World'. I'm thrilled they did this for this episode.
I remember reading about that back when the cover was released, so must've accidently left off the joss/alexis/amy information.
Really looking forward to this box set, a great season, with what looks like some great extras, commentaries are always better when the stars are in them.

Still think Fox bringing these out at £80 a go is ridiculous, hasn't stopped me buying them though (all off amazon or play, usually about £20 cheaper) but when you consider that by the end of 2005 there'll probably be a complete box set and rereleases. (Fox seem to be bringing 3 out at a time, starting with Buffy season 1-3 on January 31st at £34.99 a go (repackaged))

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Ouch! Ghost Spike, I had to go to the site to check that out. I never realized the DVD's there were so expensive. Even 35 pounds strikes me as high. And 60 is outrageous. I'm used to paying $42.99 for them. My sympathies to the Buffy and Angel fans in the UK.
We do get the short straw over here. If you think the Buffy/Angel sets are expensive, the retail price for a Farscape boxset is £100. Thankfully Amazon usually have them cheaper than that.
I think it's funny that there is more commentary participation by non-credit-sequence types (Juliet Landau, Christian Kane x2, Sarah Thomson, Adam Baldwin = 5) than by Our Heroes (1 each by David, Amy and Alexis = 3).
Is that a bad thing? the only other 3 people in the credits have done commentary on previous sets(jm on season 7, andy hallet on season 4) and I'm sure JAR would do one if asked. I'm still puzzled why Jm wasn't asked(his words back at a con this summer).
Good question. I think James would have made an excellent addition in a commentary. I also kinda' wish Joss had joined in with Jeffrey Bell for the commentary of 'Not Fade Away'. I know, I'm greedy.
Mmmm,it's nice to see some of the others in the cast doing a commentary for a change but i would have loved to see DB and JM do a commentary for The Girl In Question,perhaps it was a timing problem, as Eddy said, JM did seem up for it earlier in the year providing he was asked to do it,so maybe he didn't get asked,who knows.
I'm still hoping to wait for the box set to come out it's got to be some time next year,only trouble is,can i wait that long,Season7 is in my shopping basket on Amazon already,decisions,decisions,decisions,oh isn't life cruel!
There's something extremely disquieting about Sarah Thompson doing commentary on the Cordy-centric "YOUR WELCOME". From the moment she appeared to the moment she left, Eve was one of the single worst characters in the history of both shows. Sarah Thompson's performance did nothing to leviate this; extremely limited - best described as 'pouty' and 'more-pouty'. With all the sex appeal of Haley Joel Osmett in a dress filched from the Salvation Army, Eve was a constant reminder of the complete lack of strong female characterizations in A:TS-Season 5. The whole thing is kind of grating; did she just happen to be hanging outside the sound booth when the commentary track was recorded and David Fury felt sorry for her? Or did the DVD producers ever actually watch the show and just pulled her name out of a hat?

Maybe Christian Kane will be able to explain what exactly Lindsey's Dr. Phil's inspired master plan against Angel was all about.

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