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December 03 2004

Peter Facinelli Exits "The Inside". "After reading the new pilot script, which features a significantly changed story line, Facinelli asked to be released from the project, sources said".

"Facinelli previously starred in Fox's short-lived "Fastlane.""

Pfft. Good riddens.
Oh dear, it really isn't looking good for this show, the two actors were the only thing Fox liked, and now one of them's gone.

It's not fair on the guy, but I think Tim Minear could well have another soon to be cancelled show on his hands here.
eddy, I'm no fan of Facinelli's either. Aside from appreciating his looks, he didn't do much for me in Can't Hardly Wait, the two laughable eps of Fastlane I saw, and he couldn't have left much of an impression since I don't even remember him from Riding in Cars with Boys. However, he did quite well on Six Feet Under, held up surprisingly well next to the amazing main cast of that series. I have a feeling he might be a lot like Luke Perry--he's gonna be haunted by his teen roles for a good long while the way Perry still is with 90210 (obviously not to that career-damaging degree though), but give him a good script and he proves himself a fairly capable actor, which I felt Perry did on the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series he did, Jeremiah, and I hear he did well with his stint on Oz).

Premise changes and main actors dropping out? Does this series sound doomed to anyone else?
I know, it seems like Tim can't catch a lucky break lately.
I will quite happily step into the breach for Tim. Or here's an idea. Get Alexis Denisof for the lead.
Simon, like your idea. I still can't believe a series hasn't snatched up Alexis yet. His performance in season 5 was outstanding. Then again, perhaps he and Aly are just taking a break for awhile.
Makes me wonder what the storyline change is that gets this person so upset.
No, no Simon. Alexis has to be available for the next Bond installment! ;)

Passion, the plot detail was posted earlier by Invisible Green on the main page.
I'll look thanks eddy.
The story is about a young woman who is an FBI agent in the Violent Crimes Unit in the LA Bureau.

They investigate the most twisted, brutal cases of violence, and Rebecca's (played by Nichols) talent is for profiling the victims. She's intuitive, broken, whip smart...and a little green, so she stumbles. I love her.

Facinelli was to play Paul, not really her boss, but the Agent who decides to partner up with her. Her boss is the morally ambiguous Web (being cast), who is so creepy that the gore and filth that surrounds their jobs actually recoils from him. He's my favorite character so far.

The show is sort of about this girl who hasn't really found herself yet, and so is very good at slipping into the skin of the victims and giving them a voice. Since everyone around her is filled with preconceived notions about women (and most victims of violent crime are women), she's able to think outside those boxes and provide a an honest picture of who the victim really is.

The show is definately procedural in nature: there's a violent crime, a mystery to be solved, twists and turns, and resolution. Sort of like the X-Files in that way. But like the X-files, the characters are deep wells designed to make us love them. They're meaty roles.

The style is sort of a hat tip to LA Confidential, with a noirish, gorgeous and rich view of Los Angeles (I really think of the city as the sixth character), but Tim brings in the creepy, chilling plot turns of Silence of the Lambs. Our girl is sort of soaked in the earnest smarts of Clarice Starling.

I just wish I could tell you all who signed on to the cast! You're gonna love it.
Allyson you're evil and taunting us with your exciting knowledge! You have to tell us now!

How'd u know all this stuff about the show, you very very lucky person?
Definitely a 'Silence of the Lambs' plot. I hope Fox gives Tim a chance this time. Thanks Allyson.
How about Christian Kane or J August Richards as the lead actors. Sort of sounds like a prequel to the old NBC series "The Profiler".

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-12-03 17:57 ]
I'm getting a Touching Evil vibe off it (the original UK version that is).
Rats - now I'm getting invested in wanting to see this show. Come on, Allyson, how about a hint on who that new cast member might be?
"I just wish I could tell you all who signed on to the cast! You're gonna love it." - Allyson

That's just mean. :)

Do you have any idea when we might find out?
Uh-oh. The kiss of death! Every show he's on gets cancelled! ;)

Just kiddin'...but wait...

Thats awesome! My first instinct is to assume he's playing the boss, but you said he's still being cast.
Ooh. Sweet. I do confess to really have been hoping for Alexis, as Simon suggested. But this is great news.
Ooh, thanks Allyson!!
mmmmm. Alexis as James Bond....

*shakes fist at horrible actor with a lack of faith in Tim*

Tim and Marti....2 shows, same network (which cancelled firefly and tru calling) I'm starting to have a major lack in FOX. Hopefully one of em makes it out alive. *crosses fingers*
So wait wasn't this supposed to be the 21 Jump Street rehash? I mean talk about an overhaul!
Peter's also in that Britney Spears music video "Toxic."

Wow, I can't believe I actually said that.
Oddjob, I can't believe you actually *know* that. In my hermit-like way, I have successfully managed to avoid ever having heard Ms. Spears sing or watch her perform. Thus, I rely upon people like you to keep my cultural touchstones up-to-date. Thank you. :)
Thanks for the plot details. Now, sounds more and more promising for me.
They must get Alexis for the role :p, and for the Bond role too.
Adam Baldwin too, interesting :p
Britney sings? Rrriight....(slaps self in cheek)

OK, all better now. I hope Adam lands this role. Another unappreciated jossverse actor. These people are so talented.

BTW Willowy, everyone knows Alexis will be casted as the next Batman ;)

I hope Adam lands this role.

? He's definately playing the role of Danny Coulter on The Inside. He posted at the Firefly board about it.

They're still casting the role of Paul, the male lead, and Web, the creeeeeepy boss.

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